Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7253.

Atlantic County


29 E Woodland Ave, Leek Donna M to Spencer Neil F; 01/09/17. $57,000

1 Mechanic St Unit 204, One Mechanic Street LLC to Visicaro Thomas; 01/09/17. $148,500


105 N California Ave, Seny Siouhouy to Has Pahalla; 01/09/17. $38,000

1056 N Ohio Ave, Cipolla Richard to Tab Homes LLC; 01/09/17. $40,000

618 Baltic Ave Unit 29B, Holland Lisa to London Dana Ann; 01/09/17. $40,000

910 Ohio Ave, Cipolla Richard to Tab Homes LLC; 01/09/17. $40,000

447 N Harrisburg Ave, Wells Fargo to Pham Thuan; 01/10/17. $32,000

2834 Atlantic Ave Unit 610, US Bank to Whitfield Rufus; 01/10/17. $37,000

721 N Harrisburg Ave, Kunik Joanne Florentine to West End Prop Group LLC; 01/10/17. $50,000


5112 Ontario Drive Unit B, Truong Tuat V to Haggerty Timothy P; 01/06/17. $211,000

210 8th St North, Norma G Bucia to Shore House Holdings LLC; 01/09/17. $235,102

36 Eleventh St, Bowker Linda L to Carr Rhone; 01/09/17. $252,200

1006 E Evans Blvd Unit B, Santoro John to Rush Philip; 01/09/17. $290,000

5115 Ocean Drive South, Dagostino Anthony W to Fuller Robert G; 01/09/17. $415,000

4113 Ocean Ave, Nicolosi Kathryn A to Nicolosi Lori; 01/09/17. $510,000

469 Seahorse Road, Spadt Cheryl to Fannie Mae; 01/10/17. $260,500


344 E Weymouth Road, Burke Stephen J to Montalvo Anthony; 01/10/17. $155,000


205 Bernadette Lane, JP Homes Inc to Mh Property Solutions LLC; 01/10/17. $11,000


110 Sandbar Road, NVR Inc to Sykes Leslie J; 01/06/17. $274,000

101 Brettwood Drive, Freddie Mac to Ivanov Christian; 01/09/17. $150,000

173 Rochelle Lane, Freddie Mac to Dang Brandon; 01/09/17. $214,900

102 Bristol Road, Bharucha Ketan to Sandoz Ernest; 01/09/17. $271,000

6616 Reega Ave, Ventures Trust 2013 IHR to Strohm Michael; 01/10/17. $32,500

5055 English Creek Road, PNC Bank to Blauvelt Jerry A; 01/10/17. $45,200

114 Daphne Road, Wells Fargo to Barrera Arturo; 01/10/17. $171,750


28 S River Drive, Fannie Mae to Leslie Donald; 01/09/17. $85,000


560 Falmouth Court, Miller Scott Sr to Casteline Paul; 01/06/17. $192,500

428 Superior Road, Harrison Scott K to Fair Matthew J; 01/09/17. $65,000

500 E Bergen Court, Musich Gary M to Gillespie Scott; 01/09/17. $310,000

417 Whispering Lane, Saatkamp Dorothy T to Wargo Steven; 01/09/17. $475,000

124 Sussex Place, JMMK LLC to Lee Timmy; 01/10/17. $60,000

62 Arapaho Place H-2, Dolan Michael to Dye Robert J; 01/10/17. $60,000


123 Giunta Walk, Sloan Earline H to Faragher Gina R; 01/10/17. $170,000


625 Peach St, Raffa Robert to Devecchio James; 01/09/17. $235,000

2015 Lake Drive, JTS Custom Bldg & Remodeling Contractors Inc to Losasso Stephen M; 01/10/17. $300,300


H9 Adams Court, Irvine Helen L to Powell Blanche; 01/09/17. $128,000

105 E Dawn Drive, Parikh Payal to Bennis Thomas F; 01/09/17. $205,000

1007 Maple Ave, Fannie Mae to Conover Alexandra; 01/10/17. $169,000


7805 Atlantic Ave, Vitale Anna to 19 South Essex LLC; 01/06/17. $320,000

106 N Frontenac Ave, Roth Rella to Gitto Joseph R; 01/09/17. $400,000

8107 Bayshore Drive, Buchalski Martin to Bokhari Syed Raza; 01/09/17. $2,800,000

111 S Knight Ave, Diamond Gary M to 111 S Knight Ave LLC; 01/10/17. $1,505,689.49


1 Joseph Court, Cupo Nunzie G III to Santoro Ralph; 01/09/17. $327,000


104 Plaza Place, Citimortgage Inc to Rodriguez Marlen Alvarenga; 01/09/17. $64,900

112 N Second St, Glaze Jerry to Cepeda Erick Ramsey Montas; 01/09/17. $80,000

710 Harbour Cove, Edmunds Robert to Shaber Yvette S; 01/09/17. $210,000

205 Newtown Square, Chait Nathan Bandi Jfs LLC 01/10/17 30,000.00


225 N Derby Ave, French Debra to Walton Michael A; 01/09/17. $52,500

111 S Surrey Ave Unit 202, Picuillo Alexander to Scheidemantel Sally Sue; 01/09/17. $139,000

5300 Boardwalk Unit 206, Lindheim Jerry to Miller Gene; 01/09/17. $170,000

130 N Sacramento Ave, Perri Louis to Belson Chad; 01/09/17. $179,000

Cape May County


286 33rd St, Deppen Blaine C to Deppen Brian P, Deppen Mary Nolan; 12/22/2016. $12,500

401 21st St Unit B, O’Donnell Robert D, O’Donnell Mary E to Kerr John A Jr, Kerr Jodi L; 12/23/2016. $499,999

2527 Dune Drive, Leonard Robert, Leonard Ana Paula, Costa Vanessa to Bilali Mark James; 12/23/2016. $825,000


7 Swan Ave, Walsh Gertrude M, Enderle Maureen H, Walsh Vincent E to Lawrence A Pray Builders Inc; 12/22/2016. $600,000

1350D Virginia Ave, Lanzetta Angela, Lanzetta Albert to Bacani Fred, Bacani Jennifer; 12/23/2016. $265,000

201 Beach Ave Unit 8, Schlitzer Joseph, Schlitzer Nancy to Sokoll Walter Anthony, Sokoll Dena Duzan; 12/27/2016. $1,160,000

100 Second Ave, O’Leary Jeremiah J, Kolodey Patricia M to Arnold William Vincent, Arnold Anne Romanic; 12/27/2016. $1,300,000

904 Lafayette St, Hoffman Bernice M, Hoffman Walter B to Cataldo Gaetano T, Iliopulos Ioanna M; 12/28/2016. $275,000


321 Brainard Drive, Conner Susannah R to Taylor Eliza L, Taylor Matthew B; 12/27/2016. $116,666


135 Dennisville Road, Payant Tyra K, Daleng Tyra M to JKC Homes; 12/22/2016. $55,000

14 Hoffman Drive, Sherman James J, Sherman Kristin M to Maguire Amy; 12/26/2016. $289,900

289 Margate Ave, Rostick William, Armandi Elaine to Bruenig Steven E; 12/27/2016. $55,000


117 Beechwood Ave, US Bank, Bank of America, Lasalle Bank, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC to Lessig William, Lessig Joan; 12/22/2016. $112,500

9900 Seapointe Blvd Unit 12, Seapointe Associates to Columbia Heights Holdings; 12/22/2016. $718,000

15 Delaware Parkway, JPMorgan Chase Bank to Nelson Charles P; 12/23/2016. $51,000

21 W Drumbed Road, Stewart Sydney D to Gee Gary W, Gee Barbara A; 12/23/2016. $90,000

706 Arctic Ave, Macfeat George H to Meca Investments LLC, Ground Up Designs LLC; 12/23/2016. $126,000

709 Wilson Ave, Sattelberger Irene, Sattelberger Walter to Rambo Nicholas A, Brown Shelby M; 12/23/2016. $145,000

300 Bryn Mawr Ave, Pluta Delores E, Pluta Edward S Jr to Petrosell Gail L; 12/23/2016. $175,000

63 Kentucky Ave, Pawlus Claudio to Lahm Frederick P Jr, Lahm Donna M; 12/23/2016. $177,000

17 Delair Road, Ludwig Frances Miriam to Whimsical Starfish LLC; 12/23/2016. $235,000

301 E Rochester Ave, Arbaugh Steven L, Arbaugh Linda G to Murray John P, Murray Ann P, Park Alexis CM, Park Damien; 12/23/2016. $426,000

1254 Wilson Drive, Hineline Frank Budd III, Hineline Deirdre to Tamagni Henry J, Tamagni Judith L; 12/23/2016. $1,600,000

105 Fire Lane, Freddie Mac, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard PC to Cooper Justin T; 12/27/2016. $130,000

1107 Washington Blvd, Patterson Lawrence A, Patterson Maureen R to Hennessy Robert P, Hennessy Jacquelyn R, Hennessy Tara M; 12/27/2016. $245,000

214 Arizona Ave, Schaffer Gary G Shrff, Young Linda M, Bank of America, Wachovia Bank, Aragon Robert to NJHR2; 12/28/2016. $47,000

74 Walnut Ave, McKeithan Robin L, Friend David Kramer Irrevocable Trust to Stewart William, Stewart Donna; 12/28/2016. $76,500

52 Vacation Road, Riehl Diana L, Riehl Grover, Frascone Beverly to Celia Diane M; 12/28/2016. $137,500

211 W Pacific Ave, D’Imperio Robert G, D’Imperio Kathryn M, Holswade Kathryn M, D’Imperio Helen to Murry Carole, Murry Tommie; 12/28/2016. $169,000

419 Provincetown Drive, Gable Margaret, Gable Bertram G to Hoffman Bernice; 12/28/2016. $249,000


112 St Andrews Drive, US Bank, Banc Of America Funding Corp, Nationstar Mortgage to Warf Jeffrey, Warf Shannon; 12/22/2016. $195,300

113 S 19th St, Sivers-Shrader Jennifer R to Norris James A IV; 12/23/2016. $85,000

10 N 11th St, Lyons Mary Anne, Lyons Harvey E to Smith Cathleen; 12/23/2016. $142,000

19 Schoolhouse Lane, Elsasser Mark E, Elsasser Sharon L to Clauser Aaron S, Clauser Krista S; 12/23/2016. $232,000

3 Wynndemere Court, Noon Harold E Jr to Nelson Elsie C, Weiss Jennifer A, Weiss Christian M; 12/23/2016. $251,500

301 N Railroad Ave, Cape May County Holiday Tours Inc, Belansen Jana, Belansen Michael, Belansen Nora to Andre Properties LLC; 12/23/2016. $450,000

6 Dory Drive, Foley Donald J, Foley Katherine S to Zschunke Richard E; 12/26/2016. $232,500

201 Tidewater Ave, Oteri Peter J, Oteri Rochelle A to Carmen Scott C; 12/26/2016. $238,000

15 Shellbay Ave, PNC Bank to Hain Daniel C; 12/27/2016. $68,000

100 Vermont Ave, Hand Lorraine E, Johnson Carol Ann, Hand Owen W to Blue Bee Properties; 12/27/2016. $146,000

103 Eldredge Ave, Zappone Domenic, Zappone Victoria to Kately Megan K; 12/27/2016. $183,900

14 Centennial Drive, Matlack Lorraine to Marshall John F, Marshall Dorothy M; 12/27/2016. $238,500

21 W Woodland Ave, Nessler Ralph D, Nessler Terri Ann to Hurter Donald O, Hurter Therese; 12/27/2016. $385,000

6 Sunray Beach Road, Wrzesinski Michael, Wrzesinski Eugene P to Moro Joseph; 12/28/2016. $45,000

222 School Lane, Schaffer Gary G Shrff, Brunell Lillian Ada, U.S. government to NJHR1; 12/28/2016. $48,300


539 E 9th Ave, Maguire Michael, Maguire Diane to Tosco Anthony, Tosco Maria; 12/22/2016. $188,500

605-607 Ohio Ave, Fannie Mae, Stern Lavinthal & Frankenberg LLC to Seldenburg Karen; 12/22/2016. $345,250

309 E 20th Ave, Tia Realty LLC to Tamburini James T, Tamburini Christine P; 12/23/2016. $300,000

111 W 3rd Ave, Smith Michael, Smith Colleen to Nguyen Don Thanh, Herman Joanne M; 12/23/2016. $385,000

400 E 4th Ave, Scorsone Joseph, Scorsone Michelle Lynn to Scardigli Mark, Scargigli Sueann M; 12/23/2016. $585,000

101 W Spruce Ave, Wade Michelle to Annabi Iyad, Annabi Nancy; 12/26/2016. $815,000

155B Allen Drive, Lovato Barbara A, Lovato Louis G to Schickling Kevin J, Schickling Amy Kathleen; 12/27/2016. $97,500

316 E 7th Ave, Van Note Warren, Van Note Robert, Van Note Helen F to Loonstyn Joseph; 12/27/2016. $363,000

507 W 19th Ave, Scheffold Mary Anne, Scheffold William F Jr to White Sand II; 12/27/2016. $900,000

300 E 24th Ave Unit C, Bruno Michael V, Bruno Lisa M to Fascicco Robert, Fascicco Karen; 12/28/2016. $315,000


1409 Pleasure Ave, Kinniry Steven K, Kinniry Marilyn D to Better Homes Building Products Corp; 12/23/2016. $290,000

337 Simpson Ave Unit 39, Lucarine Lewis J to Pelouze Robert O; 12/23/2016. $340,000

16 Marlin Court, Sutherland Elsie P, Keenan Patricia A, Sutherland Laurie H to Palermo Charles C Jr, Palermo Theresa M; 12/26/2016. $260,000

1233-35 Asbury Ave 1st Floor, McDowall Gareth Christopher, McDowall Bonnie to Nallen Edward III, Nallen Melissa; 12/26/2016. $478,000

845 Pennlyn Place, Cantlin Charles S, Cantlin Catherine M to Prudenti Mark, Predenti Jill M; 12/26/2016. $540,000

1136 Wesley Ave 1st Floor, Chacosky Charles K, Chacosky Deborah C to Wun Henry P, Liang Pi-Chen; 12/26/2016. $755,000

605-607 18th St, Latigona Salvatore F, Latigona Arlene to Aqua Bella Realty LLC; 12/27/2016. $281,639.91

920 Ocean Ave, Bready Sarah C, Bready Daniel S to Colosimo Vincent F, Colosimo Lucille G, Colosimo Lisa A; 12/27/2016. $459,500

4124 Asbury Ave 1st Floor, Majid Sameh A to Clerkin David, Clerkin Patricia M; 12/27/2016. $536,500

113 13th St, Costeria Cottages to Gehring Scott, Gehring Michele; 12/27/2016. $630,000

4858 Central Ave 1st Floor, De Silvia Nicholas, De Silvia Linda, Mastrocola Armando, Mastrocola Maryann; 12/27/2016. $700,000

20 E New Castle Road, Sautter Claire A to Anderson Thomas R; 12/27/2016. $2,300,000

4033-35 Central Ave, Betlyon James D, Betlyon Judith to V4 Properties; 12/27/2016. $3,075,000

412 Simpson Ave, DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc, Wells Fargo to HarcoleLLC; 12/28/2016. $255,000

133C Central Ave, Miller Robert V, Miller Kathleen M to Scappaticci Andrew, Labadie Alison D; 12/28/2016. $275,000

157 Flinders Reef, Rothfus Robert M, Rothfus Susan S to Tansey Michael F, Tansey Margaret; 12/28/2016 $300,000

500 Bay Ave Unit 601S, Leh Fred, Leh Colleen to Ohlson Elizabeth A; 12/28/2016. $379,900


7805 Pleasure Ave North, Rodriguez Carl H, Rodriguez Lynn M to Brennan James F, Brennan C Bridget; 12/22/2016. $1,800,000

6313 Central Ave, Pomponio Santo R, Pomponio Susan M to Gubicza Matthew, Gubicza Andrea; 12/23/2016. $545,000

222 39th St, Sheehan Timothy A, Sheehan Gina M to Derr Joann G; 12/23/2016. $625,000

18 53rd St, Rogan Deirdre A, Hennessey Alicia M, Rogan Kevin J Sr, Strehl Sheila M to 18 53rd Street LLC; 12/23/2016. $1,300,000


227 96th St Unit F, Dorcas Enterprises Trdg, Dash Steven, Dash Joel M to 227 96th LLC; 12/23/2016. $590,000

277 88th St, Harrison Jane K, Kelsey Ethel Mae to 7 Mile Rehab LLC; 12/23/2016. $1,100,000

343 92nd St, Naylor Russell, Naylor Suzanne, Naylor Elizabeth C to Phillips J Paul, Phillips Mary K; 12/27/2016. $1,080,000


41 Hope Corson Road, Spiegel Robert M, Spiegel Theresa M to Coker Perry D; 12/22/2016. $225,000

14 E Mapleshade Lane, Cresci Elizabeth E to Margaret Morgan LLC; 12/26/2016. $105,000

301 S Commonwealth Ave, Itzstein William F, Itzstein Kathleen to Unsworth Matthew, Unsworth Kristie; 12/26/2016. $175,000

1 Kruk Terrace, Pagano Russell to Kruk Terrace LLC; 12/27/2016. $45,000

3 Kruk Terrace, Pagano Russell to Anderson Thomas; 12/27/2016. $45,000

5 Kruk Terrace, Pagano Russell to Kruk Terrace LLC; 12/27/2016. $45,000

4 Point Pleasant Ave, Antonelli Pricilla H, Cole Lisa to Pearce Adam; 12/27/2016. $165,000

451 Dennisville-Petersburg Road, Betts George W, Betts Janice L to Wyers James J Jr, Wyers Jenifer; 12/27/2016 $200,000

15 Dirt Road, Beyel David, Beyel Sandra C to Hight Michael D, Hight Rosanna Y; 12/27/2016. $479,900

37 Route 50, Pagano Russell to Anderson Thomas; 12/28/2016. $55,000

2140 Route 50, Housing Opportunities Development Corp to Lord Christine; 12/28/2016. $132,000

51 Martintown Road, Barbagello Daniel J to Bossuyt Evan V, Bossuyt Casie Ann; 12/28/2016. $185,000

5 Frances Drive South, Yochim John W Jr, Yochim Lisa J, King Lisa J to Wurtz John F, Wurtz Candice R; 12/28/2016. $191,000


515 W Magnolia Ave, Christopher Donald E to Sharkey Paul J; 12/23/2016. $295,000

560 W Magnolia Ave, Adal LLC to Youschak Adam; 12/28/2016. $250,000


309 W Montgomery Ave, Blakey Frances G to Hoff Richard A, Hoff Susan M; 12/22/2016. $155,000

217 E Garfield Ave, Varallo Tricia to Reinhold Richard, Reinhold Mary E; 12/22/2016. $200,000

210 E Garfield Ave Unit B, Dellaratta Gloria to Cuglietto Jason; 12/23/2016. $232,000

4800 Park Blvd, Rio Railroad LLC to Park Boulevard Plaza LLC; 12/23/2016. $365,000

120 E Maple Ave Unit A, Ridgway Joseph T, Ridgway Lisa M to Dieter Brian C, Dieter Beth A; 12/27/2016. $212,500

320 E Hildreth Ave Unit 8, Bartelmo Leonard G to Long Michael P, Long Denise; 12/27/2016. $310,000

319 E Montgomery Ave 2nd Floor, Freddie Mac, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard PC to Heider David, Heider Iris; 12/28/2016. $104,900


7010 Seaview Ave, Adams Donna Marie, Adams Amanda to Wallin John, Wallin Maureen; 12/22/2016. $195,000

6506 Atlantic Ave, Colarulo William A to Derer Joseph N, Derer Joann L; 12/22/2016. $589,900

120 E Hollywood Ave, Shoffler Tod, Shoffler Kristin to 120 East Hollywood LLC; 12/23/2016. $350,000

410 E Orchid Ave, Ebo Tyrone T, Bannon Wendy J to La Gala Tom, La Gala Patricia; 12/23/2016. $420,000

7701 Atlantic Ave, Henry Dennis, Henry Margaret to Culp David L, Culp Motoko U; 12/23/2016. $635,000

5704 Lake Road, Celebre Robert V, Celebre Michele, Marie A Celebre Family Trust to Hipkins Paul J, Wolfson Helen A; 12/23/2016. $999,000

7100 Ocean Ave Unit 203, Sullivan George, Sullivan Rose Ann to Bartolomeo David, Bartolomeo Dawn; 12/28/2016. $225,000

130 W Toledo Ave, Aubrey Florence, Corino Doreen Y, Aubrey Walter C to Kreider Helen; 12/28/2016. $300,000


613 Jackson Ave, Fischer Mary H, Fischer Edgar, Guida Daniel Jr to Azeez Foundation; 12/22/2016. $65,000

Cumberland County


624 E Pine St, BLB Resources Inc, David Kelly, U.S. HUD to Hawkins Chantiel; 1/23/2017. $27,000

1024 North St, Bergamo Phyllis, Kolibaba Donald J, Kolibaba Philomena to Sergiacomi Joyce, Williams Kalynda N; 1/24/2017. $81,900

1833 Fairton Road, Coulombe Diane M, Sosnicki Family Premises Trust to Karisko Michael; 1/24/2017. $33,000

420 Caroline Lane, Folkstone Properties LLC to McCarthy Kristin N, Pfirman Bryan M; 1/24/2017. $181,000

5 Meadow Lark Lane, Wenz Jeffrey W, Wenz William to Reilly Devin; 1/24/2017. $350,000

638 S 3rd St, Wells Fargo to Giuliani Jeffrey, Vanauken Keith; 1/24/2017. $20,900

913 Whitaker Ave, Dougherty Carol Ann, Dougherty Michael F to Masino-Urie Samantha D, Urie Brett J; 1/24/2017. $225,000

2238 N Wedgewood Court, Codispoti Teresa C to Hines Patrick E Jr; 1/25/2017. $190,000

2130 Fairton Road, MacAvoy Rodney, MacAvoy Sharon to Zieger Tracey S; 1/26/2017. $54,842.25

808 E Vine St, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Landis Properties LLC; 1/26/2017. $43,500

9 W Harrison Ave, Haas Doris, Haas Lawrence J Est to Fernald Pamla E; 1/26/2017. $100,000

1500 N 10th St, Sheppard Cynthia, Sheppard George B to Atlas Container Corp; 1/27/2017. $205,000


31 West Ave, Olbrich Russell T to Powers Stephanie M; 1/23/2017. $150,000


554 W Walnut Road, Singer Aaron, Singer Beniek, Singer Leah to Walnut 554 Holdings LLC; 1/23/2017. $48,000

1171 Pixwhey Court, Marchisella Nancy R to Zanni Wayne T; 1/24/2017. $200,000

1177 E Park Ave, BLB Resources, David Kelly, U.S. HUD to Sikking Cory; 1/24/2017. $60,000

144 Villa Ave, Bota Investments LLC to Cuevas-Feliz Alexandra; 1/24/2017. $144,900

2004 Sunset Ave, Melendez Myrna, Melendez Pedro to Paz Isis M; 1/24/2017. $172,500

201 W Almond St, Hallauer Terry, New Direction Properties LLC to Gonzalez Maria E, Gonzalez Shirley; 1/24/2017. $120,000

212 N 7th St, HSBC Bank, Wells Fargo to Acevedo Hector; 1/24/2017. $47,000

46 W Blvd, Boniello Diane to SW Blvd Real Estate LLC; 1/24/2017. $205,000

565 N East Ave, Fannie Mae, Powers Kirn LLC, Powers Sarah E to Rosa Juan F; 1/24/2017. $70,000

689-691 Maurice River Parkway, Ryan Michael A, Romeo Angela to Sullivan Nicholas; 1/24/2017. $170,000

70 Oaklawn Terrace, Delbeato Cecilia, Delbeato Stephen M to Conigliaro Maria, Tirado Carlos S; 1/24/2017. $132,000

82 Arcadia Place, Cerione Linda F, Passaretti Samuel Jr, Passaretti Samuel Sr to Wandland Angelina, Wandland Richard, B&B LLC; 1/24/2017. $70,000

765 E Oak Road, Fabrizio Beatrice to Worldwide Real Estate Associates LLC; 1/25/2017. $37,500

775 E Oak Road, Fabrizio Beatrice to Worldwide Real Estate Associates LLC; 1/25/2017. $37,500

785 E Oak Road, Fabrizio Roger A, Fabrizio Venera A to Worldwide Real Estate Associates LLC; 1/25/2017. $80,000

515 Crystal Ave, Petway Herman Jr, Reynolds Renee D to Rodriguez Luz N; 1/26/2017. $65,000

2281 Coronado Drive, Jain Manu Aka, Kumar Manu Sophia Ji, Kumar Prince to Nayda Aleksandr, Nayda Tatyana; 1/27/2017. $300,000

335 Doren Terrace, Mendenhall Marie E, Mendenhall Ronald, Mendenhall Walter E to Afanador Caleb V; 1/27/2017. $87,500

Ocean County


8 West S St, Maki William M to Mann Donald, Mann Cordelia; 1/23/2017. $400,000

18 W 19th St, Larson-Gutowski Kathy, Ebert Jane to Larson Kirk O Sr, Larson Pamela K; 1/23/2017. $509,000


6 Mizzen Drive, Lightbody Matthew, Tansley Deborah to Plazma Properties LLC; 1/23/2017. $90,000

113 Sinclair Lane, Regan Timothy, Walters Development Co LLC to NVR Inc; 1/23/2017. $113,262

47 Hatteras Way, Guider George, Guider Virginia to Cirelli Sophia; 1/23/2017. $200,000

38 David Drive, Lupo Joseph F, Lupo Christine to Ringwood John, Ringwood Tsvetelina; 1/23/2017. $320,000

15 Willow Drive, Udren Law Offices, Fannie Mae to Tucker Ava R; 1/23/2017. $135,000

10 Midway Court, Dillon Michael, Dillon Rosalie to Dahlgren Michael Paul, Dalgren Stephanie Virginia; 1/24/2017. $186,000

124 Windward Drive, Lopez Victor R III to Lopez Danielle L; 1/24/2017. $107,000

76 Rockland St, Heritage Point Inc to Calafut Joseph P, Calafut Arlene R; 1/26/2017. $413,220

13 Shelli Terrace, Fannie Mae, Stern Lavinthal & Frankenberg LLC to Garcia Pedro Castro, Montero Virgen Cornier; 1/27/2017. $138,000

359 N Main St, Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones PC, Freddie Mac to Matthews Howard, Frampton Joseph; 1/27/2017. $126,551

10 Bayside Ave, Midfirst Bank, US Bank, Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc to YYM Partners LLC; 1/27/2017. $123,600

28 Tara Lane, Nistad John R, Decker Melinda to Reho Justin; 1/27/2017. $182,000

19 Avalon Ave, NVR Inc, Ryan Homes to Shimkus Michael D; 1/27/2017. $355,000

188 Emerson Lane, Walters Development Co LLC, Regan Timothy to NVR Inc; 1/27/2017. $113,262


601 N Bay Ave, Ellis Jack M Jr to PSM Real Estate LLC; 1/26/2017. $843,000


8203 Bay Terrace, Merchant Thomas E, Merchant Dianne, Merchant Diane to Halikas Andrew; 1/23/2017. $675,000


1809 Lakeside Drive South, Fannie Mae, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard PC to EBH Group LLC; 1/23/2017. $151,613

312 Riviera Drive, Garcia Rita V to Liefman Braun; 1/24/2017. $255,000

218 Algonquin Trail, Landau Yechiel, Mystic Holdings LLC to Johnson Cassandra Elizabeth; 1/26/2017. $230,000

7 Cameron Court, Toll Land Corp No 10 to Schwartz Kenneth J, Schwartz Catherine L; 1/23/2017. $431,932

Vacant land, Juliano Nicholas, Juliano Peggysue to L&J Enterprises 1 LLC; 1/24/2017. $60,000

904 Beach Blvd, Bains Nancy, Baines Nancy to Richly Properties LLC; 1/24/2017. $165,000

119 Sunset Drive, Crabtree Rosario to Fay John James; 1/24/2017. $184,999

Vacant Land, L&J Enterprises I LLC, Schoner Lance to Wright Barry L, Wright Maria A; 1/24/2017. $10,000

0 Mallard Drive, Kochman Ronald, Garaffa Florence to Brandt Taia L, Brandt Robert F; 1/26/2017. $143,000


640 Route 9 South, Primax Properties LLC, Seymour William G to AE Green Realty LLC, Doby Road Associates LLC, Rosemont Court Associates LLC; 1/24/2017. $5,760,684

940 Nugentown Road, Mezzina Arlene, Mezzina Joseph T to Lippincott Judd, Lippincott Marion; 1/23/2017. $250,000

130 N Ensign Drive, Ghigliotty Phillip, RD Ghigliotty Custom Builder LLC to Dinapoli Dominick, Dinapoli Marialana; 1/23/2017. $295,000

4 Rocky Road, McQueeney Joan E to Reynolds Richard Jr; 1/24/2017. $217,500

14 W Shrewsbury Drive, Kenny Anne L, Kenny Robert T to Shablin Brian K, Shablin Sandra A; 1/24/2017. $225,500

6 Ivy Creek, Lofton Carol to McQueeney Joan E; 1/24/2017. $210,000

6 W Anchor Drive, Castle 2016 LLC, Naar Victor to Hackett John D, Hackett Teresa; 1/24/2017. $75,000

124 S Commodore Drive, Giglio Joseph T to Hartman Stephen M Sr, Hartman Sandi L; 1/25/2017. $82,000

15 Brook St, Perrone John, Cleanout Crew LLC to TJ LJC LLC; 1/25/2017. $300,000

323 Lexington Drive, Udren Law Offices, Fannie Mae to Christensen Erik T, Christensen Debra Ann; 1/26/2017. $63,500

131 Mohican Lane, Udren Law Office, Fannie Mae to Dollar One LLC; 1/27/2017. $51,500

23 Tony’s Drive, Boreen Dennis D, Boreen Margaret to Thiery Alan, Thiery Raquel; 1/27/2017. $355,000


6910 Ocean Blvr, Stryker Barbara, Stryker Frederick A to Pavone Michael, Pavone Camille; 1/25/2017. $1,455,000

4801 Long Beach Blvd, Connoly Mark R, Connoly Lori L, Pesola Deborah, Slottko Judith L to Cook Gregory D, Cook Karen A; 1/25/2017. $117,000

161F Long Beach Blvd, Schnur Ronald N, Schnur Stephen H, Sarasad LLC to Ziman Development Inc; 1/24/2017. $2,100,000

27E 25th St Unit 4, Suydam James, Suydam Linda to Smith Susan N; 1/25/2017. $275,000

191 1st St, Platt Timothy J, Platt Cathleen M to Hobart Rentals LLC; 1/26/2017. $1,302,500


109 E 19th St, Reicheg Catherine G, Reicheg Alan G to Hawkins Jason F, Hawkins Laurie A; 1/24/2017. $1,075,000

26 Barnegat Beach Drive, Parkway Group LLC to Adar Aleph LLC; 1/24/2017. $145,000

309 8th St, Depaola John to Parkway Group LLC; 1/24/2017. $105,000

192 Brigantine Blvd, Carson William W, Carson Gail E to Glynn Lynn M, Glynn Thomas W; 1/24/2017. $415,000

72 Bayville Way, Weiner Kenneth, Weiner Sharon C to Mazzarachio Robert A, Mazzarachio Jean L; 1/24/2017. $435,000

882D Balmoral Court, Tipaldo Shawn, Tipaldo Raymond, Dorn Wendy, Tipaldo Felice to Dillon Kathryn; 1/27/2017. $56,000

88 Barnegat Beach Drive, Readycap Lending LLC to Steffins John Andrew; 1/27/2017. $115,000

34 Bay Parkway, Powers Kirn LLC, Fannie Mae to Barboni John, Barboni Micki; 1/27/2017. $169,900


88 David Drive, Keneally Anthony P to CSS Real Holdings LLC; 1/23/2017. $145,000

1366 Paul Blvd, Murphy Joan E, Murphy Robert J Jr, Murphy Robert J to McConnell Joseph P, McConnell Wendy; 1/25/2017. $320,000

12 Cedar Hill Drive, Menichetti Michael, Menichetti Margaret to Schriever Sam H, Schriever Beth; 1/23/2017. $276,500

12 Admiral Ave, Bayerle Thomas, Bayerle Sherry to Ferrara Donna M, Ferrara Vincent H; 1/23/2017. $260,000

1815 Mill Creek Road, Luther Vincent, Luther Doreen to Scoda Nancy; 1/23/2017. $800,000

281 Junction Drive, Coen Brian, Vilardi Daniel to Coen Brian; 1/23/2017. $210,000

1103 Mill Creek Road, Carrasco Romao, Valeriano Larry F Jr, Katie’s Concepts LLC to Cordan Jill; 1/23/2017. $425,000

15 Elm Road, Rafferty Frank W, Rafferty Helen M, Schmidt Colleen M to Pascarelli John, Pascarelli Dawn; 1/24/2017. $97,000

995 Mill Creek Road, Michalek Joanne to 995 Mill Creek Associates LLC; 1/24/2017. $225,000

325 Mizzen Ave, Salazar-Rodriguez Giovanna to Detmar Bruce; 1/24/2017. $289,000

40 Nancy Drive, Caggiano Gerard, Caggiano Rita to Leary Robert, Leary Tracy; 1/25/2017. $195,000

140 Ahoy Road, Matthews Michael S, Matthews Susan P to Danko Corey, Osorio Sandra C; 1/25/2017. $357,500

7 Crane Court, Neal Kevin R, Neal Jody G to Brennan James P; 1/26/2017. $319,000

47 Mulberry Drive, Burke Janice M to Mangano Svetlana, Mangano Louis A; 1/26/2017. $320,000

19 Mary Jeanne Lane, O’Connor Michael, O’Connor Marcia, Monastery Place LLC to Frusteri Cristina, Frusteri Joseph; 1/27/2017. $280,000

50 Atlantis Ave, Parillo Todd, Parillo Linda to 236-242 Junction Dr LLC; 1/27/2017. $56,000


25 S 1st St, Costello Edward Jr, Costello Geraldine to Lynch Kevin R, Lynch Mary A; 1/23/2017. $792,000


308 Heron Road, Pasquale J Mangione Jr and Rita E Mangione Revocable Trust, Mangione Pasquale J III to Primavera Gerardo, Primavera Alessandra, Primevera Angelo J; 1/25/2017. $170,000

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

Contact: 609-272-7234

Twitter @danielpgrote


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