Lessening acid reflux

If you have acid reflux, smoking and drinking can greatly increase your risk of complications, including the development of esophageal cancer.

If you have acid reflux, avoid the following:

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•Eating large volumes of food

•Eating less than three hours before bedtime

•Caffeine, including coffee and soft drinks

•Liquor, including wine and beer

•Citrus, tomato, and cranberry fruits and juices

•Ice cream or milkshakes

•Chocolate (one of the worst offenders)

•Sour cream

•High-fat desserts

•Peppermint (one of the most potent esophageal sphincter relaxers of all! Avoid those after-dinner mints)

•Wearing overly tight clothing.

Prep55 at Tilton

Tilton Fitness is beginning a new eight-week exercise program designed to change participants' lives and bodies through two 25-minute weekly sessions.

Prep55 includes small group training sessions, weekly nutritional counseling and health and fitness evaluations.

"This program was professionally developed to introduce effective exercise habits, support healthy dietary changes and educate participants about creating sustainable lifestyle changes," said Paul Brones, regional training director for Tilton Fitness, in a prepared statement. "Together, these things can make a profound difference in people's health and fitness ... not to mention how they feel about themselves."

The program, available to both Tilton Fitness members and nonmembers, costs $79.

Sessions begin Sept. 23 at all three Atlantic County Tilton Fitness clubs in Northfield, Mays Landing and Galloway Township, as well as The Ocean Club in Stafford Township.

To register, call 609-FITNESS.

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