9. Bruni's Breakfast & Burgers, Millville: Millville Burger ($3.75)

Bruni’s may be less popular than Jim’s in Millville’s luncheonette rankings, but Bruni’s has some major loyalists. We can see why; they make a great diner burger. The similarity to Jim’s is no coincidence. Both have thin ground beef burger patties cooked on a flat top with American cheese on a soft Maier’s club roll. And both have a meat-based sauce. Our issue with Bruni’s was the sauce ma y have been as good as Jim’s but we couldn’t tell because the sweet relish, pickles, onions and mustard totally overwhelmed it — particularly the sweetness of the relish. But the sauce that did escape the relish tasted damn good. Next time, we are asking them to hold the relish. And there will definitely be a next time. Facebook.com/BrunisBreakfastNBurgers