"We applaud CRDA's action, and look forward to further developments that will bring new investment, new jobs, and new visitors to one of the country's top tourism destinations."

- Robert Griffin, President of the Casino Association of New Jersey and CEO of Trump Entertainment Inc.


‘This is an opportunity. The alternative of doing nothing has not worked and has no chance of leading Atlantic City out of its current malaise.'

Mike Drewniak, spokesman for Gov. Chris Christie

‘The county in particular, and the state in general, are quite dependent on Atlantic City, and it's about time for definitive action.'

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson

‘It is exciting to be leading the way along with the governor on the transformation of the CRDA and Atlantic City.'

Assemblyman Vincent J. Polistina, R-Atlantic

‘I know there's a lot of controversy, but it's probably going to be best for the city.'

John Schultz, co-chairman of the former Atlantic City Special Improvement District

‘It now allows us to now start taking Atlantic City to the next level.'

Jeff Vasser, executive director of the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority

‘Now we have a Tourism District, and the next challenge is to make sure it works.'

Sen. Jim Whelan, D-Atlantic