How U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd, and Democratic challenger Cassandra Shober measure up on key issues:

What needs to be done

to benefit Atlantic City?

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LoBiondo: The federal government does not typically get involved in individual cities, but, he said, he has supported beach replenishment and funding for highway projects. He also said he supported creation of the state-run Tourism District.

Shober: Atlantic City, like other places throughout the 2nd Congressional District, needs jobs. She wants to end incentives to outsource jobs and replace them with direct incentives to create jobs.

What would they do to move along the NextGen project?

LoBiondo: A long-term funding bill in February will give the private sector a greater sense of certainty that will promote local investment. He also wants to develop how unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, will be handled in U.S. airspace at the William J. Hughes Technical Center in Egg Harbor Township.

Shober: She wants to work with local groups to ensure that federal funding is properly used, and she calls for greater federal oversight on the project.

Internet gambling

LoBiondo: Supports federal regulation, saying uniform national regulation would help develop revenue for Atlantic City’s casinos. He said inaction in the face of state regulation would create “a nightmare” of 50 states separately regulating Internet bets.

Shober: Said she had not read an analysis of the issue but that it could be a challenge to Atlantic City’s casinos. It needs to be looked at because there are good things, and problems, that can result, she said.

Sports betting

LoBiondo: Has introduced federal legislation that would legalize sports bets in all 50 states, saying it has a better chance of getting passed in Congress than at the state level. He also liked Gov. Chris Christie’s proposal to authorize sports betting and potentially provoke federal authorities into action, saying it could “short-circuit” the legislative process.

Shober: Does not have an opinion on the topic, saying there are good and bad things that can come of it, and it is something that needs to be considered.

Expanding wind and

nuclear energy

LoBiondo: Supports an “all of the above” energy strategy that includes wind, nuclear, oil and natural gas, as well as increasing domestic energy production. The marketplace would determine the exact percentages.

Shober: Supports it as exactly the type of innovation needed to move the region back to being a leader. She supports a move toward any alternative energy, specifically excluding natural gas from that definition.

Offshore oil drilling

LoBiondo: It is a decision to be made by the states, he said, adding that because there has not been a state referendum on the issue, New Jersey has not spoken on it. Earlier studies have not revealed significant deposits, he said. “If that’s true, and if the state of New Jersey were to state its opinion, I would go with what the people want.”

Shober: “There should be none,” she said. She added that she did not support expanding existing drilling and that the government should instead look into long-term solutions in alternative energy.

Lowering unemployment

LoBiondo: Federal officials need to address business-climate uncertainty that he says the federal government has created. This includes taxes, the cost of regulations and the passage of the Affordable Care Act. More certainty on costs would improve the business climate and lead to greater employment, he said.

Shober: Wants to stop subsidizing companies that outsource jobs to other countries, and calls for direct incentives, including tax incentives, for creating jobs in the United States.

Derek Harper

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