10. Five Guys, Absecon: Cheeseburger ($6.79)

Yeah, yeah, we know what you are thinking — Five Guys? Isn’t that a fast food place? And the answer is ... well, sorta. But the fact of the matter is that the burgers here are delicious. What they refer to as a “cheeseburger” is in fact a double cheeseburger and ends up weighing in at a half pound just for the meat alone. Bonus points are a given for the ability to add a myriad of free toppings. Although they lose a few points for insisting on preparing all of their burgers well done, somehow the meat manages to stay juicy despite this, and the experience always leaves you craving a return trip. With a price tag of just $6.79, that return trip can be just around the corner. FiveGuys.com