Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7234.

Atlantic County


608 Woodland Ave, Wells Fargo to Custodio Wilfredo; 02/27/17. $130,924

918 Seaside Ave, US Bank to Aristizabal David; 03/01/17. $135,000

161 E Wyoming Ave, Wells Fargo to New Jersey Home Buyers LLC; 03/02/17. $81,888

217 Marlin Road, Morgenweck Kristy to Cahill Wesley; 03/03/17. $109,000


3101 Boardwalk Unit 1108 Tower 1, Gavin Elaine E to Damis Gregory; 02/27/17. $60,000

132 N Maryland Ave, Tse Chuen T to Vets Series II LLC; 02/28/17. $32,000

3715 Sunset Ave, Funk Dolores to 3709 Sunset LLC; 02/28/17. $200,000

2607 Monterey Ave, Khalid Asif to Bukhari Sajid; 03/01/17. $61,000

10 S Florida Ave B, Paolillo Mary to Thomas Mikala; 03/02/17. $240,000

125 Sunrise Ave, Bio Laura Siderio to Zerbato Kathleen; 03/02/17. $230,000

3817 Ventnor Ave No 400, Paul Heise Country Corner LLC to Griff John; 03/02/17. $17,000

526 Pacific Ave Unit 406, Fannie Mae to Wang Ben; 03/02/17. $100,000

116 N Florida Ave, Fannie Mae to Homary Mohammad; 03/03/17. $28,500


311 41st St South Unit A, Adskans Inc to Deasy Dorie M; 02/27/17. $200,000

600 W Brigantine Ave Unit 321, McGuirk James to Crane Hertz Laurans; 02/28/17. $320,000

523 Risley Road, Passamonte Salvatore V to Zeisweiss Joseph; 02/28/17. $327,000

4511 W Brigantine Ave, Rohl David A to Dinan Joseph Patrick; 03/03/17. $350,000


962 Tuckahoe Road, Phillips Christopher A to Hensel Eric M; 03/02/17. $166,000


32 Crestwood Circle, Andrade Ana M to Rob Mohammed A; 02/27/17. $170,000

1 Risley Place, Haneman Frederick T to Haneman Frederick T; 02/27/17. $190,001

217 Sun Valley Circle, Rubinstein Elaine C to Smith Ralph C; 02/28/17. $185,000

200 Surf Road, Johnson Arnold to NVR Inc; 02/28/17. $312,273

1117 Furman Drive, BLB Resources to Doebley David; 03/02/17. $75,000

2 Strubridge Court, Jackson Richard to Stafford Kathleen; 03/02/17. $158,500

102 Garnett Lane, Assofsky Bonita to Anne Kabo; 03/03/17. $186,000

203 Boston Ave, Lichtenwalner Nathan to Dobron David S; 03/03/17; $175,000

21 Gallant Fox Lane, Kiser Michael to Lerro Thomas J; 03/03/17. $280,000


200 & 202 Cape May Ave, Simon Sidney to New Jersey DEP; 03/03/17. $100,000


309 Upas Ave, Spadea Dominick A to Falivene John; 02/27/17. $25,000

485 Chris Gaupp Drive, Eng Louisa to Patel Dharmesh; 02/27/17. $48,500

307 S New Jersey Ave, Gatto Jennifer to Lopez Cristina; 02/27/17. $146,000

541 Chatham Way, Defillipo Nancy to Murray Family Properties LLC; 02/27/17. $215,000

201 Delker Blvd, Stetser Michael John to Stetser John R; 02/27/17. $350,000

736 E Brook Lane, Mastro Steven to Fairhurst James Edward; 02/28/17. $185,000

708 W Plainfield Ave, Mccarson Eugene L to Carlin Shannon K; 02/28/17. $192,000

77 Colonial Court, 77 Colonial Court LLC to Agrawal Pradip; 01/30/17. $42,500

374 E Cos Cob Drive, Wells Fargo to Akhtar Chaudhary Hassan; 03/01/17. $111,900

98 Iroquois Drive, Rehman Aneeb to Ali Bakhtiar; 03/02/17. $68,000

519 Cornwall Drive, Primestar Fund I Trs Inc to Verderber Georgia; 03/03/17. $105,000

56 Colonial Court, Bruce Barbara to Moccio Ann Marie; 03/03/17. $48,000

695 Cypress Point Drive, Petro Margaret to Honeker Charles M; 03/03/17. $273,000


6311 Nelson Ave, Fannie Mae to Hakobyan Tatevik; 02/27/17. $57,000

7302 Third Ave, Nugent William C to Gilman Kimbrali J; 02/28/17. $45,000

4481 Yorktown Place, Lopez Victor to Seashore Property Group LLC; 02/28/17. $72,500

6956 Theresa Ave, Maeso Manuel J to Gardiner David B; 03/02/17. $158,000

12 Chancellor Park Drive, Williams James to Taroncher Christopher; 03/03/17. $277,500

2304 Primrose Court, McClain Reuben E to JCTap LLC; 03/03/17. $49,900

4 Northridge Drive, Holak Kristina to Soto Yvette; 03/03/17. $179,900


172 Yorktown Blvd, Hoffman Anita to Front Door Real Estate LLC; 02/28/17. $120,000

191 Columbia Road, Wilmington Trust to American Mutual Fund LLC; 03/01/17. $22,150

218A Lincoln Ave, Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones PC to Wetherbee Veronica I; 03/03/17. $126,400

474 N Chew Road, Kahn Ronald Jr to Newsome Matthew; 03/03/17. $161,000


2700 Atlantic Ave Unit 602, Rabelow Arthur D to Greentree Condo LLC; 02/27/17. $500,000


420 N Exeter Ave, Trocki Videll Dicker Samara to Trocki Ozlek Mona; 03/01/17. $100,000

4 S Barclay Ave, Isaacs Jonathan R to Risler Gary E; 03/02/17. $1,190,000


2266 Richards Ave, Frank L Burke III LLC to Country Blues LLC; 02/28/17. $325,000

2635 Thurston Ave, Fannie Mae to Eastside Properties LLC; 03/02/17. $84,900


222 W Glencove Ave, Messina Laurie to Deangelis Dolores 02/28/17. $210,000

502 Shore Road, Fannie Mae to Rosenstein Michael; 03/03/17. $102,000


1223 Peterson Way, U.S. HUD to Washington Lisa; 02/27/17. $115,000

906 Linden Ave, Akhtar Chaudhary to Hassan Harmon Taria; 02/27/17. $116,000

136 N Franklin Blvd, Farrow Michael to PCIII Reo LLC; 03/02/17. $18,000


820 Bay Ave, Tull James K to Elaine June Lentz; 03/02/17. $235,000

12 Violet Lane, Bernard John to McDonald James K; 03/03/17. $220,000

20 E Pierson Ave, Bossert Josephine to Merilson Adam P; 03/03/17. $141,000


4800 Boardwalk 1503, Fink Marian H to Nussdorf Howard L; 02/27/17. $163,500

237 N Fredericksburg Ave, Blumberg Robert to Puleio Sal D; 02/27/17. $202,500

17 N Melbourne Ave, Garnet Jr Richard F to Cykiert Andrew; 02/27/17. $509,000

109 S Victoria Ave, Unit D, Nemeroff Beatrice to Nemeroff A Michael; 02/28/17. $10,000

3 N Swarthmore Ave, Melvin Riefberg to Dussault Lauren; 02/28/17. $290,000

Cape May County


306 77th St, Welsh Thomas J Jr to Reilly Patrick, Reilly Hollace; 2/22/2017. $2,060,000


1308 Maryland Ave, Gilbert Sandra M, Gilbert Harry A to Lofredo Thomas P, Lofredo Nancy E; 2/17/2017. $775,000

336 Congress St, Rubel Allen I, Rubel Phyllis to Haney Christopher James, Haney Victoria Marie; 2/21/2017. $678,225

416 Congress St, 416 Congress LLC to Pelli Frank; 2/21/2017. $1,050,000

820 Sewell Ave, Hucker Elizabeth C, Crawford Alan III, Crawford Barbara T, Crawford Alan to Carlson-Glazer Christine; 2/21/2017. $615,555

1001 St James Place, 1001 St James Place Associates to Nadelstumph Maria, Gibson William Raymond III; 2/28/2017. $548,500

808 Washington St, Mariam Shiferaw to Parlock Robert S, Parlock Allyson B; 2/28/2017. $520,000


803 Dennisville Road, Champion John S, Smaniotto Dorothy L, Champion Elaine E to Collins & Edwards Management LLC; 2/22/2017. $43,000

155 Malcolm Drive, Rheinstadter Donna, Monaghan Kathleen M to Pomponio Santo R, Pomponio Susan M; 2/24/2017. $93,400


14 Clearwater Drive, Deutsche Bank, Indymac, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Layman John; 2/16/2017. $105,844

1618 Jennings Ave, Riess Marie to Deneka Sarah L; 2/21/2017. $100,000

685 Socks Lane, Whissell Lorie to Viggiano Mark J, Viggiana Lisa A; 2/21/2017. $495,000

1634 Morris St, Schaffer Gary G, Devine Ryan S, Devine Jennifer L to NJHR1 LLC; 2/22/2017. $70,600

110 Kechemsche St, Adams Paul A, Adams Tina M to Anderson David L; 2/23/2017. $137,500

112 Heidi Ave, Camilli Lawrence, Verdi Gaetano A to Shoffler Kristin, Shoffler Tod; 2/24/2017. $140,000

400 Portsmouth Road, Colson Harry R III to Lowry Jennifer C; 2/24/2017. $241,794

116 Oak Ave, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley Abs Capital I Inc, Ocwen Loan Servicing to Flynn Elizabeth A, Flynn Stephen J; 2/27/2017. $25,379

1145 Route 109, Tony’s Marine Railway Inc to Big Bridge Corp; 2/28/2017. $1,400,000

120 Frances Ave, Bowman Ronald D to Eccles Robert M, Appleton Denise M, Eccles Matteline L; 2/28/2017. $75,000

213 E South Station Ave, Masapollo Thomas S, Masapollo Barbara J to Caruso Joseph M, Caruso Kelly L, Caruso Frederick; 2/28/2017. $407,500

317 Town Bank Road, Insource East Properties Inc to Olsen Joshua, Olsen Kaitlyn M; 2/28/2017. $210,000

638 Seagrove Ave, Rutherford Margaret, Rutherford David to De Groff Clark; 2/28/2017. $2,000,000


318 Reeves St, US Bank, Lsf9 Master Participation Trust, Caliber Real Estate Services to Wiley Kevin A; 2/17/2017. $37,500

1606 Tidewater Ave, Amodei Nicole Elyse, Amodei Linda, Amodei Dominick to Piacentino Anne; 2/21/2017. $260,000

17 Winding Way, Satterthwaite Janet, Dougherty Krista, Robert W Jones and Donna D Jones Family Trust to Ross David C Jr; 2/22/2017. $174,000

2 Teal Road, Osmundsen Allen to Conover Christopher R Jr, Conover Samantha J; 2/24/2017. $144,000

305 Springdale Court, Pmt Npl Financing 2015-1, Pennymac Loan Services LLC, Citibank to McCuen Timothy; 2/24/2017 $265,000

12 N 15th St, Deutsche Bank, Soundview Home Loan Trust, Ocwen Loan Servicing to Russo Jean; 2/27/2017. $62,999

818 Hand Ave, Lauer Michael K Jr, Lauer Laura J to Stone Frank J, Stone Barbara Farley; 2/27/2017. $270,500

1008 Tidewater Ave, Reeves Edward C, Reeves Alecia M to Marini Raphael J, Marini Barbara; 2/28/2017. $299,000

1116 Stone Harbor Blvd, Stone Harbor Crossing to Engelbrechtsen Claus D, Engelbrechtsen Mary A; 2/28/2017 $730,000

23 Penkethman Way, Carstens Reimer O, Carstens Sarah J to Leiti Richard A Jr, Reilly Seneca L; 2/28/2017. $245,000


500 Kennedy Drive Unit 332, Croft Richard J, Croft Marta J to Concilio Anthony III; 2/16/2017 $190,000

12 St Vincent Court, Flexer Cecelia A to O’Drain Joseph; 2/21/2017. $385,000

431 E 19th Ave, Uszal Henry, Uszal Donna M to Four Shore Partners; 2/21/2017. $64,500

1800 Ocean Ave Unit 202, Wade James P, Wade Evelyn to McKenna Carolyn; 2/22/2017. $229,900

316 E 3rd Ave, Keim James G, Keim Barbara J to Manning Dennis J; 2/22/2017. $810,000

335 E 20th Ave aka 1908 Surf Ave, Manero Robert, McAllister Paul, McAllister Tara to Pinchuk Steven, Sokol Dawn; 2/23/2017. $457,000

422 E 20th Ave Unit 101, Bank of New York Mellon, Cwmbs Inc, Bank of America, BAC Home Loans Servicing LP to Yemola Craig John, Yemola Karen; 2/23/2017. $359,500

207 W Spruce Ave, West Margaret, West Mary, West Arthur to Gold Point; 2/28/2017. $500,000


4950 Asbury Ave, Cutone Michael, Cutone Donna to Leap Property LLC; 2/16/2017. $592,500

500 Bay Ave Unit 407, Cullen Daniel F, Cullen Cecile M to Leary Angela R; 2/17/2017. $270,000

718 Haven Ave, Leuthy Michael J, Leuthy Judith Bajgier to Miller Aaron Craig, Miller Jacqueline Frances; 2/17/2017. $260,000

72 Arkansas Ave, Klause Harry B III, Klause Louis G, Klause Gloria M, Klause Family Trust to Herman Jacquelyn M; 2/17/2017. $2,250,000

1136-38 Simpson Ave, Gibson Harry W, Gibson Jeanette to Hellyer Robert J, Hellyer Elizabeth M; 2/21/2017. $555,000

1708 Wesley Ave Unit A, Schoenfeld Robert S, Schoenfeld Helen C to 1708 Wesley LLC; 2/21/2017. $665,000

1800-02 Asbury Ave, Piperno Barbara R to Edmund Marisa; 2/21/2017. $715,000

317 Wesley Ave, Sullivan Emily N to Kenney Maureen, Arechavala Anthony; 2/21/2017. $540,000

5333 West Ave, Sarbadhikari Probir, Bogardo Stephen Peter, Bogardo Islay J to K&L Property Management; 2/23/2017. $514,250

500 Bay Ave, Bunting Frances M to Barsotti Domenic J, Barsotti Geraldine G; 2/24/2017. $140,000

12 Valmar Court, Simpson James W, Simpson Georgia C to Gibson Harry W, Gibson Jeanette E; 2/27/2017. $850,000

121 Bartram Lane, Kardish Timothy E, Kardish Regina F to Moon Kirk A, Moon Elizabeth A, Strang Richard P, Strang Virginia A; 2/27/2017. $640,000

305 Simpson Ave, Munro Susan to Hassinger Kenneth L, Hassinger Teresa A; 2/27/2017. $315,000

3404-06 Wesley Ave, Chase Andrew B Jr to Soslowsky Louis J, Soslowsky Judith R; 2/27/2017. $985,000

41 Lagoon Road, HSR Management to Bennett Glenn, Bennett Gina; 2/27/2017. $1,755,000

125 13th St, Costeria Cottages to Weirich Thomas W, Weirich Karen M; 2/28/2017. $685,000

2510 Central Ave, Dardozzi Catherine P to Spencer David, Spencer Alison; 2/28/2017. $580,000

30 E Aberdeen Road, 30 E Aberdeen Road to Gillian Jay A, Gillian Michele B; 2/28/2017. $860,001

3824 Waterview Blvd, Kern M Jeanette, Harris Catherine Kern, Cummins Karen to Love Mary Jeanette Kern, Love Timothy P; 2/28/2017. $520,000

921-23 Third St, Speitel Edmond C, Speitel Gerald E Jr, Speitel Gerald E Sr, Speitel Rosemarie to Cross Henry Andrew, Orth Helen Louise; 2/28/2017. $1,450,000


122 81st St West Unit, McGonigle Mary A, Kraft Christine K to Kraft Bryan D, Kraft Christine K; 2/16/2017. $316,371

205 85th St East, 8410 Landis Avenue LLC to Fredericks Adam, Reilly Jennifer; 2/16/2017. $880,000

7113 Pleasure Ave, Redfern Ocean LLC to Mehallick Jeffrey G, Mehallick Kathleen F; 2/16/2017. $2,150,000

41 78th St, Visichio Jeanette, Visichio Joseph F to Gueriera Marc, Gueriera Dina; 2/21/2017. $567,500

4455 Venecian Road, Lazicki Steven R, Lazicki Andrea M to Smith Thomas P Jr, Smith Denise M; 2/22/2017. $1,085,000

21 67th St West Unit, Mullen Jeffrey M, Mullen Suzanne P to Helker David P, Helker Karen M; 2/28/2017. $975,000

5904 Landis Ave, Edwardi Frank P Jr, Edwardi Patricia to Hlavinka David T, Hlavinka Melissa C; 2/28/2017. $504,500


108 116th St, Franklin Street Enterprises I to Williams Elizabeth B; 2/17/2017. $4,212,500

12 106th St, Hillman John K, Hillman Jocelyn to Herron Joseph P, Herron Carol R; 2/17/2017. $4,720,000

1 110th St, Berrigan John, Berrigan Dorothy to 1 110th Street LLC; 2/24/2017. $10,000,000

298 90th St, Murray Daniel, Murray Elizabeth to 298 90th Street LLC; 2/24/2017. $2,275,000

8901 First Ave, Sealuke to Samples Donald W, Samples Adele D; 2/24/2017. $1,950,000


30 Bryan Road, Chryst Sharon L, Seckinger Sharon B, Chryst John Carl to McGuigan Thomas M, Parks Christina M; 2/17/2017. $195,000

14 Lenape Lane, McGonigle Shawn P, McGonigle Meredith N to McNamara Heather; 2/24/2017. $223,000


170 Leaning Ave, Roosa Doris E, Roosa Doris Sandra, Farmer Iola V to Troop William H, Troop Kristin H; 2/17/2017. $365,000

416 S Broadway, 416 Broadway LLC to BB 416 Broadway Venture LLC; 2/21/2017 $1,000,000

503 Bayshore Road, JTG Group to Longfellow William, Martins Graziela De Paula; 2/21/2017. $639,000


621 W Burk Ave, Straga Linda M to Ostrowski Sven E; 2/17/2017. $250,000

205 W Roberts Ave, US Bank, Lsf9 Master Participation Trust, Caliber Real Estate Services LLC to Patulea Ciprian Nicolae; 2/21/2017. $191,000

214 E Spencer Ave Unit B, Schickling David P, Schickling Margaret M to Wilson John D, Wilson Kimberlee M; 2/28/2017. $212,500


114 W Hollywood Ave, Schaffer Gary G, Papa Gary J, Royal Bank America, Dubell Lumber Co, Asselt Patricia, Dinaso & Sons Building Supply Co, Pagnotto Carol, Stephens G Martinelli Land Surveying to Carnesale Greg; 2/16/2017. $155,500

5717 Lake Road, Martin Robert, Martin Katherine J to Dumbleton Elizabeth Ann, Dumbleton Miles Curtis; 2/16/2017. $295,000

6201 Ocean Ave, Freddie Mac, Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones PC to Schmitt Bette Ann; 2/16/2017. $170,000

7601 Atlantic Ave Unit 105, Crocetti Domenic A, Crocetti Franca R to Germscheid Lynn Marie; 2/16/2017 $422,500

317 E Topeka Ave Unit 2, Strachan Gerald F, Strachan Karen T to Hughes James J, Hughes Erica D; 2/28/2017. $142,000

407 E Monterey Ave Unit 303, Benedetto Ernest A, Benedetto Cassandra A to Notaro Stephen J, Notaro Olga; 2/28/2017. $515,000

7007 New Jersey Ave Unit 3, Cullen Eamonn, Cullen Deirdre to Buzby Robert Barry, Buzby Kathleen Beth; 2/28/2017. $285,000

Cumberland County


21 Kirby Ave, Morris Carolyn J to Doroteo Nancy Yaell Cruz; 3/2/2017. $110,000

289 E Commerce St, McPherson Cecil E, Charles D III to Parrales Jonathan; 3/2/2017. $18,000

632 N Pearl St, Terrigno Cosmo P to JMT LLC; 3/3/2017. $400,000


Lores Lane, Bateman Sherry Lee, Tribbett David to Stortini Ronald; 3/2/2017. $40,000


Fairton Road, Sorantino John A Jr to Ag-Mart Produce Inc; 3/2/2017. $920,440


4 June Drive, Loper George J, Loper Irene J, Loper Michael David to Parenti Robert V; 3/1/2017. $65,000


3038 Seaview Ave, Lambert Christine and Michael to Barringer Jana C and Jason; 3/3/2017. $181,400


Wade Boulevard, Think Snow LLC to R Way Tooling LLC; 3/1/2017, $55,893


1241 N Main Road, Consalo Farms Inc to Diamond Blueberry Inc; 3/1/2017. $700,000

1363 Garrison Road, Fresella Frank J, Fresella Jacqueline to Gomez Charles Daniel, Jones Kristine Liana; 3/1/2017. $145,000

3346 N West Blvd, Grasso Howard J to Karpolorich Adam P and Linda M; 3/1/2017. $172,000

55 N Valley Ave, Brown Martha A Yurksza, Brown Steven C to Mejias Iris J; 3/1/2017. $145,000

1152 Utopia Lane, Fabrick Marian, Fedor Michael, Fedor Nancy to Gonzalez Iris E; 3/2/2017. $160,000

2116 E Wheat Road, Vai Anna, Vai David L, Vai Etalo to Belvedere Properties LLC; 3/2/2017. $62,000

2399 Brookhaven Drive, Fannie Mae, Sherman Jonathan, Stern Lavinthal & Frankenberg LLC to Mazowski David; 3/2/2017. $89,000

2668 London Lane, Hogback Group LLC, Melcer Chaim to Sherwood Forest Homes LLC; 3/2/2017. $61,000

3001 E Chestnut Ave K103, Nassiri Vahideh to Petetti Santa; 3/2/2017. $156,980

44 Northwood Drive, Caliber Real Estate Services LLC, Lsf9 Master Participation Trust, US Bank to Gonzalez Nelson; 3/2/2017. $135,000

Ocean County


910 Bayview Ave, Emilio Development Inc to Kline Jeffrey, Kline Lee Ann; 2/28/2017. $496,500


17 Aspen Circle, Demonch Daniel, Demonch Amber to Cogdill James William, Cogdill Traci Eileen; 2/27/2017. $201,600

101 Beverly Drive, Anlas Patricia L to Franciosi David Joseph, Franciosi Brooke Nicole; 2/27/2017. $199,000

59 Tuckerton Road, Bydlik Brian G, Bydlik Margaret Kean to Dos Santos Horacio, Dos Santos Maria; 2/27/2017. $18,000

1024 W Bay Ave, Wianecki David R, Wianecki Shannon L to Dibenedetto Robert, Anderson Samantha; 2/28/2017. $206,000


22 Eagle Ridge Lane, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, Deutsche Bank, GSAA Home Equity Trust 2007-5 to Brennan James M; 2/27/2017. $260,000


6506 & 6508 Holly Ave, Holly Cedars LLC, D’Alessandro Kathleen S, Ghegan Robert W, Ghegan Elizabeth, Ghegan James D to Muhlschlegel Jeffrey, Muhlschlegal Lauren; 2/27/2017. $701,000

5411E Long Beach Blvd, Ziman Development Inc to Zugelder Daniel, Zugelder Lori; 2/28/2017. $3,775,000


1243 Taylor Lane, King Ruth A, Pavase Donald, King William to 1243 Taylor Lane 08731 LLC; 2/28/2017. $95,000

1206 Plover Court, Kopac John T, Kopac Susan to Robinson Scott E; 2/27/2017. $355,300

410 Lawrence Drive, Berlinski Lawrence W Jr to Van Pelt Jessica, Van Pelt Matthew; 2/28/2017. $217,000

908 Buena Vista Road, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust A to Digiovanna Richard; 2/28/2017. $62,100

213 Conifer Drive, Widman Carl E, Widman Mary Jean M to Conlon Carlene, Vermeal Cody; 2/28/2017. $188,000


37 W Brig Drive, Lubetkin Jay L, Luppino Carmelo, Luppino Charlene to Benavides Pablo M, Jouan-Benavides Natalia; 2/27/2017. $53,000

24 Hillcrest Lane, Argento George, Argento Dawn to Makowski Thomas, Makowski Joy C; 2/27/2017. $222,000

24 Pier Point, Baez Santos, Baez Olga to Ciccone Joseph, Ciccone Roseanne; 2/27/2017. $229,000

7 Hometown Court, Weinfeld Yitzchak, Yym Partners LLC to 7 Hometown LLC; 2/28/2017. $190,000

18 Peterson Drive, Katz Darren, Katz Lisa to NYC Reo LLC; 2/28/2017. $169,976

13 Townhouse Lane, Ciotola John, Ciotola Diane to Achim Enterprises LLC; 2/28/2017. $60,500

51 Oakland Bay Court, Wells Fargo, World Savings Bank FSB to Richardson William H III; 2/28/2017. $95,000


10 E Kentucky Ave, Hidalgo Andrew, Hidalgo Jane E to Castello Christopher; 2/27/2017. $1,128,102

169C Long Beach Blvd, Capital One, Altisource Solutions Inc to Ziman Development Inc; 2/27/2017. $940,799

17 W 29th St, Sparks Kevin H, Sparks Lara to Moinar Marika E; 2/27/2017. $795,000

10 Tebco Terrace, Pressey Dennis Jr, Home Evolutions LLC to Omni and Brook Holdings LLC; 2/28/2017. $230,000

2603 S Long Beach Blvd, Marlin Beach LLC to Malfi Thomas R, Malfi Anne Marie; 2/28/2017. $1,800,000

13001 Long Beach Blvd, Quinlan Thomas J, Quinlan Joanne P to Quinlan-Burr Denise, Burr William R; 2/28/2017. $477,000


151 Seaspray Road, Gunsten Keith R, Gunsten Catherine M to Gronczewski Rory J, Elley Danielle; 2/27/2017. $165,000

43 Weaver Drive, Kelmartin Thomas P, Yesinko Stephen A to Yesinko Stephen A; 2/27/2017. $140,000

44 Glenn Drive, Tesauro Joseph F Jr to Haverford Associates LLC; 2/27/2017. $130,000

48 Oak Ave, Rodgers Matthew, Rodgers Kathleen to Quinn Richard, Quinn Dianna; 2/28/2017. $110,000


326 N 9th St, Sands Jeffrey Bruce to Schaffer Leslie Lillian Sands, Schaffer Thomas; 2/28/2017. $175,000

21 N 17th St, Yonker Daniel F, Yonker Sharon A to Gates John Patrick, Gates Meghan; 2/27/2017. $975,000

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

Contact: 609-272-7234

Twitter @danielpgrote


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