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Defend the derma: Protect your skin from summer hazards

Like a plant in spring, we like to shed our winter-heavy clothes and do our best to absorb the sun.

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How to pick right sunscreen - and which ones best to avoid

Summertime means picnics, jumping off the dock, boat rides and lots more outdoor fun in the sun.

Posted: June 20, 2016
Protect against hearing loss

Hearing loss is a natural part of the aging process. But noise-induced hearing loss is on the rise.

Posted: June 13, 2016
How, where to dump your leftover drugs - responsibly

Opioids such as Vicodin and Percocet are commonly prescribed to dull pain after medical procedures and to treat chronic pain. They also commonly languish in medicine cabinets, sometimes for years, making easy pickings for someone with an addiction.

Posted: June 13, 2016
Skip opioids -- New approaches to managing pain

Prescription opioid painkillers can provide relief from the worst pain. But that relief comes at a cost.

Posted: June 11, 2016
Learn how to perform the Heimlich maneuver

Henry Heimlich, the doctor who invented the Heimlich maneuver, was in the news again last week when he used his namesake technique to help a choking victim.

Posted: June 06, 2016
Latest sinus balloon procedure blows inflammation away

It’s that time of year. Your nose is runny, eyes are itchy, throat is sore, sneezing is inevitable, headaches are abundant and there’s pressure in your face.

Posted: May 23, 2016
U.S. spends more on mental disorders than any other medical condition

It's a top-10 list that helps explain where hundreds of billions of health-care dollars are spent by medical condition in the United States. Published last week in Health Affairs based on federal data, the list holds some surprises - and signals some of the challenges ahead as this country continues to age.

Posted: May 23, 2016
A work studio and yoga studio all-in-one

At 12:15 p.m. on a recent Wednesday, about 20 people settled into reclined positions on their yoga mats, leaning against bolsters. With their knees open, soles of their feet pressed together and hands resting on their stomachs, the group took some deep breaths before moving into such poses as cat-cow and downward-facing dog designed to counter the tightness in their necks, shoulders, hips and backs from hunching over a desk.

Posted: May 23, 2016
Reproductive health advocates want state funding restored

New Jersey lawmakers, family planning providers and patients are championing to restore millions of dollars in funding for reproductive health services to the state's 2016 fiscal budget.

Posted: May 12, 2016
Aspirin helps prevent heart attack, stroke, colon cancer

Taking a daily dose of aspirin can help prevent both heart disease and colorectal cancer in adults ages 50 to 69 who are at an increased risk for cardiovascular problems, an independent panel of medical experts said recently.

Posted: April 18, 2016
It might be possible to nurture preference for exercise in womb

Pregnancy experts, including those at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, recommend most pregnant women get 30 minutes of exercise a day. If that feels a little onerous, consider new findings out of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston suggesting love of physical activity may start in the womb.

Posted: April 18, 2016
Knee damage appearing on MRI predicts arthritis ahead

People who are at higher risk to develop knee osteoarthritis from being overweight or having injured their knee in the past may have normal X-rays, but worsening lesions or damage appearing on their MRIs predicts a significantly higher risk of soon developing knee osteoarthritis or painful symptoms, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study.

Posted: April 11, 2016
More sickle cell patients survive, but adult care hard to find

When Janoi Burgess was a child, he thought doctor appointments were fun.

Posted: April 04, 2016
Snooze your way to better health

Sleeping in on weekends need not be a guilty pleasure.

Posted: April 04, 2016
Brain injury difficult to diagnose and treat

When Nick Van Wattingen was brought to Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation three years ago, he thought it was all a dream. But the situation became very real when he realized he had suffered a mild brain injury that landed him in the hospital and diminished some of his physical and mental abilities.

Posted: March 28, 2016
Tips to stay safe, avoid medication errors

Medication errors are very common. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 82 percent of adults are on at least one medication and 29 percent take five or more. With numbers such as those, it's no wonder mistakes happen. The CDC also says adverse drug events, which are instances where medication errors cause harm, are responsible for about 700,000 emergency department visits per year.

Posted: March 28, 2016
Medical students, burnout and alcohol

ROCHESTER, Minn. - Medical students are more prone to alcohol abuse than their peers not attending medical school, especially if they are young, single and under a high debt load.

Posted: March 21, 2016
Maintain healthy skin, even during winter weather

Two big factors affect your skin during the winter: colder temperatures and a lack of moisture in the air. Both can damage unprotected skin.

Posted: February 15, 2016

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