Trump Plaza closed activity

Closed Trump Plaza on Wednesday. Nov. 1, 2017 (Craig Matthews / Staff Photographer)

ATLANTIC CITY — Carl Icahn, the billionaire owner of the shuttered-Trump Plaza,  wants to use $5.6 million from a tax fund casinos contribute to annually to cover a portion of the property’s demolition cost.

The Casino Reinvestment Development will now decide if he can. 

Should Icahn be able to use tax funds to demo Trump Plaza?

On this week's Atlantic City Story podcast, Nicholas Huba and Erin Serpico discuss if Icahn should be able to use the funds to demolish the property once owned by President Donald J. Trump. 

The demolition will cost approximately  $13.2 million and take 15 months to complete. Following the razing, a 160-space parking lot will be built on the site.