5. Dubliner Irish Pub & Grill, Galloway: Sweet Chili Burger ($8.99)

The sweet chili burger at the Dubliner is without question the most unique burger on the entire list this year. A beer battered, deep-fried, half-pound burger stuffed with American cheese and topped with a smear of sweet chili glaze, it’s not going to do any favors for your waistline, but frankly, who cares. The batter-fried aspect brings an almost county fair-like decadence to it, and the cheese stuffing is reminiscent of the famous “Juicy Lucy” burgers that are popular in Minneapolis. And although some may think of a deep-fried burger as gimmicky, one bite of this bad boy should be enough to silence any Doubting Thomases in the crowd. DublinerPubAndGrill.com