Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7234.

Due to a transmission error, Cape May County listings for May will be reprinted each week as space permits.

Atlantic County


2015 Blaine Ave, Mtglq Investors LP to Bl 2015 LLC; 06/14/17. $28,000

1111 Arctic Ave, Tse Kenneth to Wang Xiuling; 06/14/17. $50,000

1109 Arctic Ave, Tse Kenneth to Wang Xiuling; 06/14/17. $50,000

31 N Iowa Ave, Tietje Craig A to Gross Lawrence J; 06/14/17. $75,000

103 N Laclede Place, Shapiro Joyce E/Admrx to Zhang Sam; 06/14/17. $125,000

3501 Boardwalk 211, Pearlman Jeffrey to Chong Joseph A; 06/15/17. $54,000

403 N Delaware Ave, US Bank to Michaud Andre L Jr; 06/16/17. $25,000

112 S Texas Ave, Ho Bo Yok to Reardon Sean; 06/16/17. $45,000

101 S Raleigh Ave Unit 215, Lukoff Shelly R to Panico Irene; 06/16/17. $58,500

3 Barkentine Court, Harbour Pointe Prop LLC to Sood Mohinder K; 06/16/17. $75,000

526 Atlantic Ave, Pereira Luis/Atty to Spatola Estates LLC; 06/16/17. $260,000

24 S Georgia Ave, Abraham Labowz LLC to Smac Hotels 2 LLC; 06/16/17. $307,000


4901 Harbor Beach Blvd Apt H15, Vazquez Ricardo to Baurkott Raymond III; 06/13/17. $79,000

239 38th St S, Taub Ellen R to McDonald Ryan J; 06/13/17. $214,000

4901 Harbor Beach Blvd, Nardone Mary Anne to Hametov Bulat; 06/14/17. $60,000

210 7th St N, Piotrowski Linda to Lamcken Matthew C; 06/14/17. $285,000

210 35th St S, Petrolati Alexander J/Atty to Foraker Stephen R Sr; 06/14/17. $290,000

8 Lagoon Blvd, Culmone Michaelangelo to Woerner Custom Bldrs LLC; 06/15/17. $125,000

310 36th St S, Moriarty Young Melanie to Capasso Gail S; 06/15/17. $230,000

243 13th St S, Faralli Carmella to Pildis Shirley; 06/16/17. $290,000


117 Locust Ave, Scheibein Vickie L to Rodriguez Aida E; 06/13/17. $159,000

46-A Oxford Village, Morgan Stanley Abs Capital I Inc Tr 2006 Nc1 to Warren Kyle; 06/14/17. $34,784

30 Heather Croft, Jonuzi Arben to Field Marie K; 06/14/17. $51,000

204 Surf Road, NVR Inc to Landmark Development No 4 LLC; 06/14/17. $64,250

205 Martin L King Ave, Brown Ji On to Nsp Residential LLC; 06/14/17. $111,100

205 Martin L King Ave, Nsp Residential LLC to Crump Ji On; 06/14/17. $143,689.38

203 Booker Ave, NYC Reo LLC to Rodriguez Jose; 06/14/17. $148,981.56

7 Spring Lane, Howard John W Sr to Reyes Solange; 06/14/17. $253,000

104 Sandbar Road, NVR Inc to Ujcich David W; 06/14/17. $291,680


404 Blue Rose Court, Nace Eugene Jr to US Bank; 06/13/17. $148,000

27 Falling Leaf Court, Stonkute Vilma to Rodgers Feroza; 06/13/17. $150,000

457 Ebony Tree Ave, Pira Salih to Abdullah Ali; 06/13/17. $220,000

108 Club Place, McKenna Leah to Savino Richard; 06/14/17. $60,000

48 Cherokee Drive, Chiem Dan to Dolan Michael; 06/14/17. $85,600

204 W White Horse Pike, Parekh Investment LLC to Haree Shree LLC; 06/14/17. $815,000

561 E Revere Way, Paolino Joseph E to Fv I Inc; 06/15/17. $145,000

75 Cherokee Drive, U.S. HUD to Calcano Lorena; 06/16/17. $60,000

210 Wedgewood Court, Blevin Brandy M to Young Frank A; 06/16/17. $204,000

535 Cologne Port Republic Road, Birkenstock Rainer to Rohani Pejman; 06/16/17. $409,500


5928 Maple Drive, Wilmington Trust to Feliz Rosado Mirna V; 06/13/17. $68,250

177 Tyrens Drive, Otano Matos Anatalia to Anaya Chandra D; 06/14/17. $177,000

1326 Orchard Road, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Cummings Jared; 06/15/17. $145,000

204 Tryens Drive, Pai Shantanu D to Nilan Michelle; 06/15/17. $175,000

76 Countryside Lane, Matawin Ventures Reo 2016 2 LLC to Thomas Kendra; 06/15/17. $184,900

2409 Primrose Court, Srmof II 2012 1 Tr to Jctap LLC; 06/16/17. $36,000

4800 Brecknock Court, McArthur William D to Gabs Properties LLC; 06/16/17. $64,000.00

2614 Canyon Court, Lukas Ronald D/Tr to Parker Raymond Bernard; 06/16/17. $90,000


7903 Lagoon Drive, Costantino Rosario to Redlich Alan T; 06/08/17. $340,000

28 N Brunswick Ave, Malesich Richard to Bernhardt Greg; 06/08/17. $490,000

9307 Pacific Ave Unit E, Sperling Larry to Shaw Neil; 06/09/17. $530,000

117 N Nassau Ave, 115 N Nassau LLC to Hamilton Stephen S; 06/13/17. $1,176,500

9105 Atlantic Ave 23, Vellucci Francis to McWilliams Jason; 06/14/17. $103,000

9309 Atlantic Ave Unit B, Krishman Marc to Kelman Eric; 06/14/17. $372,500

9100 Beach, Meller Steven to 308 Beach LLC; 06/14/17. $850,000


1106 Harbour Cove, Johnson Kimberly G to Wexler Jeffrey D; 06/01/17. $435,000

1605 Harbour Cove, Gordon Layne S to Costello Joan T; 06/09/17. $328,000

12 E Groveland Ave, Coco Joseph Jr/Ind&Admr to Albright Charles W; 06/12/17. $110,000

Cape May County


115 Schellinger Ave, Prof-2013 Legal Title Trust By Trus By Atty to Saini Deepak; 5/22/2017, $240,000

1216 Bayshore Road, Alessandro Helen to Loco Ww LLC; 5/22/2017. $19,500

217 Fishing Creek Road, 101 Briarwood Ave LLC to Vanaman David R Jr, Vanaman Amy; 5/22/2017. $331,500

3704 Shore Drive, Martinez Alba E, Trombetta Roberta to Quinn John J Jr, Quinn Valerie; 5/22/2017. $615,000

423 E Jacksonville Ave, Di Gaetano Sylvia By Atty, Di Gaetano Joseph Atty to Erdo Jane; 5/22/2017. $120,000

705 W Rio Grande, Doman Janet D, Lynch Doris E to Doman Joseph; 5/22/2017. $60,000

902 Ocean Ave Unit 2, Kurian Raymond F, Kurian Pauline H to Myers Dale H Trus, Myers Jonna A Trus; 5/22/2017. $825,000


3 Maple Court, Dean Andrew P, Dean Jaclyn L to Herron Brian E, Herron Lauren K; 5/22/2017. $303,000

623 Goshen Road, Thron William H Jr, Thron Veronica J to McComas Edward R, Comas Renee D; 5/22/2017. $360,000

7 Fish Hawk Lane, Fish Hawk Lane LLC to Cvetkovski Jimmy, Cvetkovski Alena; 5/22/2017. $100,000

1 Fish Hawk Lane, Fish Hawk Lane LLC to Alcorn Andrew B, Alcorn Kimberly S; 5/23/2017. $100,000

117 Geneva Ave, Schaffer Gary G by Shrff, Bickel Judy by Shrff, Bickel Raymond by Shrff, Burdette Tomlin Memorial Hospital by Shrff, Beneficial Financial I Inc by Shrff, Beneficial New Jersey Inc by Shrff, Beneficial Mortgage Co by Shrff to Njhr1 LLC; 5/24/2017, $39,000

6 Steeple Court, Johnson Kenneth C Jr, Johnson Evelyn A, Lingafelter Rachel to Burke John F Jr, Burke Regina; 5/24/2017. $309,500

109 E Maryland Ave, HSBC Bank USA Trus by Atty, PNC Bank Atty to Atlantic-Cape Builders LLC; 5/25/2017. $59,000

11 Freedom Drive Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Zhuravlev Viktoryia, Jouravlev Andrei; 5/25/2017. $219,000

112 E Main St, Dja Land Holdings LLC to 317 E Hand LLC; 5/25/2017. $75,000

12 Moore Terrace, Napoleon Joseph J, Napoleon Sherri to Clarke Timothy F, Clark Elizabeth J; 5/25/2017. $338,000

15 N 9th St, Novak Jone L to Altobelli Louis H Jr; 5/25/2017. $130,000

43 Route 47 N Unit D2 Hideaway Beach, Clayton Robert E Est By Exr, Daly Mary Exr, Clayton Roselie M Est to Connelly Kenneth, Connelly Lisa M; 5/25/2017. $37,500


2811 Wesley Ave, Dougherty Edward, Dougherty Anne to Hayden Donald Joseph Jr, Hayden Marilyn Lanae; 5/16/2017. $3,150,000

810 Second St Unit B, Kennedy Robert W, Devlin Geraldine C to Kravatz Alan, Kravatz Stephanie; 5/16/2017. $819,000

11 Pine Road, Frederico Dominic J, Frederico Michele L to Hand Real Estate Partnership; 5/17/2017. $605,000

1442 Asbury Ave 2nd Fl, Wyckoff Jeanette to Hughes Wayne E, Hughes June M; 5/17/2017. $480,000

241 Bay Ave, Good Raymond J, Good Elizabeth R to Baker Robert C, Watson Maureen; 5/17/2017. $365,000

34085-30 Haven Ave, Runge Brad Alan, Runge Susan to Freddie Mac; 5/17/2017. $126,387.99

3427 Haven Ave 2nd Fl, Perri Patrick, Perri Kathleen to McClafferty Brian M, McClafferty Janet M; 5/17/2017. $544,900

2822 West Ave 2nd Fl, Kakoyan Robert B, Kakoyan Linda M to Haneman Daniel, Haneman Anne; 5/18/2017. $515,007


22 71st St W, Slusarczyk Stephen J to Dick Philip, Casey Michelle; 5/17/2017. $745,000

24 82nd St, Welsh Thomas J Jr to Sautner Frank H III, Sautner Sherri A; 5/17/2017. $1,300,000

133 82nd St, Doran Patrick M, Doran Marilou J to Gimpel Charles P Jr, Gimpel Donna L; 5/18/2017. $274,900

21 73rd St West Unit, McCann Paul T, McCann Barbara to Brennan Des, Brennan Amy; 5/18/2017. $939,000

25 45th St, Hessinger Gregory, Hessinger Paula, Hessinger Glen, Hessinger Tammy Marie, Policare Randal to Reale Albino, Reale Cynthia A; 5/18/2017. $765,000

111 63rd St Unit 204, Dennett Edward, Dennett Mafalda to Lepera Thomas, Lepera Ann; 5/19/2017. $500,000

114 77th St E Unit 114, 77th Street LLC to Higgins Robert L, Higgins Kathleen A; 5/22/2017. $925,000

4508 Landis Ave Unit 3, Barrett M Elizabeth to Burke Amy E; 5/22/2017. $409,000


107 E Lincoln Ave, Reed Robert L, Reed Georgia J to Shiva Hospitality LLC; 5/23/2017. $425,000

124-126 E Spicer Ave, Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co Atty, JP Morgan Chase Bank Trus, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Castle 2016 LLC; 5/23/2017. $14,150

145 W Andrews Ave, Beckson Denise J to Weber Colleen Sheehan; 5/25/2017. $270,000

150 E Davis Ave, O’Hara Thomas to Farabee Ken E; 5/25/2017. $67,500

228 E Glenwood Ave, Roppoli Andrew C, Roppoli Mary S to Ciamaichelo Mark A, Ciamaichelo Leesa B; 5/26/2017. $280,000

233 E Roberts Ave, Roberts Barry, Roberts Diane to Toanone Rachel M; 5/26/2017. $210,000

4200 Pacific Ave, Ayars Leon C, Ayara Helen Simcox to White Michael G Sr, Bridges-White Kimberly G; 5/26/2017. $213,000

4207 Susquehanna Ave, Zeoli Michael, Zeoli Catherine to Zeoli LLC; 5/26/2017. $183,500

4300 Atlantic Ave, McAllister James, McAllister Shirley to Ene Ionel; 5/26/2017. $240,000

5201 Ocean Ave, Toz Ventures Trdg, Toczydlowski Albert J Ptnr, Toczydlowski Joseph Ptnr to Spampanato Regina A; 5/26/2017. $275,000


107 E Farragat Road Unit 107, McCourt Edward J Jr, McCourt Mary to Adolph William F Jr, Adolph Deborah L; 5/17/2017. $566,000

307 E Toledo Ave Unit A, Carnesale Greg to Rome Jeffrey T; 5/17/2017. $429,000

223 E Morning Glory Road Unit 1, Talewsky Robert, Talewsky Nancy to De Kalb Robert V, De Kalb Carole A; 5/19/2017. $425,000

118 E Nashville Ave, Shore Real Estate Developers LLC to Gallagher Michael, Gallagher Patricia; 5/23/2017. $595,000

408 E Cresse Ave Unit 101, Concilio Natalie, Marandola Nicholas D, Donohue Michael, Donohue Deanna; 5/23/2017. $309,900

7203 Atlantic Ave, Continanza Allen, Continanza Doreen to Cuadra Travis; 5/24/2017. $192,500

Cumberland County


1195 Fairmount Ave, U.S. HUD, to Robles Jennifer, Robles Neftali; 6/7/2017. $65,000

1200 Cypress Drive, Gallo Gregory to Kramer Jillian, Kramer Sterling; 6/7/2017. $204,900

1675 Woodcrest Drive, Derosa Kristen, Jasper Max, Santa Ly-Ann; 6/7/2017. $190,000

319 W Almond St, Mercado David, Mercado Tina to Lantigua Jose Francisco; 6/7/2017. $68,000

787 Magnolia Road, Kruysman Bryan Jr to Lugo Madison; 6/7/2017. $172,000

1190 E Garden Road, Garcia Elba Iris Rodriguez Aka, Gonzalez Elba Aka, Gonzalez Neftali Est, Rodriguez Elba Iris Aka to Drozd Irina, Drozd Vyacheslav; 6/8/2017. $30,000

1694 W Walnut Road, Freddie Mac By Atty, Marks Dana Esq Atty, Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones Atty to Bluitt Cynthia D; 6/8/2017. $150,000

41 W Montrose St, T-Ray Investments LLC to Gonzalez Jessica; 6/8/2017. $145,000

56 W Birch St, Gatier Edward L Atty, Watkins Milena A By Atty, Watkins Winston C to Davis Tiffany, Pernell Jarius; 6/8/2017. $138,900

1529 Clover Ave, Cerana Dawn E, Elbeuf Ellen M Est, Hagenbarth Gwen E, Elbeuf Dale J; 6/9/2017. $106,666

82 Arcadia Place, B&B LLC to Land Shaun P; 6/9/2017. $147,500

Ocean County


1 Passage Lane, Galish Daniel A, Galish Joan M, Joan M Galish Revocable Trust Agreement, Galish Joan M Revocable Trust Agreement, Behr Linda M to Fitzgerald Dennis, Fitzgerald Georgette; 6/5/2017. $305,000

8 Windy Reef Court, Hesterman Stephen E, Hesterman Jane E, Hesterman Stephen, Hesterman Jane to Moore Barbara; 6/5/2017. $250,000

62 Highland Court, Simms Norman E, Simms Joyce A to Suydam Robert, Suydam Stacey; 6/7/2017. $335,000

34 Hanna Lee Road, Rasmussen Matthew, Rasmussen Michelle to Jones Tracee M, Dantoni Thomas J Jr; 6/7/2017. $335,000

46 Plymouth Way, Brady James, Brady Mary Jane to Stief Francis J, Stief Karen V; 6/7/2017. $240,000

401-19b Bayshore Drive, Riehle Anthony to Murphy Daniel C, Murphy Irene A; 6/8/2017. $275,000

125 Emerson Lane, Regan Timothy, Walters Development Co LLC to Nvr Inc; 6/8/2017. $113,262

20 Tina Way, Regan Timothy, Walters Development Co LLC to Nvr Inc; 6/8/2017. $96,000

10 Cape Cod Ave, Regan Timothy, Walters Development Co LLC to NVR Inc; 6/8/2017. $67,500

1968 Breakers Wayp, Walters Development Co LLC, Walters Development Company LLC, Regan Timothy to NVR Inc; 6/8/2017. $91,000

389-10 Bay Shore Drive, Gabrieli Richard, Gabrieli Lisa to Skidmore William, Skidmore Kathleen; 6/9/2017. $287,500

44 Gunning River Road, US Bank to Plazma Properties LLC; 6/9/2017. $35,000

50 Tulsa Drive South, Monico Amy C, Monico John P to Ogle Barbara A; 6/9/2017. $170,500


411 S Pennsylvania Ave, Rykate LLC, Moakley John, Moakley Lynn to Fragapane Jason; 6/2/2017. $873,000

223 Glendola Ave, Karzhevsky Gregory, Karzhevsky Evan to Stanbury John, Stanbury Whitney; 6/7/2017. $675,000

218 Centre St, Damiani Patrick, Damiani Margaret L to Rook Glenn A, Rook Jayme N; 6/7/2017. $840,000


414 Sycamore Drive, Kirshenbaum Aharon, 13 Colorado LLC to Thompson Christopher, Thompson Julie; 6/1/2017. $215,000

234 Hemlock Lane, Central Endeavors LLC, Alino Gregory to Leann Enterprose LLC, Allerow Ava; 6/1/2017. $82,000

503 Nautilus Blvd, Demarco Robert F to Neno Alexander V; 6/1/2017. $163,000

706 Chelsea St, Midwest Equities LLC, Kagan Daniel to Mayer David, Mayer Kelly; 6/1/2017. $229,000

130 Fox Hollow Drive, Coulter Linda O to Tobia Anthony Jr; 6/2/2017. $247,500

1212 Andover Road, Allen Harvey R, Allen Amelia A to Neumann Kristen M Wilson, Neumann Edward J; 6/2/2017. $365,000

1501 Clearview St, Budnik Bonnie, Budnik Richard to Monto Frank P, Monto Lorraine; 6/2/2017. $161,000

5 Wales Court, Burke Martha to Lee Billy, Lee Kathy; 6/2/2017. $200,000

605 Predmore Ave, Zeleznok Russell J, Ocean County Sheriff, U.S. HUD, New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency to Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development, Housing And Urban Development; 6/2/2017. $151,000

21 Arborridge Drive, Fortunato Mario, Fortunato Janice M to Dunn Leonard, Dunn Lesley; 6/2/2017. $380,000

Manchester Avenue, Ocean County to Juliano Nicholas, Juliano Peggy Sue; 6/6/2017. $20,000

747 Lacey Road, Juliano Nicholas, Juliano Peggy Sue to 747 Lacey Road LLC; 6/6/2017. $735,000

249 Birch Lane, Schulman Kim to Smith Warren Jr; 6/6/2017. $200,000

207 Cedar Lake Point, Thoms Brian to Domanski Stanley, Quinones Stella; 6/6/2017. $437,000

224 Lane Place, Ocean County Sheriff, Volk Colleen S, Callaghan William Sr, Callaghan Linda S, Volk Patrick, Volk Jennifer M, Hackensack University Medical Center, Wells Fargo Bank, Structured Asset Securities Corp, Callaghan Colleen to Wells Fargo Bank, Structured Asset Securities Corporation; 6/6/2017. $151,000

503 Knollwood Court, Ocean County Sheriff, Morles Lisandro V, Yym Partners LLC, Wells Fargo Bank, Morales Sheryl M, New Century Financial Services, Midland Funding LLC, Arrow Financial Services LLC, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Credigy Receivables to Yym Partners LLC; 6/7/2017. $129,000

404 Brentwood Place, Constandaki Constantine G to Hoyt Bradley, Dragonetti Katherine; 6/7/2017. $157,000


5 Oakland Bay Court, Brashier Jesse Gene, Brashier Claire Tania to Argenziano Richard N; 5/31/2017. $134,000

15 Plantation Drive, Tower Dbw Reo II LLC to Swan Kevin R; 6/1/2017. $142,500

35 Cedar Brook Lane, McDonald Michael, McDonald Jennifer to McDonald Jennifer; 6/1/2017. $94,500

3 Waters Edge Drive, Cecchini Michael V, Cecchini Donna E to Bolanos Oscar Andrei, Bolanos Arlea Paige, Paige Arlea; 6/1/2017. $275,000

34 S Portland Drive, Connolly Joseph Jr, Connolly Karen to Daniels Anne Marie, Daniels John; 6/1/2017. $211,000

24 Leitz Blvd, Bennett Michael J, Bennett Jennifer to Donnelly Matthew W; 6/2/2017. $227,000

32 Tonys Drive, Mulligan John J, Mulligan Carolyn to Wyckoff Susan; 6/2/2017. $314,900

9 Cohanzick Court, Ocean County Sheriff, Weaver S, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Clayton Ray, Wells Fargo Bank to Weaver S; 6/2/2017. $52,000

37 Vacari Way, Winding Run Estates By Kara LLC, Kara LLC, Peshkopia Hektor to Gangloff Christopher, Gangloff Marla; 6/2/2017. $404,250

37 Vicari Way, Gangloff Christopher, Gangloff Marla to Waldman Diane C; 6/2/2017. $310,000

18 Ocean Blvd, Sciurba Frank to Getman Christopher, Schofield Stephanie; 6/2/2017. $169,000

7 Greenside Drive, Deutsch Joseph, Above Genesis LLC to Rodriguez Jose, Rodriguez Lourdes, Clayton Lourmarie; 6/5/2017. $275,000

109 Oneida Lake Drive, Finelli Andrew D, Finelli Cynthia L to Ordonez Daniel, Ciccarelli Jennie; 6/5/2017. $175,000

54 W Potomac Drive, Schiavone Rocco to Rainey Richard P, Rainey Mara S; 6/6/2017. $241,000

24 St Andrews Drive, U.S. HUD to Yym Partners LLC; 6/6/2017. $91,000

335 Newport Way, Hovnanian K at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC, K Hovnanian at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC to Beringer Steven M, Beringer Patricia A; 6/6/2017. $304,519

42 Lake Huron Drive, Krieger Thomas, Krieger Linda to Janssen Henry; 6/7/2017. $192,500

12 Lake Superior Drive, Jarvis Thomas Allen Jr to Stadtmuller Justin C, Stadtmuller Katie M; 6/7/2017. $131,000

17 Cranbury Lake Dr, Ocean County Sheriff, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Grunfeld Menashe, Campano John Joseph, Campano Ann to Grunfeld Menashe; 6/7/2017. $133,000

2 Cobblestone Drive, Pokorny Kathleen, Lombardino Kathleen to Pokorny Josef, Lombardino Kathleen; 6/7/2017. $74,000

107 S Captains Drive, Kabbeko Mark to Garcia Arnaldo; 6/8/2017. $147,500

151 Westchester Drive, Buczynski Alfred, Buczynski Loretta to Cataffo Jonathan P; 6/8/2017. $128,000

144 N Burgee Drive, Vogenitz William, Vogenitz Encarnacrom to Letterman Eric, Letterman Jane L; 6/8/2017. $143,000

729 Twin Lakes Blvd, Nielsen Ole B, Nielsen Rebecca B to Rutland Edwin J Jr; 6/8/2017. $155,200

94 Scotch Pine Dr, Weaver S, Weaver Shannon to Catania Louis; 6/8/2017. $59,000

12 Lake Singleton Court, Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of New York, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Structured Asset Management Investments II Trust, Select Portfolio Servicing Inc to Fisch Brian W, Fisch Anne M; 6/9/2017. $68,000

230 Twin Lakes Blvd, Coumes Edgar C Jr to Grayson Andrew H, Gunsten Lori C; 6/9/2017. $143,688

109 Lake Superior Drive, Ostrom Doris, Ostrom Arthur E, Ostrom Robert to C D Property Group LLC; 6/9/2017. $41,800

106 S Commodore Drive, Paczowski George, New Direction Ira Inc to Faber John A Jr, Faber Karen M; 6/9/2017. $302,000

44 Vincent Court, Wright Robert, Wright Dawn, Francesco Dawn to Tomlinson Richard; 6/9/2017. $144,000

1 Reef Lane, Moles Warren H, Moles Ada Joy to McDonald Thomas, McDonald Pamela J; 6/9/2017. $210,000

16 Sanz Towns Road, Brand Jeremy, Brand Naomi to Pruzansky Zev Chaim, Pruzansky Penina; 6/9/2017. $415,000


42 W Tebco Terrace, Baltimore Charles M, Brett Deirdre to Kunamneni Raghu, Kunamneni Katie; 5/30/2017. $450,000

200 E South 34th St, Imberman Steven, Imberman Susan, LBI 34th St Properties LLC to 200 34th Street LLC; 5/30/2017. $1,150,000

12211 Ocean Ave, Schlags Josephine M, Schlags Lori A, Schlags Harvey S Revocable Trust, Harvey S Schlags Revocable Trust to Jersey Riviera LLC; 5/30/2017. $1,450,000

5 W 19th St, De Laive Andrew, Nicolosi Daniel to West 19th Beach Haven LLC; 5/31/2017. $399,000

107e Jeanette Ave, Hansel David, Callazzo Mark, 107 E Jeanette LLC to Migliaccio Thomas, Migliaccio Megan; 6/1/2017. $3,147,200

123 E 87th St, Tri Bee LLC, Bertussi Thomas to Cutler Evelyn S; 6/1/2017. $2,600,000

100 E Indian Ave, Cooper John A, Cooper Rosa L to Litterio James T, Litterio Laurie Grupe; 6/1/2017. $520,000

22 W Jeanette Ave, Ventrone Anthony, Ventrone Natalie to Fiorello Paul, Soos Suzanne; 6/1/2017. $810,000

22 W 86th St, Schaetzle Raymond, Schaetzle Donna, Schaetzle Paul to Moutenot William R, Moutenot Elaine S; 6/2/2017. $600,000

207 E 22nd St, Moloughney Mary S, Moloughney Susan, Moloughney Mary Susan, Moloughney Arthur to Farrell Michael L; 6/2/2017. $1,194,000


189 Brigantine Blvd, Christiana Trust, Selene Finance, Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Pellegrino Anthony J, Pellegrino Patricia A; 5/30/2017. $353,500

128 Marine Road, U.S. HUD to Zimco Holdings LLC; 5/30/2017. $103,750

92 Spring Lake Blvd, Hassenplug Gordon W, Hassenplug Patricia C to Intonato Joseph F, Intonato Joann; 6/1/2017. $337,500

7 Ventnor Court, Catelli Joanne to Horan Edward C, Horan Pamela M; 6/1/2017. $366,500

425 Route 9, Scp 2005-C21-050 LLC to Steadfast Op Waretown LLC; 6/2/2017. $3,811,576

27 Point Pleasant Drive, Ruoff Steven, Ruoff Steve, Ruoff Scott, Ruoff Donald, Ruoff Margaret to Kovach Julius, Kovach Margaret, Kovach Julius S, Kovach Margaret J; 6/5/2017. $385,000

93 Lighthouse Drive, Spruce Valley LLC, Kotler Yoseph to Binder-Nierman Diane E; 6/6/2017. $117,500

118 Englewood Ave, Linck Albert T, Dugan Christine V, Linck Eric A, Linck Albert Theodore, Linck Elizabeth to Knoblock Michael J, Knoblock Diane L; 6/6/2017. $290,000

77 Bay Parkway, Stotler Beverly Ann, Stotler Harrison to Stotler Gary L; 6/7/2017. $166,500


107 W 24th St, Miaskowski Kathleen, Miaskowski John T to Battistelli Linda, Battistelli William, Battistelli Noel; 5/31/2017. $345,000

322 W 10th St, Masters Martin Pryor, Masters Virginia Karen to Minitelli Darryl S, Williams-Minitelli Jayne P; 5/31/2017. $525,500

251 W 13th St, Carroll Michael to Sensmeier Kathleen; 5/31/2017. $185,000

2304 Long Beach Blvd, Milkovich David L to Corneck Lawrence J, Fields Norman; 6/1/2017. $385,000

202 W 18th St, Cavaliere Arthur, Cavaliere Jacqueline to Piccininni Jack J, Piccininni Sandra L; 6/1/2017. $780,000

1704 Barnegat Ave, Joseph A Sullivan Living Trust, Sullivan Joseph A Living Trust, Catherine G Sullivan Living Trust, Sullivan Cahterine G Living Trust, Sullivan Kevin A to Valenzano Frank, Valenzano Marylu; 6/2/2017. $495,000


381 Neptune Drive, Reinhold Frederick J Jr, Reinhold Karissa to Jiang Wenxiu, Jiang Rong; 5/30/2017. $240,000

1053 Jennifer Lane, Poirier Wayne, Poirier Debra to Ardrey Kenneth; 5/30/2017. $250,000

116 Mizzen Ave, Caliber Real Estate Services LLC, US Bank Trust to Kuna Michael; 5/30/2017. $149,500

141 Topsail Lane, Johnson Tracie E to Savonarola Kristy; 5/30/2017. $280,000

232 Timberlake Drive, Peregrim Mary, Foley Andrea to Urso Jonathan P, Urso Caroline T; 5/30/2017. $242,000

691 Cedar Run Dock Road, Cosentino Brian, Cosentino Eileen to Malley Jeremiah, Jones Kristen A; 5/30/2017. $249,500

237 Wave Road, Steeper John W, Steeper Patricia A to Cooper Anthony; 5/31/2017. $225,000

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

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