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^Trump takes revenge in purge of witnesses after his acquittal<

WHITEHOUSE-DISMISSALS:LA — Two days after he was acquitted by the Senate for abuse of power and obstruction, President Donald Trump exacted vengeance Friday against two administration officials who gave damaging testimony during the House impeachment inquiry, firing his ambassador to the European Union and ousting the top Ukraine expert at the National Security Council.

The reprisals transformed the president's rage over his impeachment into bitter personal payback, bringing the massive firepower of his office against a well-heeled political appointee and a highly decorated Army officer who had complied with congressional subpoenas and gave sworn testimony.

1150 by Chris Megerian and Erin B. Logan in Washington. MOVED


^Buttigieg and Sanders harness Iowa momentum at NH debate, as Klobuchar commands spotlight too<

DEMOCRATS-DEBATE:DA — Seven Democratic candidates gathered in New Hampshire on Friday night for the first debate since Donald Trump's impeachment trial ended, united in their dismay at the acquittal and the payback he began meting out hours earlier.

"Whoever the nominee is, the president's going to make up lies about him," said former Vice President Joe Biden, addressing the relentless attacks against him and his son during the trial.

Then, noting that a key witness against Trump had been escorted from the White House on Friday afternoon, fired as the National Security Council's top expert on Ukraine, Biden got the audience on its feet for an ovation in absentia for Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman.

1600 by Todd J. Gillman in Goffstown, N.H. MOVED



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DEMOCRATS-DEBATE:LA — 1500 by Evan Halper in Manchester, N.H.

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^Takeaways from the Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire<

DEMOCRATS-DEBATE-TAKEAWAYS:LA. — After the muddle in Iowa came the mash-up in Manchester.

Seven candidates who met the fund-raising and polling criteria set by the Democratic National Committee took the stage Friday night at Saint Anselm College for the presidential campaign's eighth round of debates.

With the effect of Iowa's caucuses diminished by the botched release of results, New Hampshire has gained even more import in the party's nominating fight.

The result was a lively, often combative three hours just four days before the Granite State host the nation's first primary on Tuesday.

1250 by Mark Z. Barabak and Janet Hook in Manchester, N.H. MOVED



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DEMOCRATS-DEBATE-TAKEAWAYS:WA — 1600 by David Catanese, Emily Cadei, Alex Roarty and Adam Wollner. MOVED


^Kobe Bryant helicopter didn't suffer engine failure; cause of crash still unknown, NTSB says<

CALIF-HELICOPTER-CRASH-1ST-LEDE:LA — The helicopter that crashed last month in Calabasas, killing Kobe Bryant and eight others, showed no signs of engine failure, the National Transportation Safety Board said Friday.

The news comes as federal investigators continue to investigate the cause of the crash. The finding that the chopper didn't lose power before the crash is one key conclusion, but many questions remain unanswered.

550 by Richard Winton in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Citing coronavirus, Royal Caribbean bars cruise passengers with Chinese passports<

CORONAVIRUS-CRUISESHIPS-1ST-LEDE:LA — Adopting one of the most restrictive responses to the coronavirus outbreak, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines announced Friday it would bar any traveler with a passport from China, Hong Kong or Macao from its ships throughout the month of February.

The announcement comes as cruise lines hustle to respond to an outbreak that has quarantined passengers on at least one ship and forced other cruise companies to implement a series of new health regulations for their passengers.

600 by Hugo Mart n and Mary Forgione. MOVED



^Another flight carrying Americans fleeing coronavirus lands in Southern California<

CORONAVIRUS-EVACUEES-1ST-LEDE:LA — Another flight carrying Americans fleeing the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China, arrived Friday at a Southern California military base.

The plane is one of two chartered to the United States by the Defense Department.

The two flights departed China with about 300 passengers on board, the Pentagon said.

800 by Alex Wigglesworth in Los Angeles. MOVED


^4 passengers aboard Royal Caribbean cruise hospitalized over coronavirus fears after docking in New Jersey<

^CORONAVIRUS-NJ-CRUISESHIP:NY—<Four passengers aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise that docked in New Jersey on Friday were taken to the hospital after being screened for coronavirus, officials said Friday.

The four were among more than two dozen Chinese nationals on the Anthem of the Seas who authorities feared may be suffering from the illness.

Among those four, one had a mild fever and at least two were removed from the ship on stretchers, according to NBC News.

450 by Michael Sheridan. MOVED


^Illinois couple treated for coronavirus discharged from hospital, transitioning to 'home isolation'<

CORONAVIRUS-CHICAGO:TB — An Illinois husband and wife hospitalized for coronavirus in the first person-to-person transmission reported in the United States have been discharged, according to the hospital.

A woman in her 60s caught the disease while traveling to Wuhan, China, in late December to take care of her sick father, and returned to Chicago in mid-January, health officials have reported. Her husband — who is also in his 60s and had underlying health conditions — then contracted the virus from her.

450 by Angie Leventis Lourgos in Chicago. MOVED


^Japan turns away Carnival Corp.'s Westerdam cruise ship for fear of coronavirus<

^CORONAVIRUS-WESTERDAM:MI—<The Japanese government will not allow a cruise ship operated by Miami-based Carnival Corporation to visit the country as scheduled for fear of coronavirus contamination.

350 by Taylor Dolven. MOVED


^Coronavirus scare leaves SD couple stuck at sea on cruise ship<

CORONAVIRUS-WESTERDAM-COUPLE:SD — Ben Capon and Nadine Bialostozky, Torrey Pines High School sweethearts who grew up in Carmel Valley, have been living in Israel for the past six years and boarded Holland America's Westerdam on Feb. 1 to start a long journey home.

With their wedding in five weeks, the couple has found that the global coronavirus outbreak has turned what was expected to be a relaxing ride into a confusing float in the South China Sea. An email from Capon offers a view of what is happening aboard the Westerdam.

750 by Paul Sisson in San Diego. MOVED


^Number of new coronavirus infections in China on the rise again<

CORONAVIRUS-CHINA:DPA — The number of newly diagnosed infections of the new coronavirus rose by 3,399 over a 24-hour period in China, and another 86 deaths were reported, health authorities said on Saturday.

This is a reverse of a slight decline in new infections that was reported in previous days. The total number of infections stood at 31,774, and the death toll has reached 722, China's National Health Commission said.

350 by Ivonne Marschall in Beijing. MOVED


^China pledges to investigate death of whistleblower doctor<

CORONAVIRUS-CHINA-DOCTOR:DPA — China has pledged to "thoroughly investigate" the death of a doctor who is being hailed as a hero for sounding the alarm about a new coronavirus outbreak despite initially being reprimanded by the authorities.

The National Supervisory Commission, China's top anti-corruption body, said Friday it would send investigators to the central metropolis of Wuhan — the epicenter of the viral outbreak — to look into the circumstances surrounding doctor Li Wenliang's death.

750 by Simina Mistreanu in Beijing. MOVED


^What life is like under a coronavirus quarantine<

CORONAVIRUS-QUARANTINE-SITES:LA — Board games for children? Definitely. Tai chi in the parking lot? Maybe. Red wine dropped off by relatives? Nope.

For the hundreds of Americans who have been evacuated from China amid the coronavirus outbreak, the stress and worries of possible infection and getting back to the United States have been joined by another pressing concern: How do you fill two unexpected weeks quarantined on a military base?

1250 by Soumya Karlamangla in Los Angeles. MOVED


^In Mexico, officials promise no repeat of swine flu delays of 2009<

CORONAVIRUS-MEXICO:LA — In 2009, when swine flu broke out in Mexico, critics accused the government of responding too slowly and allowing the virus to spread farther and faster than it otherwise would have.

Now, as a new strain of coronavirus spreads from China across the globe, Mexican authorities have vowed that they won't be caught unprepared.

650 by Patrick J. McDonnell in Mexico City. MOVED



^Court tosses lawmaker lawsuit against Trump over emoluments<

TRUMP-LAWSUIT:CON — A federal appeals court in Washington on Friday dismissed a lawsuit brought by more than 200 members of Congress that alleges President Donald Trump violated the emoluments clause of the Constitution by accepting payments from foreign governments.

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit concluded that the lawmakers do not have the legal right to sue the president.

300 by Todd Ruger in Washington. MOVED


^Puerto Rico aid package passes House over GOP objections<

CONGRESS-PUERTORICO:CON — Democrats muscled an emergency aid package for Puerto Rico heavy with tax breaks through the House on Friday, brushing aside Republican critiques that there's enough money already in the pipeline and that several provisions have little to do with disaster relief.

The White House has threatened to veto the $21 billion package, and with little Republican support its future in the GOP-controlled Senate appears dim. "Until we answer some questions, the administration's not going to sign it," said House Rules Committee ranking member Tom Cole, R-Okla., adding he doubts the Senate is going to take it up.

1000 (with trims) by Doug Sword in Washington. MOVED


^House Democrats won't resurrect earmarks this year<

CONGRESS-EARMARKS:CON — Lawmakers won't get to insert special projects for their districts into spending bills this year after all, following weeks of internal discussions and some momentum among House Democrats.

"While a tight time frame means the Appropriations Committee will not include community projects in fiscal year 2021 appropriations bills, there is near-unanimous support in the Democratic caucus for launching community project funding in the 117th Congress," a House Democratic aide said Friday.

450 by Jennifer Shutt in Washington. MOVED


^USAID pushes back against Maduro's claims of a Guaid slush fund<

USVENEZUELA-USAID:WA — The U.S. Agency for International Development is pushing back against claims by Venezuelan leader Nicol s Maduro that millions of U.S. aid dollars have gone to personally enrich his chief political rival, Juan Guaid , and his associates.

Guaid , recognized by the United States and 59 other nations as Venezuela's legitimate leader, has been in Washington this week for a series of high-level meetings with President Donald Trump, top U.S. administration officials and bipartisan congressional leadership.

800 by Michael Wilner in Washington. MOVED


^White House could join NCAA search for solution to name, image, likeness issue<

^CMP-NCAA-ATHLETES-WHITEHOUSE:LA—<Four months after California passed landmark legislation allowing college athletes to profit off the use of their name, image and likeness, the White House could be joining the effort to find a federal solution to the issue.

"The White House wants to make sure NCAA student athletes are treated fairly without harming the integrity of college sports," White House spokesman Judd Deere said in a statement Friday.

The statement, first reported by CBS Sports, comes as legislation similar to California's is being prepared or has been introduced in at least two dozen states. The

700 by J. Brady McCollough and Nathan Fenno. MOVED



^Buttigieg pulls ahead in Iowa's national delegate count, report says<

ELN-IOWA:BLO — Pete Buttigieg has pulled ahead of Bernie Sanders in delegates to the Democratic National Convention after The Associated Press updated its tally Friday.

Buttigieg now has 13 delegates to Sanders' 12. Other candidates receiving delegates: Elizabeth Warren, 8; Joe Biden, 6, and Amy Klobuchar, 1.

150 by Gregory Korte in Manchester, N.H. MOVED


^Republicans boast massive online fundraising haul during Trump's impeachment<

GOP-FUNDRAISING:WA — The Republican National Committee said it brought in a total of $117 million off online fundraising efforts opposing the impeachment of President Donald Trump from late September through Wednesday, gaining 1 million new donors in the process.

The tally only refers to money the RNC, the Trump campaign and a joint fundraising committee said they collectively raised from small-dollar donors through its "Stop the Madness" campaign, which was promoted with TV and digital ads.

400 by Francesca Chambers in Washington. MOVED


^First no more? Iowa's political prestige endangered after presidential caucus debacle<

IOWA-CAUCUS:TB — Every four years for more than four decades, Iowa's status as the first state in the presidential nominating sweepstakes has held firm, weathering criticism for its largely white and rural demographics being at odds with the makeup of the nation as a whole.

But after Monday's debacle when the state's Democratic Party couldn't even turn in partial results for nearly 24 hours, the Iowa caucuses and the state's outsize influence in choosing the nation's top candidates for president may be over.

2250 (with trims) by Rick Pearson and Bill Ruthhart in Des Moines, Iowa. MOVED


^Team Clinton hits Sanders ahead of New Hampshire primary<

SANDERS-CLINTON:BLO — Before the Iowa caucuses, an ally of Bernie Sanders led a crowd in booing Hillary Clinton. This week, members of Team Clinton returned the favor.

In the latest evidence that the 2016 election will never end, Clinton and two longtime allies have hammered Sanders over his ideology, his second-place finish in Iowa and his ability to get elected.

400 by Ryan Teague Beckwith in Manchester, N.H. MOVED


^Pete Buttigieg surges into New Hampshire, hoping to ride a wave of new support<

BUTTIGIEG:LA — Ever since September, when Sue Prentiss, the former mayor of Lebanon, N.H., endorsed Pete Buttigieg, she's been calling unaligned voters to sway them to his side.

This week, her undecided friends started calling her.

"They are ready to commit, want to show support," Prentiss said of the calls asking for Buttigieg yard signs.

The results out of Monday's Iowa caucuses remain murky and marred by reporting blunders, but one thing is clear: Buttigieg has rolled into New Hampshire on an upswing few would have predicted when the 38-year-old, openly gay mayor of the midsized town of South Bend, Ind., entered the presidential race a year ago.

1350 (with trims) by Melanie Mason and Janet Hook in Merrimack, N.H. MOVED


^Joe Walsh to back 'any Democrat' over Trump after ending GOP bid<

WALSH:BLO — Joe Walsh, the former tea party congressman form Illinois, has ended his long-shot Republican primary challenge to President Donald Trump, saying he will work to support "any Democrat" — even Bernie Sanders.

"Any Democrat would be better than Trump in the White House," Walsh told CNN on Friday morning. "I would rather have a socialist in the White House than a dictator or a king."

200 by Elizabeth Wasserman in Washington. MOVED


^Philly Democrats are collecting cash for the 2020 presidential election. Just don't call it 'street money'<

PHILLY-DEMOCRATS-STREETMONEY:PH — There are few political phrases in Philadelphia that evoke so many reactions — devotion, derision, avarice, and angst — as street money. That's the cash paid on Election Day to volunteers manning the polls and knocking on doors to turn out voters.

Say hello to the "Coordinated Campaign for the Philadelphia Democratic Party," a new fund-raising effort to pay for voter outreach and volunteer recruitment for all the races on the Nov. 3 ballot, chaired by former City Controller Alan Butkovitz.

900 by Chris Brennan and Julia Terruso in Philadelphia. MOVED



^Kansas abortion amendment fails despite House Republicans holding vote open for 5 hours<

KANSAS-ABORTION:KC — A proposed anti-abortion amendment to the Kansas Constitution suffered a major setback Friday, falling four votes shy of placement on the statewide August ballot.

House Republicans held open the vote for more than five hours in an effort to reach the required two-thirds majority, but drew only 80 votes with 84 needed. The amendment cleared the Senate last week.

400 by Jonathan Shorman in Topeka. MOVED


^Federal judge deals major blow to ICE practice of asking local police to detain people<

ICE-DETAINERS:LA — A federal judge in Los Angeles this week issued his final judgment in a long-running immigration case, upending the way Immigration and Customs Enforcement uses local police to detain people it suspects of being in the country illegally.

The judgment filed Wednesday by U.S. District Judge Andre Birotte formalized an earlier ruling he made in September, which included a permanent injunction barring ICE from using error-prone databases when issuing so-called detainers, which are requests made to police agencies to keep people who have been arrested in custody for up two days beyond the time they would otherwise be held.

750 by Joel Rubin and Brittny Mejia in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Expert testifies about 'false memories' in Harvey Weinstein's trial <

WEINSTEIN:LA — Psychologist Elizabeth Loftus testified for the defense in Harvey Weinstein's rape trial Friday, laying out how memory can become distorted over time.

Loftus, a distinguished professor at the University of California, Irvine, has appeared as an expert witness in more than 300 trials and has testified in a number of high-profile sexual misconduct and murder cases, including those of O.J. Simpson, Ted Bundy and the officers accused in the Rodney King beating. She also consulted in the trials of Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby.

She has routinely testified that memories can be transformed and contaminated — and, in some cases, altogether false.

750 by Laura Newberry. MOVED


^Former bond manager Douglas Hodge gets 9-month sentence in college admissions scandal<

^CMP-ADMISSIONS-FRAUD:LA—<Douglas Hodge, once the leader of an international bond manager and now an admitted felon, was ordered Friday to spend nine months in federal prison for paying bribes totaling $850,000 to get four of his children into the University of Southern California and Georgetown as fake athletic recruits.

Hodge, 62, received the longest prison term of any of the 14 parents who have so far been sentenced for fraud and money laundering crimes they admittedly committed with William "Rick" Singer, a Newport Beach, Calif., college admissions consultant who has acknowledged defrauding some of the country's most selective universities for years with rigged exams, fake athletic credentials and bribes.

850 by Matthew Ormseth. MOVED


^NTSB releases photo of Kobe Bryant helicopter flying into cloud before crash<

CALIF-HELICOPTER-CRASH-IMAGES:LA — As part of its preliminary investigation into the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash, the National Transportation Safety Board on Friday released an image of the chopper flying under cloudy conditions shortly before it hit a hill in Calabasas.

The report also included photos showing the poor visibility in the Calabasas area at the time of the crash. Weather is one of the potential causes of the crash being examined, though no final determination has been made.

400 by Richard Winton in Los Angeles. MOVED


^NY sues over Homeland Security's decision to ban state residents from Global Entry, other programs<

NY-GLOBALENTRY:NY — Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Friday that the state will sue the Trump administration following the Department of Homeland Security's decision to ban New Yorkers from the Trusted Traveler Program.

The lawsuit, which will be brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, will argue that DHS violated New York's sovereign immunity, failed to provide residents with equal protection and is acting in an "arbitrary and capricious manner" that denies the rights and privileges of all New Yorkers.

400 by Denis Slattery in New York. MOVED


^'We're one American family,' Trump says at NC opportunity summit<

TRUMP-NC:CH — President Donald Trump, speaking Friday at Central Piedmont Community College, claimed credit for an economic "renaissance" that he said has especially boosted African Americans and lower-income workers.

"The forgotten men and women of America are no longer forgotten because we are finally putting America first," Trump told an audience at CPCC's Halton Theater.

850 by Bruce Henderson, Danielle Chemtob and Jim Morrill in Charlotte, N.C. MOVED


^Judge delays dismissing rape charges against doctor and girlfriend<

REALITY-SURGEON-SEXASSAULT-1ST-LEDE:LA — Despite a public request from the county's top prosecutor, an Orange County judge on Friday deferred a decision on whether to dismiss charges against a doctor and his girlfriend in a sensational sexual assault case.

Judge Gregory Jones said he would take Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer's recommendation into consideration but would examine the evidence against Grant Robicheaux and Cerissa Riley more carefully "so that I can make an intelligent, meaningful" decision.

450 by Hannah Fry, Richard Winton and Christopher Goffard in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Trump used Philly girl's story to attack 'failing' schools. But she's at one of the city's most desired charters<

STATEUNION-GIRL-SCHOLARSHIP:PH — President Donald Trump turned a Philadelphia fourth grader into a poster child for the school-choice movement Tuesday when he told the nation thousands of students were "trapped in failing government schools" and announced that she was finally getting a scholarship to attend the school of her choice.

But the student, Janiyah Davis, already attends one of the city's most sought-after charter schools, the Inquirer has learned. In September, months before she was an honored guest at Trump's State of the Union Address, she entered Math, Science and Technology Community Charter School III.

1000 (with trims) by Maddie Hanna and Kristen A. Graham in Philadelphia. MOVED


^Infrastructure plan could point to sea change for schools<

^INFRASTRUCTURE-SCHOOLS:CON—<The nation's roads and bridges may be falling down, but its schools aren't far behind.

So education proponents paid attention last week when, unveiling a $760 billion legislative infrastructure framework, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that any infrastructure package would ultimately include federal dollars for school construction.

1000 by Jessica Wehrman. MOVED


^Ex-girlfriend pleads not guilty to charges in connection with murder of missing Connecticut mother<

MISSINGMOTHER:HC — Michelle Troconis, who was charged in the death of Jennifer Farber Dulos, plead not guilty to conspiracy to commit murder Friday in Superior Court in Stamford.

Judge Gary White agreed to relax some restrictions on Troconis, who has been under 24-hour house arrest. With court approval she will be allowed to make trips to the grocery store and to leave her home on business.

850 (with trims) by Dave Altimari in Stamford, Conn. MOVED


^Frigid wind hinders recovery team after Southwest Alaska plane crash that killed 5<

ALASKA-PLANECRASH-1ST-LEDE:AC — Frigid wind chills Friday on the Southwest Alaska tundra blocked attempts to reach the wreckage of a Yute Commuter Service plane crash that killed five people Thursday, troopers said.

The plane's pilot and four passengers died in the crash 12 miles south of Tuntutuliak, troopers said Thursday night. The plane had left Bethel and was headed to Kipnuk, about 100 miles southwest of Bethel.

450 by Morgan Krakow in Anchorage, Alaska. MOVED


^Boeing, NASA failed to catch multiple software errors, putting its astronaut capsule at risk during test flight<

NASA-BOEING:OS — Two coding errors that went undetected by the teams at Boeing could have led to the collision of two spacecraft during a test of Boeing's astronaut capsule in December, officials said Friday.

The software issues were representative of multiple failures at various levels in Boeing and NASA's testing and verification processes. And they didn't come to light until the capsule, called the CST-100 Starliner, launched on Dec. 20 from the Space Coast on a test mission to the International Space Station with no astronauts aboard.

750 by Chabeli Carrazana in Orlando, Fla. MOVED


^Lev Parnas has plenty of dirt that goes 'well beyond' Trump impeachment, lawyer says<

PARNAS:NY — Lev Parnas says he has plenty more dirt to reveal — and it's not all moot now that President Donald Trump has been acquitted by the Senate on impeachment charges.

The estranged onetime associate of Rudy Giuliani boasts he's a "prolific collector of photos and videos" and says he hasn't destroyed any of the images from their efforts to smear former Vice President Joe Biden.

350 by Dave Goldiner. MOVED


^Trump appoints Coast Guard admiral as recovery czar for Puerto Rico<

PUERTORICO-RECOVERY-CZAR:MI — As Puerto Rico is struggling to recover from hurricanes and earthquakes, the White House confirmed Friday that it is appointing U.S. Coast Guard Rear Adm. Peter Brown as its liaison for the island.

In a statement, the White House said Brown "will coordinate United States Government efforts to build the infrastructure and resiliency of Puerto Rico."

400 by Jim Wyss in San Juan, Puerto Rico. MOVED


^Reputed gang member beat rival to death just half-hour after two placed in same cell in Cook County Jail, prosecutors say<

CHICAGO-INMATE-KILLED:TB — A reputed gang member was viciously beaten to death just half an hour after he was placed into a two-man cell in Cook County Jail with an inmate who belongs to a rival gang, Cook County prosecutors said Thursday.

A security video partially captured Christian Gonzalez, 24, beating Pedro Ruiz with a sock filled with bars of soap for 10 continuous minutes, prosecutors said. He also violently dragged Ruiz by his "shag hairstyle," according to prosecutors.

900 (with trims) by Megan Crepeau in Chicago. MOVED


^Maryland governor said squeegee workers make $40 or $50 an hour. Is that true?<

MD-SQUEEGEWORKERS:BZ — Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan stepped into a renewed debate about how to treat "squeegee kids" when he spoke on Feb. 3 in Baltimore.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan this week stepped into an ongoing debate about "squeegee kids" — the predominantly black children and young adults who wash car windshields for untaxed cash on city corners. In comments Monday after meeting with Baltimore faith and business leaders, the Republican governor mentioned that "one of the ministers had a program where they were trying to employ some of the squeegee kids, but the problem is some of those squeegee kids make 40 or 50 dollars an hour harassing people on the streets, and it's hard to replace that with a, with a job."

1150 by Sameer Rao in Baltimore. MOVED


^Juror's comment about O.J. Simpson ignites mistrial debate in NC murder trial<

NC-JUROR-SIMPSON:CH — A Charlotte murder trial nearing its close came to a sudden halt Thursday due to a reference to one of the most divisive figures in U.S. legal history — O.J. Simpson.

800 by Michael Gordon in Charlotte, N.C. MOVED


^Roger Kahn, author of baseball classic 'The Boys of Summer,' dead at 92<

^BBO-KAHN-OBIT:NY—<Author Roger Kahn, whose best-selling "The Boys of Summer" was an emotional ode to Brooklyn and its beloved baseball team, the Dodgers, has died. He was 92.

The cause of death was not immediately announced.

Ranked as one of the best sports books of all time, the 1972 classic was described by Sports Illustrated as "a novelistic tale of conflict and change, a tribute, a civic history, a piece of nostalgia."

Kahn, a native of Brooklyn and a Dodgers fan since birth, was thoroughly invested in the team's long legacy of futility.

400 by Leonard Greene. (Moved as a sports story.) MOVED


^Women Hong Kong protesters upend gender roles in democracy fight<

HONGKONG-PROTESTS-WOMEN:BLO — During Hong Kong's Occupy protests in 2014, Aria listened to Lady Gaga, put on makeup and wore cute outfits, embracing the ubiquitous "Goddess of Democracy" moniker at a time when online polls asked whether the city's few female leaders were wife or girlfriend material.

Over months of recent pro-democracy demonstrations, however, the 25-year-old Hong Konger marched to the front lines cloaked in black with her hair tucked into a helmet while wielding a wrench and a Swiss Army knife. She regularly joined a team of 30 people for physical training drills, and listens to aggressive Cantonese rapcore music.

During the financial hub's last major protests, in 2014, Aria said women like her came out in force but were relegated to cheerleader-like support roles, such as giving out water and food. The movement failed to achieve its major goal — universal suffrage — teaching her that pro-democracy activists must take drastic action to be heard, and that women need a larger role.

1300 (with trims) by Shelly Banjo and Josie Wong in Hong Kong. MOVED


^Philippines' Duterte moves to terminate defense pact with US<

USPHILIPPINES-DEFENSE:DPA — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte plans to order that a notice of termination of the country's visiting forces agreement with the United States be sent to Washington, his spokesman said Friday.

250 by dpa in Manila, Philippines. MOVED



^Lone wolf traveled 8,700 miles looking for a mate. She was just found dead in California<

ENV-WOLF-JOURNEY:SA — An endangered female gray wolf known as OR-54 didn't live long enough to find a mate, despite making an 8,700-mile meandering journey through three states looking for one.

On Wednesday, California wildlife biologists found the lonesome wolf's carcass in Shasta County. It's not clear if the wolf died naturally, accidentally, or is the second California wolf to be killed by a poacher in as many years.

1000 (with trims) by Ryan Sabalow and Dale Kasler in Sacramento, Calif. MOVED


^Scientists to test drug meant to stop or slow Alzheimer's before symptoms appear<

MED-ALZHEIMERS-DRUG:SD — Scientists in San Diego are preparing to screen thousands of people globally to find candidates who are well-suited to take an experimental drug that is designed to slow, and possibly stop, the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

The study will be led by the University of Southern California's Alzheimer's Therapeutic Research Institute — or ATRI — in Sorrento Mesa. Researchers are looking for people who do not have symptoms of Alzheimer's but do have elevated levels of beta-amyloid.

350 by Gary Robbins in San Diego. MOVED


^Three Great Lakes set new records for January water levels<

GREATLAKES-LEVELS:DTN — Two Great Lakes set a new all-time high-water mark for January, and officials expect more records to be set this spring and summer.

Lakes Michigan and Huron, which are measured as one body of water, saw highs for the month of January that eclipsed marks set in 1987. Lake Superior surpassed a high set in 1986, the Army Corps of Engineers office in Detroit said.

250 Leonard N. Fleming in Detroit. MOVED


^Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls for federal disaster designation for Chicago lakefront<

ENV-CHICAGO-LAKEFRONT:TB — Calling recent destructive Lake Michigan waves and flooding from historically high water levels "climate change in action right here in our city," Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Friday made a plea for millions of dollars in federal funding to repair damage and prepare the lakefront for a future in which these types of storm events become more frequent.

550 by John Byrne in Chicago. MOVED


^A spacecraft launching Sunday will take the first-ever images of the Sun's poles<

SCI-SOLAR-ORBITER:OS — On Sunday night, a $1.5 billion spacecraft is scheduled take off from the Space Coast on a years-long journey that, if successful, will take the first-ever images of the Sun's poles.

It's data that scientists have been yearning to obtain for years, and it may answer crucial questions about the nature of our Sun and, chiefly, the charged solar particles it spews and their impact across the solar system. The mission will send the European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter on a seven-year journey and help heliophysicists gain a better understanding of the dark spots believed to be on the Sun's poles. The mission will work in conjunction with NASA's Parker Solar Probe, which also launched from the Space Coast in August 2018

350 by Chabeli Carrazana in Orlando, Fla. MOVED




NEWSBRIEFS:MCT — Nation and world news briefs.



^Who's killing horses in Central Florida? A mystery terrifies owners<

FLA-HORSE-KILLINGS:PT — The Rottweilers' barking woke Brena Kramer in the darkest part of the January morning, but it was when they fell silent that she got worried. They were chasing something.

She stepped onto the big screened porch and looked toward the barn. Across the yard, she heard an unusual sound — one of the horses shuffling anxiously in his stall.

Five years earlier, Kramer had turned this property into her dream: a horse rehabilitation center.

They'd need to be fed soon, so she crossed the backyard. She kept the barn lights off —she could go by feel and save electricity. She worked her way around the stalls until she came to the last horse, Gus.

Kramer reached up to feed Gus and kicked a hay bag. Her senses lit up: She'd left the bag hanging on a hook in Gus' stall. She flipped on the lights, and the whole scene hit her at once: Gus was bound by ropes to two sides of his stall.

She called the Pasco County Sheriff's Office and told deputies what she thought had happened. Someone had tried to kill her horses.

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^75 years after Auschwitz was liberated, she returned with her family for one last ritual <

HOLOCAUST-SURVIVOR:PH — In the breath between before and after, Anita Lewinski saw this was the end, and searched for her small goodbye. Their train had stopped at the gate of death.

It was October 1944. They were Jews.

The rail car had a window, by chance. Outside, the vast camps of Auschwitz-Birkenau sprawled across more than 400 acres of Poland's southern countryside. Vacant eyes stared through barbed wire and barking dogs fought the leash. On the train, shock spread from face to face, reality replacing the long-whispered rumor.

Anneliese Winterberg was just 15. Anita was a few days shy of 30, more a beloved big sister than an aunt. Anneliese watched her dig into a bag, looking resolute.

Seconds ticked by, then she found it.

Anita had been saving it for when this day came. She gave a piece to her older sister, Irmgard Winterberg, another to Anneliese, Irmgard's daughter. She kept one for herself.

Before SS guards ordered them out, yelling "Raus! Raus!" and before Auschwitz-Birkenau, the dreaded taker took them in, a rare piece of chocolate held back the chaos.

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