Signs of heat illness

It can be hard to tell where heat exhaustion ends and heat stroke begins. Both can be mistaken for a summer "flu," at least at first. Be on the lookout for:

•Nausea or vomiting

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•Disorientation or confusion

•Muscle twitches

If you think you are having heat-related problems, or if you see signs of them in someone else, getting to an air-conditioned space and drinking cool water are the most important things to do. If these don't help or the symptoms persist, call your doctor or go to a hospital with an emergency department.

Evolutionary eating

While there's little evidence to support a switch to a "caveman" diet, there are some important nutrition lessons we can learn from our ancient ancestors about healthful eating patterns:

•Move plant foods - whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices - to the center of the plate. Although our ancestors may not have used plates, their bodies benefitted from eating large amounts of a variety of plants.

•Add omega-3s, to your diet, from fish and seafood or plant-based sources. Our ancestors may have eaten seafood more frequently, but due to our current environmental concerns over mercury-contaminated seafood we must limit our fish and seafood consumption to no more than twice per week. Walnuts, flax seeds and chia seeds are great plant-based sources of omega-3.

•When selecting meat, choose lean meats, grass-fed when possible. Corn-fed conventionally raised farm animals tend to be higher in saturated fat and do not have as high a polyunsaturated fat content as grass-fed (including those heart-healthy omega-3s).

•Choose whole over processed foods - both whole foods and whole grains. If it has been highly processed and manufactured, swap it for something closer to Mother Nature.

•Use nutritious plant-based fats. Vegetable-based oils, seeds, nuts and avocados are great options.

•Lower your consumption of saturated fat. Saturated fat intake - from dairy and animal products - was significantly lower in ancient days than our current consumption. Choose moderate amounts of lean meat, skinless poultry and low-fat dairy products.

•Move more. Sitting all day at a computer, driving to and from work and finishing the day in front of the TV didn't exist for our ancestors. Try walking to the store or biking to work. Instead of television, end your day with a stroll.

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