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This wonderfully versatile frittata is basically Italy's version of an omelet. For Italians, making frittatas is a tasty way to enjoy vegetables that are in season and use leftovers.

In March one of the nutritional powerhouses that is fresh and plentiful is kale - and this recipe enables you to enjoy it in an unusual way.

Kale, which has been cultivated for more than two millennia, was the most widely eaten green vegetable in Europe until the Middle Ages, when cabbage became more popular.

It was particularly prominent in cold climates due to its hardiness.

In Scotland kail was so plentiful it was even a generic term for dinner. For this recipe baby kale works well, but you can just as easily use the regular variety if it is chopped into small bite-size pieces and cooked properly.

After the kale and onion are softened it is important to turn the heat down to medium to medium-low to ensure that the eggs cook slowly to maintain a moist quality.

Some chefs stir all the Parmesan cheese into the egg mixture, but this recipe calls for some to be sprinkled on top allowing for it to brown lightly under the broiler to further accentuate its great taste.

This easy to make frittata is finished in the oven, so you will need an ovenproof skillet.

Frittatas are a great way to eat your seasonal vegetables at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

From the American Institute for Cancer Research