Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7234.

Due to a transaction delay, properties from Cumberland County are not listed this week.

Atlantic County


905 Shelburne Ave, Horton Martha to Collins Russell D; 06/26/17. $139,000

104 Park Circle, Charlesworth Kathleen to Marshall Gary T Sr; 06/27/17. $163,000

623 Woodland Ave, Depamphilis Dominic R to Zummo Annette S; 06/28/17. $161,000


128 N Iowa Ave, Nammour Hiam to Hxq Group LLC; 06/27/17. $20,500

3 Clipper Court, Robles Lisbet to Ozgun Robert; 06/27/17. $52,000

1123 Arctic Ave, Cheng Chuen Ho to Cedar Rental Prop LLC; 06/27/17. $200,000


9 Explorer Road, Kostrub Michael to Liberta Theodore; 06/26/17. $350,000

4500 W Brigantine Ave Unit 2406, Nathan Barry to Mcgroarty Kevin P; 06/27/17. $172,500

4500 W Brigantine Ave Unit 2418, Steinberg Barry/Tr to Wille Craig P; 06/27/17. $188,000

715 Sheridan Blvd, Atherholt Deborah L to Ford Florence L; 06/27/17. $250,000


216 Lorrane Ave, Cherena Alexander to Miro Jason; 06/26/17. $170,000

511 Eighth St, Williams Alfreda/Ind&Admr to Oloughlin Keith; 06/27/17. $35,000

101 Primrose Lane, Petrini James V to Denelsbeck Kevin; 06/27/17. $154,500

1202 Tuckahoe Road, Milmay Tavern Inc to Phoenix Investment Group LLC; 06/30/17. $200,000


26 St Louis Ave, Deutsche Bank Natl Tr Co to Ahmed Ishtiaq; 06/26/17. $65,089

501-507 Havana Ave, Battaglia Carla Santos to Rivera Jose L; 06/26/17. $169,000

310 Norfolk Ave, Wright Anna Marie Elizabeth to Wells Fargo Bk; 06/27/17. $82,000

110 Arago St, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Gigliotti Francis; 06/28/17. $38,000

5219 Indian Cabin Road, Kraus William T to Keating Eric; 06/29/17. $190,000


312 Paterson Ave, Rehman Amjad to Arita Orly H; 06/26/17. $140,000

1357 Mays Landing Somers Point Road, Fannie Mae to Wright Michael Jr; 06/26/17. $159,500

20 Pierce Road, Benas Anna/Atty to Loftus Jule M; 06/26/17. $215,000

9a Oxford Village, Hossain Mohammed Z to Chowdhury Khaled; 06/27/17. $43,000

118 Mark Ave, Capital Finance of Delaware Valley Inc to Kerstetter Joseph; 06/27/17. $124,000

32 Macintosh Court, Canto Thomas J Jr to Williamson Eileen; 06/27/17. $137,000

3032 Tremont Ave, Torres Reynaldo L to Ullah Md W; 06/27/17. $157,000

200 Harbor Drive, Walsh Patrick S/Exr to Maldonado Rafael; 06/27/17. $297,000


348 Maria Loretta Lane, Ab Realty LLC to Sherwood Forest Homes LLC; 06/26/17. $100,000

726 Cheltenham Ave, Fannie Mae to Patel Kailash; 06/26/17. $189,000

308 Southmoor Drive, Goldman Gerald to Orzechowski Frank J; 06/26/17. $217,000

507 Oslo Court, Eisenberg Jacqueline to Millenium Property Group Inc; 06/27/17. $49,000

125 Edgewater Drive, Gresham Leroy S to Delaurentis Suzanne; 06/27/17. $55,000

247 Liebig St, Wells Fargo Bank to Strategic Realty Fund LLC; 06/27/17. $85,000

40 Cherokee Drive, Ciranni Thomas to Delapaz Rocio; 06/27/17. $90,350

325 Xanthus Ave, New Jersey Housing and Mtg Fin Agcy to Valentin Angel; 06/27/17. $109,900

576 Roosevelt Ave, Capital Finance Of Delaware Valley Inc to Adamczyk Jennifer A; 06/27/17. $134,000

521 Highland Ave, Turk Judith to Fisher Thomas J; 06/27/17. $255,000


2612 Durango Court, Lopresti Claudia G to Wassmus Bruce A; 06/26/17. $115,000

6312 Phillips Ave, Jersey Top Quality Const LLC to Dannenhauer George III; 06/26/17. $128,000

5908 Fir Lane, Gray Theresa to Sherbo David J; 06/27/17. $143,000

88 Woodmere Drive, Mills Wayne to Uecker Philip James; 06/27/17. $240,000


557 Peach St, Cirillo Nicholas C Jr to Lazzaro Teresa; 06/26/17. $173,000

49 Michael Road, Iuliucci Raye Ann/Ind&Atty to Mcmahon Patricia; 06/27/17. $112,000

124 N First Road, U.S. HUD to Harbison Brian A; 06/27/17. $116,000

646 N 3rd St, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Torres Gladys I; 06/27/17. $160,000


308 N Thurlow Ave, Suchoff Rochelle to Gigliotti David T; 06/27/17. $510,000

2 N Thurlow Ave, Turchi Robert E to Sitnick Eric; 06/27/17. $775,000

15 N Gladstone Ave, Windfelder Makenzie to Reyes Paul; 06/28/17. $695,000


2631 Thurston Ave, Wimberg Norman to Kraus William T; 06/29/17. $120,000

509 Wharton Park Blvd, US Bank Tr to Kemms Properties LLC; 06/30/17. $15,000


2108 Dolphin Ave Unit 3110, Jackson Barbara to Anderson Glenn; 06/26/17. $55,000

400 Chestnut Ave, Snyder Gerald S to Kickish Kathleen Ann; 06/27/17. $180,000


217 W Pleasant Ave, 2613 Arctic Ave LLC to Elyakoubi Riahi; 06/26/17. $24,900

610 Linden Ave, US Bank to Hagaman Robert; 06/26/17. $26,424

504 W. Washington Ave, U.S. HUD to Nastasi Louis E; 06/26/17. $41,079.78

1207 Columbia Ave, Leland Pine Entrp LLC to Boianelli Christopher M; 06/26/17. $115,000

14 S 4th St, US Bank to Delacruz Julio; 06/27/17. $32,000

232 W Ridgewood Ave, US Bank Tr to Northridge Townhomes LLC; 06/27/17. $54,900

23 Brighton Ave, Leland Pine Entrp LLC to Boianelli Christopher M; 06/30/17. $105,000


28 E New York Ave, Koochembere Michael P to Steinour Phillip; 06/26/17. $245,900

9 Pacific Ave, Lynch Lila C to Kurasz Anthony R Jr; 06/29/17. $162,000

33 Laurel Drive S, Mcnicholas Teresa to Murphy Joseph B; 06/29/17. $227,000


6313 Monmouth Ave, Busler Todd to Chess Jay; 06/26/17. $340,000

4800 Boardwalk Unit 706, Fannie Mae to Corradetti Richard; 06/27/17. $115,000

7 S Baton Rouge Ave, Kong Yen Fuen to Zhang Cailing; 06/27/17. $139,000

116 S Vassar Square, Barbara Reisner Separate Share Tr to Halpern Kendall; 06/28/17. $725,000

Cape May County


11 E Jacksonville Ave, Gery Patricia Joan By Atty, Reahm Carol Atty to Powell James, Shotwell Ira; 5/30/2017. $130,000

119 W St Johns Ave, Passalacqua Margaret M, Muniz Robert C to Skarupa Steven, Skarupa Christina C; 5/30/2017. $155,000

1206 Millman Lane, Sj Design Group LLC to Noon Kim D; 5/30/2017. $415,000

13 Comorant Way, Harold Dolores P Est by Exr, Harold Steven D Exr to Stockwell Timothy Lee, Stockwell Janice; 5/30/2017. $264,000


15 E Secluded Lane, Brad Steven L, Brad Janet F Est, Brad Frank W to Craig Stephen H, Craig Sharon A; 5/30/2017. $144,900

307 E Shellbay Ave, Wright Stuart A to O’neill Cris Berkey, O’neill Sean P; 5/30/2017. $165,000

325 Route 47 S, Shivers Scott D, Shivers Heather A to Zozzaro James A, Zozzaro Kristin M; 5/30/2017. $235,000


120 Angelsea Drive, Argus Property Group LP to Ianoale Philip, Ianoale Marie; 5/30/2017. $419,350

420 E 22nd Ave, Wynnefield Development LLC to Cane Jennifer, Cane John; 5/31/2017. $387,400

431 E 19th Ave Unit 341, Montgomery Robert D, Montgomery Antoniette to Gordon James G Jr, Gordon Samantha L; 5/31/2017. $90,000


1433-35 Haven Ave, Laskowski Kevin M, Laskowksi Phyllis M to Pietrzak Stephen Jr, Pietrzak Lisa; 5/30/2017. $406,000

201f 18th St, Pietras Joseph, Pietras Nancy to Gaitan Mauricio, Zeilman Rachel J; 5/30/2017. $196,000

25 W 6th St, Dempsey Dennis A, Dempsey Margaret A to Spiteri Andrew, Spiteri Norma; 5/30/2017. $675,000

3251 Asbury Ave, Falco Elizabeth L to Brooke Timothy S, Brooke Cathryna E; 5/30/2017. $615,000


634 West Drive, Cucunato Daniel, Cucunato Janet to Angelo Carolyn, Yingst James T; 5/26/2017. $615,000

735 Maple Ave, Mmarnow LLC to Donahue Mary Ann, Corbitt Catherine; 5/30/2017. $635,000

303 Columbia Ave, Lawrence A Pray Builders Inc to Bresnahan David L Jr, Bresnahan Debra A; 5/31/2017. $689,000


306 E Magnolia Ave, Reardon Christopher, Lavish Thomas, Lavish Kelly, Gregory Kimberly to Chomko Jeffrey J, Chomko Jennifer; 5/31/2017. $292,000

311 E Maple Ave Unit 101, Adair Kathleen, Mcgovern Kathleen, Mcgovern Francis Sr to Balestrieri Leonard S, Balestrieri Tricia M; 5/31/2017. $284,000

406 W Maple Ave, Schaffer Gary G Shrff, Frame John by Shrff to Bank of America; 5/31/2017. $128,000

414 W Bennett Ave, Mcquail Sandra M, Mcquail Kevin Est to Ruderick Dianna M, Ruderick Brian J; 5/31/2017. $180,000


109 E Primrose, Hallam Robert C, Hallam Cathie A Est to Somers John P, Somers Shannon M; 5/31/2017. $265,000

112 W Trenton Ave, Murray-Davies Linda C Trus to Driscoll James P, Driscoll Maria; 5/31/2017. $325,000

116a E St Paul Ave, Sandt Tiffany M, Baim Jarod M to Skrelja Luigi; 5/31/2017. $207,500

200 E Palm Road Unit 102, Hogan Marie W to Zambino Anthony J, Zambino Lisa A; 5/31/2017. $315,000

Ocean County


2310 Central Ave, Kilpatrick David Hugh to Murphy Timothy, Murphy Elizabeth; 6/27/2017. $549,000

603 Broadway, Criscione John, Criscione Bonnie to Foy Joseph D Jr; 6/28/2017. $637,500

704 Central Ave, Meara Gerard J, Meara Ingrid to Mcgearty Lawrence T, Joshi Shyamala; 6/30/2017. $515,000


3 Admiral Court, Dugan Richard, Dugan Linda to Nguyen Van T, Nguyen Hoang T; 6/22/2017. $171,000

16 Hot Springs Terrace, Clocher Dennis F, Albiez-Clocher Anne C to Marcinski John, Marcinski Tracey; 6/22/2017. $285,000

438 E Bay Ave, Carrieri Gary A, Carrieri Lisa F to Potash Jack E; 6/22/2017. $170,000

106 Sinclair Lane, Nvr Inc, Ryan Homes to Kelly Brittni; 6/22/2017. $435,135


328 Coral St, Slowe Carrie Zipf, Slowe Carrie Z to Malka Talia S; 6/22/2017. $605,000

325 Liberty Ave, Frazer James A Jr, Frazer James Alexander Sr Revocable Trust, James Alexander Frazer Sr Revocable Trust, Ethel B Frazer Revocable Trust, Frazer Ethel B Revocable Trust to Snyder Matthew, Snyder Michelle; 6/23/2017. $585,000

206 Centre St, Coba Inc to Al Parinello Entertainment LLC; 6/27/2017. $1,900,000


6807 Norfolk Place, Ziman Development Inc to Vlacich Edward, Vlacich Jean; 6/22/2017. $2,720,000

12 E 86th St, Bertussi Thomas P, Bertussi Joan M to Giacopelli Michael P, Giacopelli Yvette; 6/28/2017. $6,200,000


717 Maple Road, Maggio Todd A to Griffin Ryan; 6/22/2017. $329,000

966 Capstan Drive, Doderer Diane, Doderer Dennis to Stagg Laura J, Duryea Matthew D; 6/22/2017. $229,000

714 Cambridge Road, to Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc; 6/22/2017. $226,000

522 Brentwood Road, Ruggiero Ralph, Ruggiero Mary to Freiday Brandon, Freiday Tori; 6/22/2017. $291,000

1016 Buena Vista Road, Larussa Gary P to Halsey Alexander, Heller Michelle; 6/22/2017. $245,000


7 W Shrewsbury Drive, Zembrzuski Harold H, Zembrzuski Linda S to Filiciello William; 6/22/2017. $60,000

435 National Union Blvd, to Brookstone 8 LLC; 6/22/2017. $51,000

26 E Sea Breeze Drive, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, Powers Kirn LLC to Cahill Wendy; 6/22/2017. $173,000

17 Galley Way, K Hovnanian at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC, Hovnanian K at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC to Wolfkamp Carolee; 6/22/2017. $282,520

5 Louisiana Drive, Zimmer Gene B to Fleckenstein Dax R, Fleckenstein Erin E; 6/22/2017. $228,500

14 Sea Breeze Drive, Jenkins Deborah to Coppinger Colleen, Fusco Annette; 6/22/2017. $184,500

89 Country Club Blvd, Simon Ellen J to Capriotti Alfred J Jr, Capriotti Jamie; 6/23/2017. $225,000

43 West Boat Drive, Selvey Harold R, Selvey Mary Dolores to Murtagh John; 6/23/2017. $239,500

52 Lake Michigan Drive, Chwastek Alfred J, Chwastek Kathleen to Trampe Dennis, Trampe Sheila; 6/23/2017. $163,000

6 Marigold Lane, Bailey Alfred W, Bailey Alfred, Powers-Bailey Antonia to Simon Ellen J; 6/23/2017. $200,000


104 E Ramapo Lane, Mark Matthew F, Mark Siobhain to Malesich Richard C, Malesich Mandy K; 6/16/2017. $1,552,500

3 W Scott Drive, Sussman Richard A, Sussman Mary Lou to Penwell Robert, Levine Rachel E; 6/16/2017. $747,300

107 E 26th St, Hoffman Jeff, Hoffman Judy to Parkwynn Apartments LP; 6/16/2017. $699,000

29 Panorama South, Carnazza Guy J, Carnazza Denise to Morcos Claudia O; 6/28/2017. $1,190,000

110 E 86th St, Mackie Robert, Mackie Lynne to Krikal LLC; 6/30/2017. $730,000

101 W Delaware Ave, Anderson Michael, Anderson Jean M to Dickler Douglas L, Dickler Ellen; 6/20/2017. $695,000

4 W Stanton Ave, Wolfkamp Carolee to Mclaughlin Ruth D; 6/21/2017. $723,000

7 E 17th St, Marshelder LLC to Wahl Kenneth, Wahl Diane; 6/21/2017. $850,000

40w Tebco Terrace, Coyle Joseph to Coyle John J, Balog Grace, Balog Grace A; 6/28/2017. $110,000

13 Alma Road, Giacone Anthony Jr, Giacone Evelyn to Crutchlow Michael, Deleon-Crutchlow Diva; 6/22/2017. $755,000

1 E Farragut Ave, Lang Patrick D, Slavin Maureen T to Burke James J, Burke Desiree B; 6/22/2017. $710,000

22 E Virginia Ave, Fleck Kristina S Wiercinski, Fleck Robert R, Wiercinski Kristina S, Wiercinski Kristina S to Martinez John A, Martinez Arlene R; 6/22/2017. $1,225,000


67 Holly Drive, Termini Joseph, Termini Traci Lynn to Suleski Anthony; 6/20/2017. $200,000

20 Pancoast Road, Mangone Arlene to Mangone George F Jr; 6/21/2017. $310,000

31 Spring Lake Blvd, Lee Chung Sook, Lee Tai Sun to Rush James W, Rush Nancy M; 6/21/2017. $445,000

239 Bay Shore Drive, Rodrigues Robert III, Rodrigues Judi, Fevola Aleta to Susan Manor Llc; 6/21/2017. $248,000

23 Lighthouse Drive, Ocean County Sheriff, Winsted Reo LLC, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Christiana Trust, Winsted Funding Trust 2015-1, Kellstrom Wayne, Kellstrom Wayne Mrs, Ally Financial Inc, Gmac Inc, Household Finance Corp III to Winsted Reo LLC; 6/22/2017. $86,000

28 Point Pleasant Lane, Chuck Patricial L, Chuck Anthony C, Chuck Patricia L to Nasto Charles T, Nasto Dolores; 6/22/2017. $410,000

180 Brigantine Blvd, Orlando Ann Carol, Orlando Ann C, Orlando Rocco, Orlando Rocco P Sr to Michael Albert J, Michael Wendy D; 6/22/2017. $455,000


219 W 14th St, Gonzalez Nelson L, Gonzalez Eva C, Trembly Christina, Preferred Trust Company to Concannon Vincent Anthony, Concannon Susan Katherine; 6/14/2017. $750,000

133 E 28th St, Krikal LLC, Crosby Brian, Crosby Victoria to Day Thomas R, Day Amanda D; 6/26/2017. $1,340,000

419 Central Ave, Golding James F, Golding Shirley to Fisher Reynold A, Fisher Cheryl A; 6/19/2017. $515,000

102 E 3rd St, Boushell Mcfadden Family Partnership to Jab Developing LLC; 6/27/2017. $549,000


164 Equinox Road, Schumann Denise, Hanusocky Joseph P to Noto Daniel, Noto Amy, Noto Daniel A; 6/7/2017. $257,500

105 Arthur Drive, Smedley H Michael, Smedley Harry M, Smedley Michael H, Smedley Doris J to Ledden Daniel, Ledden Suzanne; 6/7/2017. $305,000

51 Muriel Drive, Talmadge Katherine A, Talmadge Michael to Santo Charles, Santo Joanne; 6/7/2017. $550,000

1193 W Mallard Drive, Kangal Can Investments LLC, Can Guluzar to Costanzo Anthony III, Costanzo Christina; 6/7/2017. $55,000

180 Peter Road, He Zuobin, He Jane Florence to Oldham Christopher, Oldham Brooke; 6/7/2017. $442,750

26 Fir Road, Torre Charles, Wharton Deborah to Pannullo Francis J; 6/8/2017. $148,500

3a Acorn Road, Sevilla Joan O, Samms Louisa M to Martin George A Jr, Garcia Lisa; 6/8/2017. $58,000

916 Canoe Lane, Kropinack John F to Gresham William; 6/8/2017. $65,000

240 Clipper Road, Sherwood Ryan, Sherwood Kristi to Schubiger Eric, Schubiger Denise; 6/8/2017. $303,000

87 Deerfield Drive, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association to Cramer Doreen E; 6/8/2017. $170,000

38 Cranberry Road, Ciliberto Rocco A to Keys Mary Patricia; 6/9/2017. $37,000

972 Jennifer Lane, Parietti Mary Ann to Carvalho Property Management LLC; 6/12/2017. $190,000

1073 Buccaneer Lane, Sahoury Maryann, Tedeschi Frank, Sahoury Maryanne to Gorka Michael; 6/12/2017. $185,000

30 Jonathan Drive, Chamas Lee E, Chamas Peter to Grant Brian P, Grant Kathleen A; 6/12/2017. $295,000

114 Bryce Lane, Julian John A, Julian John, Cheeseman Robert J to Cherubino Christopher; 6/12/2017. $234,000

18 Jeri Ann Drive, Paone John M to Butler Jeffrey, Butler Kathleen; 6/12/2017. $62,500

182 Mary Bell Road, Del Rosso Russell, Del Rosso Sherry to Guglielmo Arthur P III; 6/12/2017. $592,500

933 Sandy Circle, Guglielmo Arthur, Guglielmo Nicole to Cirillo Marc, Cirillo Jennifer; 6/12/2017. $301,500

72 Bryce Lane, Brizzi Jon M, Brizzi Holly A to Sherwood Ryan, Sherwood Kristi; 6/13/2017. $218,000

240 S Main St, Cedar Run Apartments LP, Beinhaker Dore R to Cedar Run Preservation Associates LLC; 6/13/2017. $3,011,791

133 N Main St, Bartucci Joanne, Bartucci Nicole, Vazquez Nicole to Des Vak LLC; 6/14/2017. $177,000

39 Cedar St, Dimauro Dylan J, Dimauro Melissa E to Janson Caitlin E, Mcleod Daniel J; 6/14/2017. $180,000

239 William Cook Blvd, Shaw William J, Shaw Margaret to Crawford Kevin, Crawfrod Beth H; 6/14/2017. $407,500

636 Newell Ave, Lombardi Carmen, Lombardi Carmella to Laforge Gerald A, Laforge Gail B; 6/14/2017. $341,500

179 Kristine Ave, US Bank, Cmsi Remic Series 2007-04, Citimortgage Inc to Plazma Properties LLC; 6/14/2017. $369,600

949 Sandy Circle, Tckmd Realty LLC, Caucino Joseph, Matthews Robert to Ward Drew M; 6/15/2017. $205,000

1178 Ripple Ave, Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of New York, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Gatyas Desings And Construction LLC; 6/15/2017. $140,000

300 Leeward Road, Sarama Homes Inc to Evans Lee F, Sharkey-Evans Eileen E; 6/15/2017. $385,000

168 Topside Road, Bank Of America N A, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc to Enna Thomas C, Enna Jenna L; 6/15/2017. $190,000

165 Ourboard Ave, Henderson Shari, Breese Shari, Henderson Sharl to Santiago Evelyn; 6/15/2017. $224,900

589 Lighthouse Drive, Hernandez Andres to Demartino Ulisse; 6/16/2017. $60,000

101 Anita Drive, Kjcmc LLC, Ciulla Karin to 101 Anita Drive Bhw LLC; 6/19/2017. $193,000

53 Crest Ave, Habitat For Humanity Southern Ocean County Inc to Anastacio-Arce Jose, Ochoa Angelina Rodriguez; 6/19/2017. $151,000


16 N 3rd St, Degennaro Anthony V to Pascarella Joseph, Pascarella Lucyna; 5/30/2017. $637,500

342 N First St, Cataleno Anthony J, Cataleno Terry to Borland Francis, Borland Donna; 5/31/2017. $900,000

115 S Ocean Ave, Sanchez R Peter, Sanchez Natalia D to Dasilva Luis, Dasilva Maria; 5/31/2017. $2,717,000

32 N 3rd St, Alicata Carmine, Alicata Frances to Julian Timothy, Giammona-Julian Linda; 6/13/2017. $665,000

313 N 6th St, Marshall Michael J, Marshall Misty C to Barry Richard, Smith Julie A; 6/15/2017. $809,000

263 N 12th St, Wenczel Walter R to Hodgson William D Jr, Hodgson Laura; 6/22/2017. $549,000

237 Division Ave, Casey Alan R, Casey Kathleen M to Kelly Matthew, Kelly Tara; 6/23/2017. $455,000

283 N 7th St, Posch Richard, Hoeger Carol, Posch Christina L, Hoeger Herbert E to Desimone Domenick, Ramunni Filomena; 6/26/2017. $420,000

335 S 3rd St, Walters Edward M Jr, Delduca Joseph, Walters Residential LLC to Leathem Lester, Kerr-Leathem Deborah; 6/30/2017. $974,724


226 Clay St, Antsey Giulia S to Hatcher Mark W, Dedeyn Paige M; 5/31/2017. $195,000

134 Bass Road, Dougherty Bart D to Burd Everett; 6/5/2017. $100,000

120 New Hope St, Becker Wesley A, Becker Allison to Fielding Brian J, Fielding Ashley M; 6/7/2017. $240,000

215 Heron Road, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc to Hernandez Jossua, Hernandez Kristen; 6/8/2017. $170,000

334 Landing Court, Downs Lillian J, Downs Douglas III, Downs Douglas I Sr to Roth Charles E; 6/8/2017. $180,000

317 Kingfisher Road, Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co, MT Bank, Hudson City Savings Bank FSB, Bank of America to Warner Alfred A; 6/8/2017. $72,000

99 Dolphin Ave, Maher Terrence, Maher Rosanne to Cramer Deborah A; 6/12/2017. $160,000

44 Birchwood Drive, Michalis George Jr, Michalis Florence, Michalis George J Sr to Michallis Brent, Smith Leah; 6/14/2017. $178,000

92 Edgewater Drive, Esposito Gerardo, Esposito Mary to Felipe Joseph; 6/16/2017. $232,500

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

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