Band Spotlight: Blondage at Mad Batter in Cape May

Catherine Boyd-Kuzma and Linda Moore of Blondage, which plays the Mad Batter in Cape May Sunday, Oct. 30.

Blondage is known throughout southern New Jersey for always bringing the party with its high-energy, positive outlook on live music. "We have a plethora of material - I mean thousands of songs and tracks," says Linda Moore, the band's lead vocalist.

"We perform everything from Patsy Cline to Lady Gaga to traditional Irish music. If we get a request and we don't already have that song in our bank, we make sure we get it for our next gig. We mostly do Top 40 and oldies tunes, but we'll turn around and do whatever anyone wants to hear."

Moore emphasizes the importance of bringing fun and happiness not only to fans, but to the band's members as well. This is best done with constant crowd interaction and positive vibes.

"This is the only band all of us have been in where we have the same mentality, and that is just about having fun," Moore says. "We will do songs that we may not even be fond of just to make people happy. But really, it's hard to get tired of 'The Devil Went Down To Georgia,' right?"

Catch Blondage Sunday, Oct. 30, as it hosts the Mad Batter's Halloween Bash in Cape May. The party begins with a Ghost Trolley Tour at 6:15 p.m. Call the Mad Batter at 609-884-5970 for more info.

Who's Who: Linda Moore, lead vocalist; Catherine Boyd-Kuzma, fiddle and violin; Susan Salmon, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin.

What To Expect: "We are positive and upbeat," Moore says. "It's the best compliment we get from people is about our energy. We come out with a smile, we love playing and working together. So, everyone is happy."

Blondes Don't Always Have More Fun: "The band name does not mean that we are all blondes," Moore laughs. "The name was supposed to mean enlightenment or ray of light. We wanted to compare ourselves to things that are golden. We like to light up people's moods and their days."

Holiday Spirit: "Halloween is my favorite holiday," Moore says. "We have big plans for our night at the Mad Batter this weekend, and we will definitely be in costume."

Local Ladies: All three members of Blondage are from New Jersey, with Moore and Boyd-Kuzma from the southern New Jersey area.

Where To Find Blondage: Some of Moore's favorite places to play include the Mad Batter, The Inn at Sugar Hill and Harpoon Henry's.


Go See Them: Blondage will rock The Mad Batter's Halloween Bash Sunday, Oct. 30. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased in advance. The party includes Blondage's performance, admission to a Ghost Trolley Tour beginning at 6:15 p.m. and a costume contest. The Mad Batter is located at 19 Jackson St. in Cape May. Call 609-884-5970 for more info.


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