Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7234.

Atlantic County


41 N Dover Ave, Islam Mohammed S to Teach Solais NJ LLC; 06/22/17. $75,000

526 Pacific Ave Unit 1005, Veliz Sergio to Hayashi Ruth K; 06/22/17. $130,000

108 Liberty Ave, Horner Albert/Atty to Kelner Jared; 06/22/17. $293,750

101 S Plaza Place Unit 1104, Gst Clause III B 1 Natalie O Levin Liv Tr Novello Arthur; 06/22/17. $360,000

2721 Boardwalk Unit 624, Fanfera Andrea to Kadlubowski Matthew T Jr; 06/23/17. $63,000

724 Baltic Ave, Atlantic City Housing Auth to Dabney Gina; 06/23/17. $135,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 1615-1, Concepcion Linda Q to Kemmerer Linda; 06/23/17. $250,000

119 S Berkley Square, One One Nine S Berkley Square LLC to West Waterview LLC; 06/23/17. $250,000


226 Arndt Ave, Giercyk Joseph/Exrx to Detullio Daniel; 06/13/17. $75,000

105 Dogwood Lane, Rinck Don A to Maldonado Kevin; 06/16/17. $178,000

410 Tuckahoe Road, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Procopio Joseph Michael; 06/22/17. $70,700


3206 Juniper Court, Frost Kevin W to Reitter Stacy; 06/21/17. $30,000

2710 Evergreen Court, Abco Federal Cr Un to Jctap LLC; 06/21/17. $45,000

6352 Benson Ave, Wells Fargo Bank to Bates Wesley; 06/21/17. $50,000

6212 Quinn Ave, Blue Sky Prop LLC to Morales Hector; 06/21/17. $135,000

5839 Peach St, Mcelrea Melissa to Wegner Paul H Sr; 06/21/17. $183,500

14 Rue Chagall, Roman Ana to Hughes David; 06/21/17. $258,500

6192 White Oak Way, U.S. HUD to Affordable Maintenance & Home Improv LLC; 06/22/17. $101,912

1853 Mccall Ave, Bayview Loan Serv LLC to Burlak Eduard Jr; 06/22/17. $117,500

34 Lewis Drive, Residential Accredit Loans Inc Mtg Asset Backed Pass Through Certificates Series 2006 Qs2 to Hwang Jenny; 06/22/17. $152,869

62 Abington Court, Piccio Michael to Vazquez Gretchen; 06/22/17. $201,000

7453 Weymouth Road, Whitney Jeanne D/Atty to Moryl Anthony; 06/22/17. $204,000


139 Broadway, Curcio Robert Louis to Delaney Denise; 06/22/17. $140,000

26 Harbor Drive, Monaghan Somerlee to Niceta Ferdnota P Jr; 06/22/17. $182,000

717 4th St, Cioffi Francine to Kmd Construction LLC; 06/23/17. $51,000

540 North 1st Road, Chillari John P Jr/Ind&Exr to Chillari Andrew; 06/23/17. $80,000

449 Elm St, Bishop Joseph E Jr to Monaghan Jeffrey; 06/23/17. $180,000


550 Central Ave Unit J16, Patitucci C Paul to Sembello Anthony; 06/21/17. $178,900

315 Frances Ave, Brown Lorraine to Pace Thomas V; 06/21/17. $239,000

9 Woodstock Drive, Nlp Properties LLC to Mazur Julie; 06/21/17. $305,000


111 S 16th Ave Unit 217, Richards John W to Cohen Jeffrey A; 06/15/17. $235,000

1405 Atlantic Ave, Crevello & Assoc LP to Sdr Realty LLC; 06/15/17. $4,650,000

2700 Atl Ave Unit 219, Connolly Mark D to Dolsky Richard; 06/19/17. $455,000

2702 Oberon Ave, Nassib Joseph P to Christy Robert Blake; 06/19/17. $630,000

9 N 31st Ave, JJCC Longport LLC to Ponzio Danielle; 06/23/17. $1,365,000


307 N Harding Ave, Motley Evelyn Jean/Admr to Chapman Real Estate Holdings LLC; 06/19/17. $207,000

230 N Belmont Drive, Mento Michael D to Seidman David; 06/19/17. $310,000


805 First St, Schafer Debby to Sacco Ning Cui; 06/19/17. $104,000

9 Casey Drive, Zaccardi John S/Tr to Hsu Szu Lun; 06/20/17. $380,000

138 Fabian Ave, US Rof IV Legal Title 2015 1 to Medina Jose A; 06/21/17. $40,000

212 Bates Ave, U.S. HUD to Nationstar Mortgage LLC; 06/21/17. $281,215.87


13 Stenton Place, U.S. HUD to Better Home Inv LLC; 06/19/17. $36,800

700 N Franklin Blvd, Kuniewicz Maria to Mobley Angela; 06/19/17. $49,000

124 Brighton Ave, Njhr 3 LLC to Tifa Alexis Garcia; 06/19/17. $84,800

1213 Mckinley Ave, Wells Fargo Bank to Home4you LLC; 06/21/17. $12,000

213 W Wright St, Wachovia Bank to Izvorski Kaloyan Cenov; 06/21/17. $26,100

10 E Floral Ave, Ramos Roxana to HSBC Bank USA; 06/21/17. $55,684

20 Collins Ave, Medina Francisco to Jimenez Grace; 06/21/17. $90,000

4 Brighton Ave, Sant Angelo Homes LLC to Ogando Beltre Aneury J; 06/21/17. $150,000


68 Windjammer Drive, St Juste Widzer to Emerson Derrick; 06/14/17. $264,000

512 Rhode Island Ave, Gatley Michael J to Powers Michael; 06/16/17. $89,000

219 W Meyran Ave, Pollock Kenneth Jr to Nagel Kathleen; 06/16/17. $182,500

45 Greate Bay Drive, Block Richard M to Jones Larry M; 06/19/17. $195,000

29 Gulph Mill Road, Jankowski Stephen to Loughrey Barbara L; 06/20/17. $179,000

5 Pacific Ave, Weng Jian to Nordquist Clifford R; 06/21/17. $140,000

45 Wilson Ave, Homes For Everyone LLC to Lewis Antoine L Jr; 06/21/17. $231,000


7008 Fulton Ave, Chan David to Kitabayashi Masahiro; 06/16/17. $110,100

5000 Boardwalk Unit 303, Bell Gail to Debbundo Samuel; 06/16/17. $208,000

Cape May County


234 33rd St, Vinci Gerald F to Caruolo Marlyne; 5/30/2017. $875,000

675 21st St Unit 677, J&J Properties LLC to Herzog Cheryl; 5/30/2017. $450,000


501 Beach Ave, Fortunato Wendy to Peischl Lawrence A, Peischl Diane M; 5/25/2017. $75,000

501 Beach Ave Unit 119, Cox Thomas G to Celerier Matthieu; 5/26/2017. $86,000


34 Delford Road, Pisieczko Merion V, Pisieczko Sharon to Kalaha Edward P, Kalaha Charise; 5/25/2017. $291,000

410 Hollywood Road, Federal National Mortgage Assn By Atty, Stern Lavinthal & Frankenberg LLC Atty to Solanick George, Solanick Lori; 5/25/2017. $150,000

434 Seashore Road, Ellis Phyllis A Exr, Masgai Phyllis Est by Exr, Masgai Gerald P Est to Weurker Edward F; 5/25/2017. $190,000

5101 Shawcrest Road, Jel Property Management LLC to Contrady Jeff; 5/25/2017. $750,000

6 Republic Lane, Dinan Thomas Exr&C, Staehle Cyril V Sr Est by Exr to Serra Dennis; 5/25/2017. $60,000

9700 Atlantic Ave, Mckeon Kevin M, McKeon Dana M to Leigh Robert A, Leigh Valerie A; 5/25/2017. $440,000


1 Southern Shore Drive, Fannie Mae to Madden Ryan, Madden Katherine; 5/26/2017. $233,000

210 Bay Breeze Blvd, Nvr Inc Ptnr, Ryan Homes Trdg to Leipert David Joseph; 5/26/2017. $325,905

400 Bennett Road, Siefken Herbert A, Siefken Sharon A to Mole Michael Conover, Mole Brittany Conover; 5/26/2017. $177,000

619 Stone Harbor Blvd, Hasson Joseph D, Hasson Helen to King Theodore A, King Beverly A; 5/26/2017. $375,000

8 Westwood Drive, Bolinger C David, Bolinger Julianne to Minnick John Michael, Minnick Valerie Christine; 5/26/2017. $252,000


1800 Ocean Ave, Faulhaber James E Sr, Faulhaber Elizabeth A to Mairone Gabriel; 5/25/2017. $155,000

300 Ocean Ave Unit 102, Morris Paul, Morris Phyllis to Klein Mark; 5/25/2017. $125,000

401 W 18th Ave, Sparks Phyllis C, Catanoso Anthony T Est to Campanile Diane; 5/25/2017. $400,000

701 Ocean Ave, Gross Karen R to Philpott Robert; 5/25/2017. $125,000


111 E Atlantic Blvd, Duncan Real Estate Investments LLC, Devon Douglas & Dolan LLC to Quinn Christopher, Quinn Carle; 5/24/2017. $999,900

12 Wesley Road, Brelsford Mark D, Brelsford Laurie H to Becker Louis K, Becker Kristin L; 5/24/2017. $655,000

137 Anchorage Drive, Bergin Joseph L, Bergin Kathleen T to Hannings Louise; 5/24/2017. $450,000

160 Bay Road, Hartman Robert, Hartman Amy M to Milano Vincent J, Milano Christie A; 5/24/2017. $2,400,000

1808-10 Asbury Ave Unit B, Collins Susan M to Moore William J, Delmar Charly; 5/24/2017. $465,000

200-202 51st St, Duncan Real Estate Investments LLC, Devon Douglas & Dolan LLC, Sparacio Giacomo Trus, Sparacio Jack Trus, Sparacio Carmela Trus; 5/24/2017. $680,000

2004 Wesley Ave, Saber Joseph F, Saber Leona G to Villari Anthony J, Villari Colette M; 5/24/2017. $935,000

249 Ocean, Vallerschamp Robert E to Ferry Daniel, Ferry Megan; 5/24/2017. $1,200,000

3241 Asbury Ave, Higgins Matthew, Higgins Pamela to Martin Jeffrey, Martin Donna; 5/24/2017. $495,000

3510 Central Ave, Walter J Kern Jr Testamentary Trust By Trus, Kern M Jeanette Est, Love Timothy P Trus, Harris Catherine Exr, Cummins Karen Exr, to Peyton John J, Payton Elizabeth A; 5/24/2017. $515,000

737 Wesley Ave, US Bank Trus By Atty&C, Bank of America, La Salle Bank Trus to Phillips Dorothy; 5/24/2017. $153,000

854 Second St, Raimonde Michael A, Raimonde Kathleen A to Christou Elias, Christou Donna L, 5/24/2017. $536,000

108 West Ave, Ang Steven K, Ang Donna T to Lombard William Jr; 5/25/2017. $315,000

1312-14 Central Ave Unit A, Marks David C, Marks Betsy J to Mc Goldrick William, Md Goldrick Marie; 5/25/2017. $605,000

1406c Ocean Ave, Berenato Charles to Biagi Nicholas, Biagi Tammie M; 5/25/2017. $620,000

211 Bay Ave, Kuhnle Florence Claire, Kuhnle John C to Horne Richard C IV, Horne Kathleen M; 5/25/2017. $470,000

3120-22 West Ave, D’ottavio Anthony, D’ottavio Patricia to Pattanite Michael A Sr, Pattanite Susan M; 5/25/2017. $375,000

3512 West Ave, Madge Edward R, Madge Gail E to Dominica Lauren, Dominica Lucas; 5/25/2017. $474,000

939 Palen Ave, De Young David Carey to Taccarino Dolores G; 5/25/2017. $355,000

Cumberland County


125 Oak St, Pulman Darrin to Hillesheim Steven R; 6/20/2017. $54,000

16 Budd St, Caliber Real Estate Services LLC Atty, Lsf9 Master Participation Trust By Trust By Atty, US Bank Trust Trust By Atty to 16 Budd Street LLC; 6/20/2017. $36,000

504 Chestnut Ave, Pulman Darrin to Streater Jessica L, Streater Jonathan R; 6/20/2017. $50,000


101 Vine Road, Keever Susanne Jean, Meyers Helen V Est, Meyers Raymond J Est, Meyers Raymond J Jr to Crunetti James; 6/14/2017. $106,000

1130 Wheaton Ave, Gerrsheimer Glass Inc to 1300 Wheaton LLC; 6/15/2017. $1,695,000

1309 Pleasant Drive, Turnaround Investments LLC to Rhubart John Swain Jr; 6/15/2017. $149,900

1315 Mallard Lane, Gagliardi Kim, Gagliardi Leonard Jr to Hollingshead Robert C; 6/15/2017. $525,000

16 Cedar St, American Mutual Fund LLC, Ross Calvin, J&M Property Maintenance & Restoration LLC; 6/15/2017. $24,000

2041 Easy St, Arboine Mavis E to Mcmillan Cheryl A; 6/20/2017. $234,000

215 Howard St, Melfi Nicholas J, Melfi Patrice M to Rosa Mayra I; 6/20/2017. $40,000

905 Pleasant Drive, Scott Donald, Scott Donna Jean to Santiago Mario III, Santiago Mario Jr; 6/20/2017. $184,500


1717 W Walnut Road, Bank of New York fka Trust, Bank of New York Mellon Trust By Atty, Cwabs Inc &C by Trust By Atty, New Penn Financial LLC dba by Atty, Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing Atty, Perez Miguel, Reyes Alma Perea; 6/13/2017. $55,000

1910 Pleasant Run, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Trust By Atty, New Century Home Equity Loan Trust &C By Trust By Atty, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC Atty to 1441 Silverton LLC; 6/13/2017. $58,819

2102 E Oak Road J5, Landmark Development No 2 LLC to Senseman Karl, Lara Christopher; 6/13/2017. $165,900

2114 W Garden Road, 2114 Garden Road LLC, Bdgs Inc, Z&D Realty LLC; 6/13/2017. $225,000

2550 Hance Bridge Road, Theokas Dionisios A, Theokas Georgia G to Cox Michael J; 6/13/2017. $214,450

2899 Oslo Court, Cddb Properties LLC, Coucill Delight, Boone Nathan L II, Ware Shamyra S; 6/13/2017. $161,000

318 Rosewood Ave, Kousmine Marc, Kousmine Melissa to Diaz Michelle; 6/13/2017. $127,000

416 E Doren Terrace, Dejesus Margaret, Dejesus Rafael to NS Property Group LLC; 6/13/2017. $81,000

441 Maurice River Parkway, Gsmp Mortgage Loan Trust &C By Trust By Atty, US Bank Trust By Atty, Wachovia Bank Fka Trust, Wells Fargo Bank Atty to Castlerock 2017 LLC; 6/13/2017. $19,900

518 Edward Lane, Javier-Martinez Robin Anuery to Robinson James L, Robinson Suzanne M; 6/13/2017. $171,000

526 Sylvester Drive, David Kelly Agent, U.S. HUD to Montalvo Ingrid; 6/13/2017. $77,000

5539 Ascher Road, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Hernandez Eric G; 6/13/2017. $40,000

676 Sheridan Ave, Selene Finance Atty, Srmof Ii Reo 2013-1 Trust By Trust By Atty, US Bank Trust By Atty to Capizola Michael C; 6/13/2017. $55,100

744 S Eighth St, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Shmuely Michael; 6/13/2017. $69,500

76 W Landis Ave, Vineland Construction Co to Fnrp Holdings Seven LLC; 6/13/2017. $4,300,000

902 Bradford Drive, Clarke Chaplin to Gowie Kaishanta; 6/13/2017. $123,000

480 E Wheat Road, Barretta John M, Landis Investment LLC, Brown Nicholas D, Kelley Katie A; 6/14/2017. $166,900

721 Westmont Lane, Dredden Rodney, Dredden Tonya, Parker Tonya Fka, Rodriguez-Santos Rafael, Sanchez Dolores; 6/14/2017. $129,000

1051 W Sherman Ave Suite 2B, Coba Inc to JV Real Estate Holdings LLC; 6/15/2017. $330,000

110 W Elmer St, Santiago David Adm, Santiago Ismael Jiminez Est By Adm, La Alta Gracia Funeral Home Inc; 6/15/2017. $100,000

2477 Franklin Drive, Stiegler Gary N, Stiegler Janet P to Bermudez Carrie; 6/15/2017. $228,100

820 E Park Ave, Well Fargo Bank to Miranda Suheily; 6/15/2017. $34,500

2200 S Lincoln Ave, Greenpoint Mortgage Funding Trust by Trust by Atty, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC Atty, US Bank Trust, Gsah LLC; 6/19/2017. $48,369

1107 Anthony Drive, Gonzalez Rosalia, Gott Melissa L, Osterdahl Paul R Jr; 6/20/2017. $195,000

1141 E Landis Ave, Dippolito Angelo B Est, Dippolito Columbina C Est, Dippolito Lewis H Est by Exec, Dippolito Lewis M Exec to Noone-Hill Donna; 6/20/2017. $215,000

1192 Sharp Road, Gibbone Vilma by Atty, Gibbone Vito J Est, Lelli Dennis A Atty to Smith Michael G III; 6/20/2017. $92,000

1240 N East Ave, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Shis Investment LLC; 6/20/2017. $61,000

1781 Whispering Woods Way, Lupcho Albert R Jr, Lupcho Anita L to Patel Milan P, Patel Payal M; 6/20/2017. $455,000

1830 Kings Road, Guidarini James L Est, Guidarini Janet L, Schwarz Robert A, Schwarz Vicki L; 6/20/2017. $147,000

235 West Wood St, JVN Realty LLC to Saxton John; 6/20/2017. $80,000

3821 S Main Road, Kirchner Kristian to Spendiff Jeffery; 6/20/2017. $184,500

555 E Garden Road, Fannie Mae aka By Atty, Federal National Mortgage Assoc aka By Atty, Jonathan Lavinthal & Frankenberg LLC Atty, Sherman Jonathan Esq Atty to Gazzara Lynda; 6/20/2017. $20,000

85 E Elmer Road, Crecelius Minerva Reyes by Atty; Dipetro Migdalia Reyes aka by Atty, Dipetro Miglalia Reyes aka by Atty, Reyes David Atty, Reyes Dora by Atty, Reyes Edwin by Atty, Reyes Rosa by Atty to Miranda Jose; 6/20/2017. $98,000

3155 Swan Drive, US Bank to Menzoni Blaise R; 6/21/2017. $108,500

4691 Bernard Road, Coombs Kathleen to Cairoli Nicholas; 6/22/2017. $200,000

735 S Main Road Unit 3, Goldstein Anne L Exec, Goldstein Evelyn R Est, Goldstein Irving J Est by Exec, Valente Karen Exec to Paull Stephen G; 6/22/2017. $120,000

Ocean County


6 Whisper Way, Gogarty Michael D, Gogarty Maureen A to Rivera Amy A; 6/15/2017. $344,000

31 Avalon Ave, Walters Development Co LLC, Regan Timothy to Nvr Inc; 6/15/2017. $91,000

13 Savannah Drive, Walters Development Co LLC, Regan Timothy to Nvr Inc; 6/15/2017. $91,000

212 Edison Road, Phelan Hallinan Diamond Jones, Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association, Phelan Hallinan Diamond Pc to Vara Kenneth; 6/15/2017. $225,000

6 Ripple Terrace, Barolia Lorraine, Barolia Sadru, Barolia Sadruddin to Burke Kelly M; 6/16/2017. $340,000


105 Sunset Drive, Robertson Donna to Largey Robert; 6/12/2017. $194,700

1811 Beach Blvd, Devlin Thomas W, Devlin Michelle J to Cornell Patrick J; 6/13/2017. $194,000

501 N Shore Drive, Katko Madeline to Veneziano Carmine; 6/13/2017. $428,000

757 Birch Road, Wells Fargo Bank, Nationstar Mortgage LLC, Securitized Asset Backed Receivables LLC to Pluto Holdings LLC; 6/13/2017. $128,100

613 Drew Ave, Liverani Nichilas, Liverani Nicholas to Kennedy Tyler; 6/14/2017. $180,000

68 Maxim Drive, Bruckel Laurie A to Maslen Steven T, Hauenstein Marisa M; 6/14/2017. $353,000

839 Elwood St, Pelillo Daniel M, Pelillo Dana M to Coar Scott, Coar Lindsay; 6/14/2017. $375,000

2508 Hurry Road, Green Floyd S, Green Janet to Groemm Jesse; 6/15/2017. $238,500

6 Brookdale Court, Dul Catherine, Shuflat Michael S to Hahn William, Hahn Annette; 6/15/2017. $232,000

Vacant Land, Zigarelli Louis, Zigarelli Shona to Vinci Joseph B, Vinci Dana; 6/15/2017. $240,000

1206 Kennebec Road, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co Trustee, New Century Home Equity Loan Trust Series to Bevelheimer Edward; 6/15/2017. $126,000

346 Yorktown Drive, Austin William Benjamin, Quinn Louise Mary, Von Schondorf Louise Mary, Austin Benjamin Jr, Boesch Debra Ann, Austin Robert David to Komorowski Kevin; 6/15/2017. $146,000


132 S Longboat Drive, U.S. HUD to Cordova Jose Ricardo; 6/12/2017. $95,000

50 Lake Superior Drive, 50 Lake Superior Drive LLC, Ellwood Frank to Byrne Kathleen; 6/13/2017. $67,000

2 Pebble Beach Lane, Sheils Neil to Mejia Rumaldo I, Rivera Elizabeth M; 6/13/2017. $130,000

24 Sandford St, Lisi Robin to Stewart Joshua; 6/13/2017. $166,000

10 Gaskill Drive, Phillips Jaime, Prial Margaret M to Pitetti James, Pitetti Angela; 6/13/2017. $260,000

3 Woodlake Manor Drive, Ocean County Sheriff, Clearview Equities LLC, US Bank, Citigroup Mortgage Loan Trust Inc, Roth Dov, Woodlake Manor Township Association Inc, Argent Mortgage Company LLC, United States Of America, Quiroz Alfonso to Clearview Equities LLC; 6/13/2017. $112,000

10 West Brig Drive, Rugnetta Janey, Blue Stone Modular Homes LLC to Husarenko Alex; 6/14/2017. $225,000

108 S Commodore Drive, Tinari Joseph A, Tinari Anna T to Simms Norman, Ingram Randall S; 6/14/2017. $63,000

64 Oakland Bay Court, Rogers Eileen M to Hicks Cheryl; 6/14/2017. $167,121

52 Galley Way, Hovnanian K at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC, K Hovnanian at Little Egg Harbor Township II LLC to Golko Barry B, Golko Gail B, Golko Trust; 6/14/2017. $352,860


169a Long Beach Blvd, Rosbuck Diane B Trust, Diane B Rosuck Trust to Ditoro Joseph, Carabello Patricia; 6/6/2017. $1,150,000

49c Long Beach Blvd, Schlussel Marc, Mark Meryl Schlussel, Schlussel Sheila 2012 Irrevocable Trust, Schlussel Sheila T, Baum Jeffrey H, Schlussel David, Schlussel Abraham 2012 Irrevocable Trus to Webman Jerry; 6/7/2017. $1,525,000

27 W Joshua Ave, Bajor Stephen, Bajor Jean, Murphy Christine, O’Rourke Cheryl to Sassano Michael Luigi, Sassano Elizabeth Mary; 6/7/2017. $585,000

22 E Nevada Ave, Coombs Whitney J, Coombs Nancy-Lee H to Candullo Michael, Kim-Candullo Mi Yong; 6/8/2017. $659,000

118 E 85th St, Bolling Eric T to D’souza Warren A, D’souza Jayme L; 6/8/2017. $2,250,000

8 Centennial Ave, Hodes Denise Gudger to Panza Christopher, Panza Janine; 6/8/2017. $1,200,500

11 E Surf Ave, Massa Vito, Massa Carol to Bogart Scott, Bogart Carolyn; 6/12/2017. $640,000

29 W Sumner Ave Unit 1, Stacy Joseph A III, Stacy Janis to JMCK LLC; 6/12/2017. $665,000

7301 Long Beach Blvd, Amato Stephen, Amato Eleanor to Romano Cynthia; 6/12/2017. $390,000

102 Roosevelt Ave Boat Slip, Menonna Nicholas Jr, Galaxy Investments LLC to Citro Gennaro, Citro Maria; 6/12/2017. $25,000

5707 Ocean Blvd, C Shell Properties LLC, Buchalter Jeffrey H to Berlin LLC; 6/13/2017. $1,825,000

30 W Alabama Ave, Wells Fargo Bank, Selene Finance LP, Srmof II 2011-1 Trust to Marzulli Brian, Marzulli Debra; 6/13/2017. $520,000

38 W New Jersey Ave, Tragni Carmine, Tragni Daniela M to Kaldrovics Christopher T; 6/14/2017. $525,000

104 E Surf Ave, Israelite Craig L, Israelite Lori P to Bernardi Paul M, Bernardi Nikki T; 6/14/2017. $1,499,000


28 Sands Point Road, Fleming Bernadette, Wachovia Mortgage Loan Trust, US Bank, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC to Smolski Ronald; 6/7/2017. $133,000

92 Spring Lake Blvd, Hassenplug Gordon W, Hassenplug Patricia C to Intonato Joseph F, Intonato Joann; 6/1/2017. $337,500

36 Sands Point Road, Powers Timothy J, Powers Bernadette, Powers Richard J to Lekatis Gus T, Lekatis Carol; 6/9/2017. $200,000

9 Grand Bay Harbor Road, Streko Thomas C, Streko Charlene A to Loggia Maria V; 6/13/2017. $292,500

151 A Wells Mills Road, Lees Brian D, Lees Virginia E to Dress Michelle; 6/14/2017. $13,500

6 Cable Road, Ricciardi Paul H, Ricciardi Carmela to Wozniak Jeffrey T; 6/15/2017. $210,900


315 W 4th St, Bayne Sharon to Schrader Robert H, Schrader Cynthia H; 6/6/2017. $552,000

102 E 5th St Unit 2, Yarsmsky James, Yaz Enterprises LLC to Haugh Jason T, Curran-Haugh Stephanie; 6/7/2017. $227,131

108e 7th St Unit 1, Mayo Daniel T to Burgan Mark, Burgan Angela; 6/7/2017. $604,000

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

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