8. Hi Point Pub, Absecon: Super Cheeseburger ($8.50)

The Hi Point Pub’s super cheeseburger may just give you the most bang for your burger buck, as it is a full size — no scratch that — an oversized, 10 oz burger, piled with grilled onions, sharp cheddar cheese, grilled ham and roasted garlic aioli all on a seedless brioche bun. Clearly the toppings are numerous, and a few do get a bit lost in the shuffle (the ham was tough to pick out in the flavor profile). But if you are in any way an onion lover you really will fall in love with this choice, as it brings the goods big time. The meat is generously blanketed in a bed of buttery, perfectly grilled tear jerkers, the likes of which may cause you to devour the entire thing ravenously. The garlic aioli had great flavor, but if you go, you may want to ask for an extra side of it just to kick the whole thing up another notch. HiPointPub.com