6. Bill’s Bar & Burger, Atlantic City: Bill’s Burger ($9.95):

Last year, we weren’t super impressed by Bill’s, but it did make an honorable-mention status. This year, a return visit made us like it more. CNN named it one of the Top 10 Best Burgers in America, and while we think that’s a pretty lofty statement, Bill’s Burger is a quality sandwich. Like all of Bill’s beef burgers, a 6-ounce mixture of fresh, never frozen, ground chuck, short rib and brisket from New York butcher extraordinaire Pat LaFrieda with about 25-percent fat content cooked on a flat top griddle for perfect caramelization and placed on a less-than-extraordinary seeded roll. While the burger is great, the No. 1 reason to go to Bill’s is its the booze-fueled Oatmeal Cookie Shake ($11) with vanilla ice cream, Goldschlager and Butterscotch Schnapps. Paired with a burger, we’re talking burger heaven. HarrahsResort.com; BillsBarAndBurger.com