1. Jim's Lunch, Millville: Double cheeseburger with sauce ($4.50)

The epitome of the greasy diner burger resides at the legendary Jim’s Lunch. Oddly open only from Columbus Day to Memorial Day, this family institution has been serving these magnificent meat treasures since 1923 and are a way of life for “Millbillies.” There’s nothing super special about the patties themselves. Just twin, thin, ground beef patties grilled on a flat top with American cheese placed on a soft, Maier’s split-loaf bun. But what makes Jim’s burger so damn good is Jim’s famous sauce used to smother its cheeseburgers and Texas wieners. Everyone has tried to replicate it, but no one has succeeded. The meat-based, chili-like substance is thin — but not too thin — has a gravy-like quality about it and is simply one of the greatest burger sauces you will ever devour. Some argue its base is a canned gravy. Some say Old Bay is in it. We taste mustard. The bottom line? Original Owner James K. Arnes created this goodie, and the family has done its part in keeping it secret. But even if we knew how to make it, we would still never make it like Jim’s does. The sauce is what keeps you going back — order a side of it and dip your fries in it. Warning: It's addictive. Facebook.com/Jims-lunch