Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7234.

Atlantic County


32 W Bolton Ave, Thapa Devinder to Khan Moeen; 05/09/17. $102,500

14 Juliana Drive, Bank Of NY to Le Khai N; 05/10/17; $154,000

435 N Shore Road, Lagg Barbara R to Toth Martin; 05/10/17. $215,000

88 Ables Run Drive, Carsone John J to Hopkins Doris C; 05/11/17. $175,000

1 Mechanic St Unit 308, One Mechanic Street LLC to Carsone John J; 05/12/17. $148,500


2805 Carlton Ave, Santiago Deysi/Atty to 109 New Jersey Ave LLC; 05/09/17. $39,300

2721 Boardwalk Unit M8, Gingras Baisch Martha to Newton Incorporation Ltd; 05/10/17. $53,000

1920 Magellan Ave, Six Eight W 17th St LLC to Wilmington Trust; 05/11/17. $23,289

676 Carolyn Terrace, Allen Gregory to Azer Antoney; B 05/12/17. $47,000

31 N Stenton Place, Le David to 2323 Arctic Real Estate LLC; 05/12/17. $110,000

50 S Trenton Ave, Puzon Christopher H to Teach Solais NJ LLC; 05/12/17. $140,000

100 S Berkley Square Unit 21C, Picow Robert Scott to Folz Robert; 05/12/17. $225,000


102 Quay Blvd, Popa Stefan to Schellhammer Adam R; 05/11/17. $290,000

20 Beach Cove, Dziekonski Marek to Maatje Frank L III; 05/12/17. $605,000

1605 Ocean Ave, Deliberty Sara Lauren to Fisher Steven; 05/12/17. $850,000


123 W Beach Ave, Joseph Porretta Bldrs Inc to Hernandez Richard; 05/11/17. $165,000

825 Route 54, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard PC to Houck John D; 05/12/17; $124,000


624 Saint Louis Ave, Taylor William III to Errig Sean R; 05/09/17. $94,000


18 Delancy Ave, Taylor Theresa M to Turner Robert M; 05/09/17. $48,500

108 Bridle Path Drive, Arlp Trust 3 to Yale Douglas; 05/09/17. $198,849

3 Dockside Drive, Bready Alicia A to Lamont Jennifer; 05/10/17. $650,000

209 Leap St, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Jacoby Joshua; 05/11/17. $165,900

15 Country Hickory Lane, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Beall Willard; 05/12/17. $33,500

45 A Oxford Village, Mcdonal Gregory S to Mclaughlin Mary; 05/12/17. $58,000

126 Independence Trail, U.S. HUD to Camp Thomas W Jr; 05/12/17. $80,000

318 Carver Ave, Scherer Meghan to Schroyer Christine; 05/12/17. $140,000

13 Ivystone Drive, U.S. VA to Khan Mohammed; 05/12/17. $146,000

510 Dogwood Ave, Whitley Tammy L to Ims Douglas S; 05/12/17. $214,500


3 Malibu Way, Katz Suzanne to Able Colin Michael; 05/10/17. $58,000

234 Mattix Run, Wu Yan Mei to Fevola Nicholas; 05/11/17. $99,000

1306 Amaranth St, Maggio Michael A to King Lupo Catherine P; 05/11/17. $115,000

18 Driftwood Court, Iskandar Sobhy Z to Michel Frederick P; 05/12/17. $55,000

733 Whalers Cove Place, Washuta Todd J to Huggard Ernest D V; 05/12/17. $123,750

422 S Nectar Ave, US Bank to Norkus Joseph; 05/12/17. $128,500


1359 West Point Ave, Johnson Annie L/Rep Russell Tyrone; 05/12/17. $57,000

5917 Seventh St, Bayview Loan Serv LLC to Hewlett Robert D III; 05/12/17. $88,290

211 Tryens Drive, Citigroup Mortgage Loan Tr Inc to Megalli Verna; 05/12/17. $159,501

143 Tryens Drive, Fannie Mae to Serrano Ramirez Gilbertol 05/12/17. $170,000


22 U Deborah Lane, FCB Holdings LLC to Olive Averi; 05/10/17. $107,000

219 N Union Road, Presti Robert F Jr to Alosi Nicholas P; 05/11/17. $192,500


101 E Essex Ave, Feriozzi Andrew J to Mckenna Eleanor; 05/10/17. $225,000

2052 Arbor Drive, Rmac Trust Series 2013 3T to Andreev Valentin; 05/11/17. $222,500


12 A N Jefferson Ave, Zrada Fern B to Erlichman Neil; 05/11/17. $380,000

223 N Douglas Ave, Tabakin Brad to Jacobson Joshua M; 05/11/17. $465,000

30 S Washington Ave Unit 5, Ford Raymond J to Devlin Joseph P; 05/12/17. $165,000

21 S Monroe Ave Unit A4, Weisberg Michael to Conway Michael; 05/12/17. $189,000

200 N Jasper Ave, Gilligan Rogers Louise to Klein Cheryl; 05/12/17. $490,000


2816 Cypress Lane, Fox Elizabeth Jane to Barbera Joseph; 05/10/17. $45,000

1392 White Oak Circle, U.S. HUD to Kennedy Bryan J; 05/12/17. $55,010.77


1117 Second Ave, Kelley Christina M to Keiser Jeffrey; 05/10/17. $181,000

415 Franklin Ave, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Arezzi Vincent M; 05/11/17. $109,000

518 Fairbanks Ave, Aristizabal David A to Miller Marissa A; 05/11/17. $145,400


153 W Reading Ave, Ramsey Darryl to Cappas Rodriguez Jesus A; 05/10/17. $109,900

21 W Mulberry Ave, US Bank to Robinson Ferrer; 05/11/17. $34,784

700 Franklin Blvd No 1403, Rama Flamur to Matos Georgia C; 05/11/17. $53,000

52 Laurel Drive, Matos Emiliano to Nationstar Mortgage LLC; 05/11/17. $62,000


101 Bay Meadows, Desmond Patricia to Shaiko Ronald G; 05/12/17. $110,000


12 N Sacramento Ave, Valentine Michael W to Trixie LLC; 05/10/17. $399,000

611 Kingsley Drive, Bradway Properties LLC to Midelton Lynne B; 05/12/17. $155,000

6809 Monmouth Ave, Denardo Richard to Braunstein Irving; 05/12/17. $190,000

Cape May County


10607 Third Ave, Lamb William H, Lamb Patricia to Reinhold Jeffrey A, Lister Kathleen A; 5/10/2017. $2,325,000


108 Birch Road, Abbott Mary Ann to Mcgough John F IV, Goslin Jason Matthew; 5/12/2017. $107,000

406 Madison Ave Unit 406, Henderson Charles D, White Gale to Simone Alfonse, Simone Laura; 5/12/2017. $749,000

904 Lafayette St, Cataldo Gaetano T, Iliopulos Ioanna M to Tertel Jeffrey M, Mortensen Kristin C; 5/9/2017. $410,000


372 Head Of The River Road, Repici Kathleen, Repici Frank A Est to Tuckahoe Nurseries Inc; 5/12/2017. $460,000

898 Court House-Dennisville Road, Craver Chester R Sr to Gibson Page Douglas, Gibson Samantha C; 5/11/2017. $250,000


1211 Fulton St, Schaffer Gary G Shrff Njhr4 LLC, Gage Kenneth Allen, Gage Bridgette Anne By Shrff Njhr4 Llc 5/10/2017 $117,700.00

1240 Ocean Drive, Mazur Leonard, Mazur Helena to Kurtz Jennifer; 5/10/2017. $1,480,000

138 W Pine Ave, Bilbee Joseph G Est By Exr, Nowacky Kelly A Exr to Neimeister Kenneth G, Neimeister Lisa A; 5/10/2017. $380,000

1726 Asbury Ave Unit B, Litwak Alfred Anthony Trus, Seppy Jacqueline Lea Trus, McKenzie Maryannlisa Trus, Alfred A Litwak and Loretta Litwak Revocable Living Trust to Moran James A, Moran Eileen; 5/10/2017. $470,000

11910 Third Ave, Wright Barry, Wright Sara S to Charles Street Developers LLC; 5/11/2017. $1,600,000

1212 Haven Ave, Costeria Cottages LLC to Giordano Theresa; 5/11/2017. $579,900

1321 South Route 9, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp By Atty, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard PC Atty to Matalucci Michael A, Matalucci Lorraine M; 5/11/2017. $225,100

135 40th St Unit A, Schroyer Matthew F to Ward Jennifer L; 5/11/2017. $605,000

17 Deerfield Trail, Schein Alan W, Schein Brenda P to Newton Matthew; 5/11/2017. $355,000

1722-24 Central Ave, Hollander Charles D Sr, Hollander Joan W to Hollander Stephen, Hollander Renee; 5/11/2017. $290,000

76 Wildwood Ave, Grelli Michael A, Grelli Lori S to Hause Christopher; 5/12/2017. $135,000

121 45th St Unit West, JF Builders Inc to Urian Steven P, Urian Anita G; 5/12/2017. $860,000

125 77th St Unit B, Dudas Todd A, Dudas Theresa R to Kasitz Stephen R, Kasitz Sarah A; 5/12/2017. $470,000

145 E Florida Ave, Mccole Ruth, Bennett Mary Mccole Est By Exr, Bennett Christopher Exr&C, Cole Lisa Exr, Evans William Tyler, Paragraph Fourth Testamentary Trust For Maxwell Ellis Cohen to Williams Richard F; 5/12/2017. $80,000

17 73rd St Unit B, Bock Ernest T, Bock Jean M to Ritter Steven M, Ritter Andrea M; 5/12/2017. $995,000

9900 Seapointe Blvd, Lennox Noreen A to Garrubbo Deborah; 5/11/2017. $675,000

9905 Seapointe Blvd Unit 205, Stapleton Robert E, Stapleton Janet V to Gonzalez Juan, Gonzalez Patricia L; 5/12/2017. $323,500


18-20 W Revere Place, Wiegand Scott, Wiegand Terri to Rexon George Frederick Jr, Rexon Virginia G; 5/8/2017. $800,000

2026 Central Ave Second Floor, Gaudiosi Peter Jr, Carberry Anne to Pettinelli Neal, Pettinelli April L; 5/8/2017. $645,000

200 Bay Ave Unit C210, Federal National Mortgage Assn By Atty, Powers Kirn LLC Atty to Smith John S; 5/9/2017. $180,000

1846 Asbury Ave, Fox Joann E Exr, D’angelo Mary Anne Est by Exr, D’angelo-Wrenn Dorothy E, D’angelo John, Stearn Christine; 5/10/2017. $120,0000

206 Stagecoach Road, Shea Carol A, Shea Robert T to Ferrell Francis J, Ferrell Grace E; 5/11/2017. $43,900

1812 Central Ave, King James, King Donna, Burnam Kendra Marie to Rankin Robert S, Rankin Margaret M; 5/12/2017. $412,000

206 Stagecoach Road Unit 708, Reynolds John J II, Reynolds Melissa A to Gallone Donna; 5/12/2017. $32,500


222 W 3rd Ave Unit 301, Weikel Robert H, Weikel Sandra R, Rose Kathryn to O’neill Timothy, O’neill Lorraine; 5/10/2017. $424,000

218 Linda Anne Ave, Wilmington Savings Fund Society Atty, Christiana Trust, Carlsbad Funding Mortgage Trust, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC to Sherman Anthony, Sherman Teresa; 5/11/2017. $185,000

219 W 22nd Ave, Parson Joseph M, Parson William R, Parson Christopher M, Parson Anthony J, Parson Thomas P, Parson Linda D/Exr&C, Parson James D to Bryne Patrick J, Byrne Maryalice; 5/12/2017. $265,000

221-223 Asbury Ave, Hq Investments LLC to Coyne Francis J, Coyne Carolyn A; 5/12/2017. $456,500

222 E Juniper Ave, Hubbard Robert J, Hubbard Patricia D to Chiarini John; 5/12/2017. $230,000


28 62nd St, Antrim Michael, Antrim Anita to McColgan Joseph S, McColgan Erica J; 5/9/2017. $600,000

2925 Asbury Ave, Pilotti Mary Ann, McPeak Yvonne M to Rowland Petra G; 5/9/2017. $730,000

3033-35 Central Ave, Brothers Of The Christian Schools to 3point14 LLC; 5/9/2017. $2,400,000

4308 Ocean Drive, O’brien Jo Ann M to Harrison Management Group Gp LLC; 5/9/2017. $1,675,000

300 E Raleigh Ave, Killion John C Jr, Killion-Toro Elizabeth A to Killion John C Jr 5/10/2017 $152,500.00

3013 Bayland Drive, Pular Linda S, Pular Stanton A Est to Creative Marketing LLC; 5/10/2017. $300,000

31 Furlong Drive, Fannie Mae by Atty, Powers Kirn LLC Atty to Turnkey Developers LLC; 5/10/2017. $84,000

3249 Ocean Drive, Richards Joseph M, Richards Monica M to Kashner Kara A, Kashner Michael H; 5/10/2017. $720,000

348 47th Place Unit East, KWH Partners LLC to Farrell David P, Farrell Christina M; 5/10/2017, $1,050,000

420 E 22nd Ave, Pier Funding LLC to Wynnefield Development LLC; 5/10/2017. $975,000

327 E 25th Ave Unit 107, Hawaiian Beach Resort LLC to Laspata John, Laspata Christine Marie; 5/11/2017. $389,900

3305 Bay Drive, Armentani Anthony F, Armentani Karen P to Maher Gerald P, Maher Michelle L; 5/11/2017. $320,000

412 Mystic Terrace, Stoner Amy to Diak Vincent D, Diak Wanda S; 5/11/2017. $300,000

831 Pennlyn Place, Nickey Robert S Jr, Nickey Rajean B to Millon John F, Millon Diane C; 5/11/2017. $476,300

900 Wesley Ave, Merz Allen E, Marz Justine, Caputo Michael C Trust&C, Caputo Carol F Est to Ward Cheryl D; 5/11/2017. $105,000

3121-23 Simpson Ave, Amadie Ralph E to Duncan Real Estate Investments LLC, Devon Douglas & Dolan LLC; 5/12/2017, $475,000

3325-27 Asbury Ave Unit B, Cohen Rice Partnership Trdg, Cohen Jeff Ptnr, Rice Gene Ptnr to Keller James R, Keller Pamela J; 5/12/2017. $530,000

710 Pennlyn Place, Fassnacht Corrine P to Duncan Real Estate Investments LLC; 5/12/2017. $660,000


5 E Beesley’s Place, Ford James, Ford Barbara to Prinz Thomas A, Prinz Svetlana; 5/9/2017, $312,000

5201 Central Ave, Emca Inc to Ludwick Vacation Properties LLC; 5/9/2017. $1,761,800

5047 Asbury Ave, Magee George E, Magee Rochelle to Manning Edward C, Manning Carolyn D; 5/12/2017. $620,000

505 Whildam Ave, Hall Gerald, Hall Lidia to Roach Matthew T, Mallous Samantha C; 5/12/2017. $167,500

5203 Central Ave, Lewis Marjorie Trus to Morano James, Morano Susan; 5/12/2017. $2,300,000

5516-18 West Avenue Unit B 2nd Fl, Gosik Mark W, Gosik Donna J to Williams Charles, Satterlee-Williams Pamela; 5/12/2017. $555,000


5745 West Ave, May Edna Est By Exr, May Eugene W Jr Exr, May Donald L Exr to Jwr Properties LLC; 5/10/2017. $501,500

6 Spinnaker Court, Konark Development LLC to Pelouze Custom Homes LLC; 5/10/2017. $200,000

606 W Burk Ave Unit D, Rainer Robert J, Diehl Brian A to Fitzgerald Kelly A; 5/12/2017. $220,000


633-47 Wayne Ave, Reger Erick C, Spector-Reger Holly to Schmid Nicholas, Schmid Deborah; 5/11/2017. $220,000

66 E 20th St Unit C-105, Mc Donald Mary Ellen Est by Exr, Hneleski Edna Wynne Exr to CCIA LLC; 5/11/2017. $622,000

7 Deer Run, Fielding Mark Exr, Fielding Douglas W Exr, Fielding Rose J Est by Exr to Wood Kevin; 5/11/2017. $179,000

7 Linda Lane, Vanaman David R Jr, Vanaman Amy to Murphy Brian J; 5/11/2017. $132,000

4 Wyncroft Drive, Bugni Patrick R, Bugni Raechelle E to Serra Amy R; 5/12/2017. $280,000


8 West Ave, Custer John E to Ocean City Development Group LLC; 5/12/2017. $475,000


8401 Atlantic Ave Unit 201, Wright David B, Wright Lori to Skay Donna M, Ott John A Jr; 5/9/2017. $130,000

Cumberland County


20 Franklin St, Ritter Theodore H, Serata Samuel J to Peterson Ad Enterprises Inc; 5/11/2017. $210,000


14 Franklin St, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assoc, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard, Ferruggia Francesco Esq to Didalowsky Andrew Jr; 5/11/2017. $21,900

542 Baypoint Road, Cumberland County Sheriff, Stefanski Jason by Shrf, NJHR 15 LLC; 5/12/2017. $10,000


709 Broad St E, U.S. HUD to Singh Manpreet; 5/8/2017. $26,000

55 Lisa Marie Terrace, Zattoni Danielle, Zattoni-Zyska Danielle Fka to Pustynovich Vadim; 5/8/2017, $189,000

111 N 3rd St, Hoffman Maria A to Houston Shadena; 5/9/2017. $30,000

802 Menantico Ave, Landmark Development No 4 LLC, Dubois Laura Melissa, Pratts Caleb David; 5/9/2017. $170,000

509 Kimberly Drive, Simione Cindy J, Simione Nicholas Rb to Prince William J; 5/11/2017. $266,000


28 Oak Hill Drive, Wells Fargo Bank to Dean Stephan M; 5/12/2017. $78,020


1271 N Orchard Road, Cumberland County Sheriff, Demarco Alice by Shrf, U.S. of America by Shrf to Trzeciak Jeremy; 5/11/2017. $83,300

2004 E Oak Road, Dibiase Michael D Jr, Dibiase Ronald J, Dibiase Kathleen R, Dibiase Vincent P III; 5/11/2017. $130,000

1614 Allen Ave, Dickerson Janet, Dickerson Ronald to Sanchez Jennifer; 5/12/2017. $135,000

85 Howard St, Sosa Valentin to Mcchesney April, Mcchesney Darren; 5/12/2017. $145,000

Ocean County


71 Yorkwood Drive, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Smith Jeanette Lynn; 5/11/2017. $159,600


4 Musket Ave, Naples Family Limited Partnership, Ctb Property Management LLC to Patterson Kathleen; 5/9/2017. $145,000

8 Driftwood Court, Mcgowan Solsiree, Mcgowan Eric to Guzman Valeria, Trapasso Vincent; 5/9/2017. $250,000

4 Sextant Dr, Stern Lavinthal Frankenberg LLC, Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae to Cornell Sharon; 5/10/2017. $186,900

25 Twilight Drive, Paramount Homes at Forest Hills, Castellar Properties Inc, Bhl Inc, Paramount Homes at Wall LLC to Barrek James G, Barrek Maryann J; 5/11/2017. $386,673

135 Barnegat Blvd, Famelio Mary to Miller John T Jr; 5/11/2017. $140,000

300 Warren Grove Road, Deetz Walter William to Gove David, Gove Michelle; 5/11/2017. $125,000

46 Chestnut Way Circle, Ocean County Sheriff, Westover Theodore, Westover Margaret, Utilities Employees Credit Union, US Bank, Residential Asset Securities Corp to US Bank, Residential Asset Securities Corp; 5/11/2017. $121,000

5 4th St, Wheeler John H, Wheeler Kim to Aquilina Charles J Jr, Graney Anna; 5/11/2017. $180,000

19 Hannah Lee Road, Oneill Brian, Mccauley Angela L, Oneill Fka Angela L to Fermanek Traci, Termini Joseph; 5/12/2017. $240,000

9 Cannonball Drive, Van Houten William, Van Houten Marie to Barker James; 5/12/2017. $172,000

355 Bay Shore Drive, Wales Debra D to Mk Metals Inc; 5/12/2017. $487,000


310 S West Ave Apt D-2, Silvestro Joseph S, Silvestro Rosemary A to Widener Robert, Widener Kristin; 5/10/2017. $346,000

324 Pelham Ave, Hubertus Michelle, Saum Maxine, Saum Albert, Hubertus James to Cocuzzo Paul, Cocuzzo Anna; 5/10/2017. $602,000

225 Chatsworth Ave, Snyder Matthew, Snyder Michelle to Steadman Dennis F, Steadman Diane; 5/10/2017. $1,415,000

210 Engleside Ave, Gruber Arthur W, Gruber Elaine F to Leonetti David, Leonetti Nancy; 5/11/2017. $647,500

1500 West Ave, Ammann Wesley R, Ammann Mildred A to Snyder Matthew, Snyder Michelle; 5/11/2017. $635,000


1106 Pensacola Road, Caliber Real Estate Services LLC, US Bank to Hartman Anthony B; 5/9/2017. $179,900

214 Conifer Drive, Stryker Donald to Fuge Daniel, Fuge Staci J; 5/10/2017. $205,000

1112 Albatross Court, Maglione Louis A, Martin Abby M to Saliba Kevin, Saliba Kristie; 5/10/2017. $485,000

3 Lovelock Lane, Toll Land XI LP, Toll Land Corp No 10 to Daly Paul, Daly Ann Marie; 5/11/2017. $478,501

413 Center St, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, Weichert Financial Services, Ocean County Sheriff, Geiza David P, Desimone Kimberly, U.S. HUD to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp; 5/11/2017. $151,000

224 Lane Place, Wells Fargo Bank, Structured Asset Securities Corp, Ocean County Sheriff, Volk Colleen S, Callaghan Colleen, Callaghan William Sr, Callaghan Linda S, Volk Patrick, Volk Jennifer M, Hackensack University Medical Center to Wells Fargo Bank, Structured Asset Securities Corp; 5/11/2017. $151,000

317 Hemlock Drive, Madensky Debra L, Madensky Ronald P to Madensky Nicholas P, Madensky Kelley A; 5/11/2017. $250,000

234a Willow Lane, Incorvaia Salvatore, Incorvaia Theresa to Rose Jason; 5/11/2017. $223,000

307 Laurel Blvd, Costantino Saverio B, Constantino Amy E, Romanowski Amy E to Hempel Robert W, Hempel Danette A; 5/12/2017. $285,000


18 Peterson Drive, NYC Reo LLC, Gonzalez Erick to Bartlett Joanna; 5/9/2017. $55,000

1 Bear Hollow Lane, Castillo Wilfrido, Castillo Delia to Holloway Marc, Holloway Jennifer; 5/9/2017. $225,000

27 Cranbury Lake Drive, Masucci Robert to Bonnick Charles R Jr, Bonnick April; 5/9/2017. $115,000

960 Nugentown Road, Nappi Anna Arie, Nappi John C, Nappi Anna M to Hoey John E, Hoey Teresa M; 5/10/2017. $410,000

14 Vincent Court, Ruiz Thomas to Semprevivo Andrew, Semprevivo Joanne; 5/10/2017. $95,000

7 Mayflower Drive, Hernandez Wilfredo R, Hernandez Grace to Carmona Jonathan, Carmona Kelly S; 5/10/2017. $205,000

11 Cranbury Lake Dr, Caird John A, Caird Ja, Caird Ethel F to Semprevivo Andrew; 5/10/2017. $57,000

510 Kadlubeck, U.S. HUD to Yym Partners LLC; 5/10/2017. $130,000

510 Kadlubeck Way, Yym Partners LLC, Weinfeld Yitzchok to Realty Prime LLC; 5/10/2017. $130,000

104 Lake Medford Lane, Rubestello Nicholas to Parillo Theodore T, Parillo Sharon M; 5/10/2017. $175,000

16 N Captains Drive, Kania Cynthia L, Kania Scott H to Effaldana Richard; 5/11/2017. $192,000

49 S Ensign Drive, Reed Joseph T to Anderson Theodore L Jr; 5/11/2017. $78,000

730 Twin Lakes Blvd, Harrison Kenneth, Harrison Lorraine to Amon Karren; 5/11/2017. $176,000

71 Oak Leaf Drive, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Single Source Property Solutions LLC, Nationstar Hecm Acquistion Trust to Yym Partners LLC; 5/11/2017. $97,000

30 Harvest Way, US Bank, Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc, Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust, Wells Fargo Bank to Johnson Shareef A, Johnson Connie M; 5/12/2017. $285,100

202 Lake Winnepesaukee Drive, Sikora Joseph to Meneghin Joseph; 5/12/2017. $116,000

130 Mathistown Road, Mcdonnell John M, Great Bay Enterprises Inc to 130 Mathistown Road LLC; 5/12/2017. $280,000


1038 C Long Beach Blvd, Vlacich Edward, Vlacich Jean A to Kohn Kohn Realty LLC; 5/9/2017. $950,000

101 E Idaho Ave, 101 E Idaho LLC, Glasser Mirit to Goren Lawrence, Goren Susan; 5/9/2017. $2,350,000

112 W Indiana Ave, Post Linda to Goldmann Kenneth, Goodlife Judie; 5/9/2017. $605,000

7 W Maryland Ave, Bennet Faye R, Bennet John B Jr to Maryland Avenue Partners LLC; 5/10/2017. $700,000

201 E 14th St, Marley Carolyn L, Bianco Domenic, Bianco Domenic J, Bianco Dominic, Bianco Dominik J, Bianco Lorraine A to Butler Bruce; 5/10/2017. $986,750

20 W Hobart Ave, Brazill Melissa to Greenwell Frances Paulette, Measley Scott A; 5/10/2017. $775,000

28 W Alabama Ave, Haley Mark, Haley Molly to Dolich Michael, Dolitch Eileen; 5/10/2017. $675,000

3 W New Jersey Ave, O’Connor Jeremiah, O’Connor Sharyn, Browne Catherine to Monzon Luis R, Monzon Enid; 5/10/2017. $625,000

28 E 28th St, Myron Patricia M, Siegel Beth M to Haaf David, Deluca Luanne; 5/10/2017. $778,000

7 Virginia Ave, Salvitelli Anthony R, Salvitelli Carmela to Lap LLC; 5/11/2017. $755,000

34a Long Beach Blvd, Carroll James P, Carroll Enrica C to Furlong Jane Ellen; 5/12/2017. $547,500

5813 Bayview Ave, Titus James Wetmore, Titus James G, Titus John D to Titus James G; 5/12/2017. $316,876


22 Lighthouse Drive, Lange Robert G Jr to Kaveney Jelena; 5/9/2017. $235,000

14 Chestnut St, Finizio Michael T, 14 Chestnut Street LLC to Stockert Carl, Turner Monica; 5/10/2017. $190,900


1343 Paul Blvd, Mcnivens Virginia R to Sickles Kevin, Sickles Alaine; 5/12/2017. $230,000

45 Fairview Terrace, Mcmenamin John, Mcmenamin Michelle W to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC; 5/12/2017. $358,379

12 Newport Road, Hogan John E, Hogan Donna M to Nealon Linda; 5/12/2017. $170,000

157 Southard Drive, Bank of New York Mellon, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, Ge-Wmc Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates to Nikaj Selvie, Nikaj Dean D; 5/12/2017. $251,099

219 Outboard Ave, Simon Gabriel D, Simon Michele L to Gardner Timothy J, Gardner Deborah; 5/12/2017. $270,000


712 N Barnegat Ave, Slaven Brian, Slaven Pamela to Conde Frank Jr, Conde Ana; 5/10/2017. $631,250


248 Heron Road, Wells Fargo Bank to Crowley Francis J, Crowley Mary Cathrin; 5/11/2017. $40,000

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

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