Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7253.

Atlantic County


101 Raleigh Ave Unit 615, Kershenblatt Michele to Griff John R; 01/11/17. $40,000

1635 N Missouri Ave, Johnson Todd to Kelsey Terri L; 01/11/17. $80,000

2 S Hartford Ave Unit C6, Cohen Leonard to Perlman Mark; 01/12/17. $15,000

2511 Fairmount Ave, Dawson Victor J to Ahmed Mohammed R; 01/12/17. $25,000

1107 Baltic Ave, Rodson Jean to YSL 18 LLC; 01/12/17. $26,500

674 Carolyn Terrace, Depaul Kimberly to Azer Antoney B; 01/12/17. $39,000

101 S Raleigh Ave Unit 616, Corso Carl Jr to Black Edward; 01/12/17. $41,500

2141 Kuehnle Ave, Sawicki Daniel to Lorimar Continental Prop LLC; 01/12/17. $60,000

3901 Ventnor Ave, Deutsche Bank to Concrete Development LLC; 01/12/17. $150,000

4501 Atlantic Ave Unit A3, Wenick Helen to Hernandez Haydee L; 01/13/17. $22,000

4501 Atlantic Ave Unit A7, Craddock Joseph J to Hernandez Haydee L; 01/13/17. $25,000

4117 S Blvd, Jackson Lola N to Hunter Ben; 01/13/17. $85,000

3851 Boardwalk Unit 1512, McGurn Thomas P to Dann Carol; 01/13/17. $245,000

2707 Pacific Ave, 2707 Pacific LLC to Smac Hotels LLC; 01/13/17. $415,000


331 41st St South, Sabara Eric to McNally Brian John; 01/11/17. $235,000

6 Alberta Drive, JPMorgan Chase Bank to 6 Alberta LLC; 01/12/17. $89,250

123 Lincoln Drive, Cusano Lenore T to Starrett Gregory; 01/12/17. $160,000

4721 Atlantic Brigantine Blvd, Ronan Joseph to Collins James J Jr; 01/12/17. $220,000

4901 Harbor Beach Blvd Unit T-9, Fannie Mae to Griff John; 01/13/17. $59,900

103 Sailfish Drive, Hoffman Barbara L to Riendeau Joanne; 01/13/17. $247,500

330 42nd St South Unit 52, Fricker Emily H to Zohlman John; 01/13/17. $355,000


Antler Avenue, McAvaddy Gregory M to Speer Thomas C; 01/13/17. $46,000


1653 Philadelphia Ave, Cedar Creek Ptnrs LLC to Atlas Georgeann L; 01/13/17. $157,000


453 London Court II, Tardif Eric K to Martinez Sylvia; 01/11/17. $84,000

202 Maple Ave, Smith Katherine E to Fire Office Park Holdings LLC; 01/11/17. $140,000

216 Mallard Lane, Matzel & Mumford At Egg Harbor LLC to Nhan Kim L; 01/11/17. $159,900

110 Windwood Drive, Deutsche Bank to Nguyen Thao; 01/11/17. $166,454

120 Snowdrop Road, Luisi Frank W to Irwin Robert G Sr; 01/11/17. $216,000

6 Ships Drive, Bender River Entrp LLC to Northeast Holding Group LLC; 01/12/17. $23,000

546 London Court II, Castillo Alvarez Edwin C to Ney Meredith L; 01/12/17. $80,000

1 Plymouth Terrace, Freddie Mac, Alicea Alexander; 01/12/17. $145,000

305 Sanderling Lane, Chan David to Patzer Ronald; 01/12/17. $258,000

5 Stafford Ave, Bayview Loan Serv LLC to Hakobyan Tatevik; 01/13/17. $60,000

111 Sandbar Road, Landmark Development No 4 LLC to NVR Inc; 01/13/17. $64,250

379 and 381 Zion Road, Sally A Watson to Sleepy Hollow Family Campground LP; 01/13/17. $215,000

10 Daffodil Road, DR Horton Inc NJ to Palacios Amalia; 01/13/17. $235,990


9 Waterview Drive #72, Veacock Kathleen A to Chamberlin Jeffrey; 01/11/17. $58,000

423 S 2nd Ave, Bank of NY Mellon to Resmerowski Christoph; 01/11/17. $115,500

317 Xanthus Ave, Lyons Brian to Maderia Richard; 01/11/17. $133,000

456 Xanthus Ave, Bayview Loan Serv LLC to Cholula Maria E; 01/11/17. $158,000

332 Cos Cob Drive, Cappolino Albert M Jr to Cappolina Albert M; 01/11/17. $225,000

Ebony Tree Avenue, McLaughlin Robert S to Leeds Ronald J Jr; 01/12/17. $50,000

708 8th Ave, Green Robin L to Cintron Belen N; 01/12/17. $170,000

438 Poplar Ave, NJHR 2 LLC to Kayasth Sweta N; 01/12/17. $177,000

418 E Jimmie Leeds Road, Mianecki Sandra to DMP Galloway LLC; 01/12/17. $185,000


6304 Nelson Ave, Hernandez Maria E to Dottavio Dante; 01/11/17. $127,800

4504 & 4506 Catawba Ave, Hyndman Wayne to Schneeweis Joseph; 01/11/17. $215,000

70 Ernst Court, Fernmoor Homes At Woods Landing LLC to Reale Robert; 01/11/17. $326,441

2522 Cottonwood Court, STS Consulting LLC to JBSR 1 LLC; 01/12/17. $17,500

6966 Strand Ave, Wells Fargo to Houser Alan; 01/12/17. $161,000

2821 Second St, Imper Realty Corp to Imperatore Arthur E Sr; 01/13/17. $15,700

3028 Linden Ave, Hodiwala Dinyar B to Liepe Matthew; 01/13/17. $62,000

2953 Cologne Ave, Pasche Roland to Liepe Matthew D; 01/13/17. $63,000

5923 Berry Drive, JPMorgan Chase Bank to Bakersville Investment Group LLC; 01/13/17. $75,733


809 Oakwood Drive, Gibson Robert S to Bittner Michael; 01/11/17. $232,000

203 N Third St, Brennan Timothy to Fisk Christopher J; 01/12/17. $289,000


901 Woode Lynne Blvd, Hollander Malcolm to NJ Block LLC; 01/11/17. $152,500

550 Central Ave/H16 Franklin Court, Boeckel Edward L Jr to Dedomenicis Gregory J; 01/12/17. $121,900

1910 Wabash Ave, Dougherty Kevin to Hall Christopher J; 01/12/17. $282,000


201 N Coolidge Ave Unit A4, HSBC Bank to Hadam John A; 01/11/17. $128,100

9507 Pacific Ave Unit 16, Ross R Douglas to Smith Jonah; 01/11/17. $131,900

9409 Winchester Ave Unit B, Medoff Richard to Shah Amit V; 01/11/17. $624,000

207 N Lancaster Ave, Finkenauer Kurt L to Stein Richard; 01/12/17. $300,000

511 N Clermont Ave, Sutow Marc to Dounoulis Nicholas; 01/12/17. $320,000

9606 Amherst Ave, Greenspun Phil to Hummingbird Living Tr; 01/12/17. $461,670

216 N Essex Ave, Baglivo Steven to Bundy Felice; 01/12/17. $550,000

9306 Monmouth Ave Unit A, Gray Richard to Leber Ernest H; 01/13/17. $356,000


3425 Moores Ave, Holloway Charles A Jr to Hodges Scott J; 01/12/17. $145,000

1211 Seventh Ave, Imper Realty Corp to Imperatore Arthur E Sr; 01/13/17. $10,600


1111 Mill Road, Three O Henry Drive LLC to Tropiano Development Corp; 01/11/17. $200,000

300 Davis Ave, McGrath Patricia A to McGrath Michael F; 01/13/17. $155,000


23 E Greenfield Ave, Travis John Anthony to Bandi Jfs LLC; 01/11/17. $38,000

1020 N Maine St, Kellis Albert to Saint Angelo Homes LLC; 01/12/17. $22,500

124 Sassafras Run Condo, Akerman Eli to Gupta Meenakshi; 01/12/17. $35,000

507 Shaw Ave, Ramos Jorge A to Lopez Miguel A; 01/13/17. $37,500


119 Princeton Road, Weiss Janice M to Weiss Dorothy J; 01/11/17. $124,800

22 Somers Ave, Tierno Barbara A to Brucker Berton G II; 01/12/17. $162,900

28 Gulph Mill Road, Pattison Kristen to Senseney Donna M; 01/12/17. $165,000

810 Second St, Baker Timothy R to Castillo Garcia Edgar; 01/12/17. $231,000


116 Dudley Ave, Migioia Marlon E to Foti Anthony M; 01/12/17. $78,000

15 N Buffalo Ave, Willard Audrey R to Craig Vi LLC; 01/12/17. $115,000

309 Essex Court, Bundy Herbert to Gorsky Jill; 01/12/17. $165,000

504 Suffolk Ave, Carmean Lori Ellen to Cramasta Joseph M; 01/13/17. $205,000

Cape May County


1208 Maryland Ave, Rubino Susan, Rubino Sebastian to Baldwin Diane M; 12/28/2016. $815,000

501 Beach Ave Unit 117, Eastman D Beth to Valley of the Moon Realty LLC; 12/29/2016. $66,666

501 Beach Ave Unit 116, Eastman D Beth to Valley of the Moon Realty LLC; 12/29/2016. $66,666

501 Beach Ave Unit 110, Eastman Darcy B to Valley of the Moon Realty LLC; 12/29/2016. $66,668

111 North St, Moran Alex, Rivera Nancy to Guill Lee R, Guill Kristyn W; 12/29/2016. $710,000

257 Grant St, Cole Alison E, Cole Jeanne Ross, Cole Alexander G, Cole Peter G to Backe John D; 12/29/2016. $820,000

1524B Yacht Ave, Avena Robert, Avena Pamela to Gehringer Stephen, Gehringer Joyce, Hipps Edward, Hipps Debra; 12/29/2016. $970,000


39 Lincoln Ave, Notaro Stephen A, Notaro Elaine R to Somers Jeffrey, Somers Lisa A; 12/29/2016. $857,000


30 Blue Heron Drive, US Bank, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC to McMonagle Mark F, McMonagle Patricia L; 12/29/2016. $215,500


9900 Seapoint Blvd, Seapointe Associates LLC to Chojnacki Christina A; 12/28/2016. $515,000

9900 Seapointe Blvd, Seapointe Associates LLC to Goldsmith Michael, Goldsmith Mary M; 12/28/2016. $610,000

258 E Delaware Parkway, Scott Sarah T to Pawlus Claudio; 12/29/2016. $35,000

105 E Drumbed Road, US Bank, Lsf8 Master Participation Trust, Caliber Real Estate Services LLC to Robey Cherie; 12/29/2016. $130,000

402 Margaret St, Miller Thomas G, Anderson Gertrude E to Caffey John Jr; 12/29/2016. $182,000

2 Monarch Court, McDaniels Donald G, McDaniels Rosalie P to Brooker Roger S, Brooker Colleen R; 12/29/2016. $359,900

301 Beach Drive, Menser Keith J, Menser Dawn L to Colussi John, Galante Linda; 12/29/2016. $819,000


7 2nd Drive, Malone Ann C, Meserve Anne C, Malone Peter, Malone Anna C, Malone Thomas J to Cabral Michael, Cabral Jessica B; 12/28/2016. $525,000

12 E Main St, Bank of America to DJA Land Holdings LLC; 12/29/2016. $51,000

12 Goshen Road, Jackson William E Jr, Jackson Mary A to De Wald Kevin, 12/29/2016; $85,000

804 Edgewood Ave, Bank of New York Mellon, Cwabs Inc, Ditech Financial LLC, Green Tree Servicing LLC to Bowne Daniel, Bowne Josephine; 12/29/2016. $87,500

278 Indian Trail, Malloy Carolyn, Malloy Frank J Jr to Grandizio-Papperman Joseph T; 12/29/2016. $137,500

4 Cypress Court, Nause Michele M, Nause David A to Maleno John J, Maleno Dolores L, Birkmire Kim M; 12/29/2016. $260,000

20 Julia Court, Anderson Lori, Pullman Sharon to McHale Robert, McHale Cheryl; 12/29/2016. $335,000


206B JFK Blvd, Murray John Joseph III, Murray Donna L to Murray John J IV, Murray Casey P; 12/28/2016. $610,000

500 Kennedy Drive, Concilio Anthony J III to Grike J Kelly, Grike Nancy; 12/29/2016. $145,000

214 E 24th Ave, Lannon Daniel P to Fleming John L, Fleming Annette; 12/29/2016. $320,000

737 W Pine Ave, Quirk Linda M, Chesnovsky Mary T, Chesnovsky Joseph to Aitken Charles T, Aitken Margaret A; 12/29/2016. $342,000

317 E 24th Ave Unit H, Maconaghy Jeffrey to Hamilton Matthew P, Hamilton Dawn M; 12/29/2016. $357,000

758 W Oak Ave, Seihar LLC to Stab Paul M, Stab Penny M; 12/29/2016. $479,000


5752-54 West Ave Unit 1, Ohlson Elizabeth A, Ohlson Richard F to Best Robert L, Best Maureen C; 12/28/2016. $405,000

2818 Asbury Ave, Giberson Harvey, Giberson Mary to Hess James, Hess Laurie; 12/28/2016. $439,500

2411 Asbury Ave, Haarmeyer Chris, Haarmeyer Stephanie to Hoff William, Hoff Jane; 12/28/2016. $475,000

2954-56 West Ave, Spuler Daniel, Spuler Diane to Eichman Monica, Wjite Marianne Passarelli; 12/28/2016. $485,000

1235 Central Ave Unit 2, Neitzel James E, Neitzel Ann H to Stone William Rodney, Laverick-Stone Suzanne; 12/28/2016. $599,000

300-302 Atlantic Ave Unit 302, Murray John Joseph III to Murray Shane B; 12/28/2016. $880,000

2609-11 Wesley Ave 1st Floor, Oceanfront Associates LLC to 2609 Wesley Avenue Associates LLC; 12/28/2016. $2,700,000

1008 Wesley Ave, Beard William Jason, Beard Ana Silva to Speers Brooke J; 12/29/2016. $206,000

10-12 Ocean Road, Agasar James F, Agasar Mary Jane B to Brown William, Brown Sue; 12/29/2016. $340,000

5734 Asbury Ave, Curran Michael J, Curran Theresa C to Christman Wayne, Christman Denise; 12/29/2016. $544,000

5536 Central Ave 1st Floor, Dubs Lawrence, Dubs Michele to Moffa Louis R Jr, Moffa Donna S; 12/29/2016. $695,000

5 Morningside Road, Bank of New York Mellon, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Curry Joseph Mathias, Tzeng Diana Lee; 12/29/2016 $700,400


7505 Central Ave Unit South, Properties of SJ Peters Mary Lou; 12/28/2016. $820,000

117 47th St West, Pettine Melissa E, Pettine Marc A to Hartzell Michael P, Hartzell Amy R; 12/28/2016. $859,500

28 53rd St, Brinck Lis Kjaer, Gannon Richard L to Aitken Robert C, Aitken Leslie; 12/28/2016. $1,788,000


15 99th St, Di Giamberardino John A, Di Giamberardino Lucille to De Woody Kimbery L; 12/28/2016. $710,000

E-47 Stone Court, Taylor Edward B, Taylor Jane V to Kinckner Glenn, Morris Robert; 12/29/2016. $790,000


34 Margate Ave, Malavenda Frances, Martin Patrick F to Carlson-Fluharty Emily J; 12/29/2016. $166,000

5 Brewhaus Lane, Freddie Mac, Phelan Hallinan Diamond & Jones PC to McDermott William J, McDermott Gloria R; 12/29/2016. $240,000

33 W Katharine Ave, Simmerman Christopher L, Simmerman Jaclyn M to Young Adam K; 12/29/2016. $284,000


120 E Youngs Ave Unit 201R, 2519 Lockleigh Associates LLC to Stahl William A Jr, Stahl Valerie; 12/29/2016. $115,000


419 E Monterey Ave, Alberici Thomas M, Alberici Deborah A to Glovas Michael R; 12/28/2016. $400,000

7403 New Jersey Ave, Moffett Arthur W, Moffett Carolyn W to Eife Christopher P, Eife Linda J; 12/29/2016. $210,000

406 E Stanton Road, Tomsky Scott D, Tomsky Brunelle A to Sweeney Joseph P, Sweeney Rachel B; 12/29/2016. $392,500

121 W Rosemary Road, Shore Real Estate Developers LLC to Brown William C, Brown Patricia, Gehringer Robert M, Gehringer Christine E; 12/29/2016. $495,000

Cumberland County


1953 Fairton Road, Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc, Deutsche Bank, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Schmeelk Catherine; 1/30/2017. $64,044

816 Pine St, Noblett Richard W Jr, Roberts Renee R, Roberts Stanley to Barran Hemchan; 1/30/2017. $50,000

950 W Buckshutem Road, Bank of America, C-Bass Mortgage Loan, Lasalle Bank, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, US Bank to Watson Bill; 1/30/2017. $52,549

338 Briar Drive, Kristovich Anthony III, Kristovich Dana L to Emmons William Daniel; 1/31/2017. $166,000


34 E Finley Road, Woodward Blanche R, Woodward Earl Est, Woodward Garry R to Humphrey Herbert C; 1/31/2017. $146,000

660 Irving Ave, Rose Land & Finance Corp to Dunns Wendy; 1/31/2017. $44,000


1697 Caitlin Drive, Bank of New York Mellon, Cwabs Inc, Specialized Asset Management LLC to Cohen Adam; 1/31/2017. $67,301

2102 E Oak Road Unit H3, Guzman Alejandro to Castro Kristen L; 1/31/2017. $159,900

Ocean County


17 Mutineer Ave, NVR Inc, Ryan Homes to Deleeuw David; 1/31/2017. $394,157

34 Rockland St, Heritage Point Inc to Lombardo Bernadette M; 1/30/2017. $339,785

118 Montclair Road North, Barlok Joseph, Barlok Madeline to Kinder Eugene L Iii, Kinder Heather; 1/31/2017. $220,000

173 Beverly Drive, Deutsche Bank, Home Equity Mortgage Loan Asset Backed Trust, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Smith Melanie; 1/31/2017. $137,874

19 Grace Place, R Stone and Co, Stonehill at Barnegat LLC to Macomber Nicole; 1/31/2017. $362,120


227 Fourth St, Derrico Nick, 4th Street LLC to 227 Holdings LLC; 1/31/2017. $1,050,000

119 Ocean St, McHale James P, McHale Jennifer Daly to 119 Ocean Street LLC; 1/30/2017. $772,146

218 Second Ave, Gotlib Shawn, Gotlib Aime to 2nd Street LLC; 1/30/2017. $425,000

211 N Delaware Ave, Whitney Marshall Family LLP, Marshall Whitney L, Deverter Joyce Ray, Binet Judith Ann to Duffy Andrew, Duffy Jean; 1/31/2017. $400,000

516 Leeward Ave, Scannapiego Saveren, Zhou Li to Marrone Ryan A; 1/31/2017. $1,550,000


155 Route 9, Loveland Nancy Helen, Wisner Helen R to King Robert Wayne; 1/31/2017. $38,000


5308H Long Beach Blvd, Noble John, Noble Lynn to Engle Bridget, Engle Michael; 1/31/2017. $2,000,000


313 Quail Hill Drive, Seminerio Angelo, Barnett Pamela M, Barnett Charles D to Vecchio Robert, Vecchio Christopher; 1/31/2017. $201,000

34 Bobwhite Court, Perugino Peter, Pluta Jaime to Giovanni Donna; 1/31/2017. $225,000

439 Cedar Drive, Giovanni Donna to Langan Christina, Langan Michael; 1/31/2017. $258,000

316 Bayside East Parkway, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley Abs Capital I Inc, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Thompson Robert; 1/30/2017. $201,984

112 Sea Bright Road, Pastore Daniel D to Peluso Michael A; 1/30/2017. $160,000

2130 Hollywood Drive, 2130 Hollywood LLC, Grunfeld Menashe to Crossley Robert Jr, Merlo Deborah A; 1/31/2017. $238,500

401 Bay Way, Wrazen Lidia to Heim Joseph E; 1/31/2017. $215,000

380 Constitution Drive, Abe’s NY Realty LLC, Kohn Abraham Z to Triana Edwin; 1/31/2017. $270,000


13 N Commodore Drive, Albertson Russell C, Albertson Eileen D to Catalfumo Daniel, Catalfumo Joann; 1/30/2017. $85,000

218 Lake Champlain Drive, Bank of America, Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co, M&T Bank, Hudson City Savings Bank to Rubin Aaron; 1/31/2017. $88,000

235 Yorktowne Drive, Lewis Earl C, Brown Charles M to Tesoriero Vincent, Tesoriero Catherine; 1/31/2017. $120,000

50 Lake Superior Drive, Politz Tracey, Politz Robert to 50 Lake Superior Drive LLC; 1/31/2017. $50,000

110 Juniper Drive, Keb Hana Bank, BNB Real Estate Holding LLC to Cummings Kevin, Cummings Anne; 1/31/2017. $25,000

120 Lake Winnipesaukee Drive, Madia Heloisa Dossantos to Morton Craig, Morton Veronica Llyn; 1/31/2017. $200,000


29 W Carolina Ave, Bernd Richard L, Bernd Beverly L to Bernd Kyle, Bernd Peggy L; 1/31/2017. $300,000

27 E 77th St Unit 1, Martino Michael, Martino Gloria to Lynch Thomas H, Lynch Patricia J; 1/30/2017. $315,000

332 Cranberry Drive, Dipaola George, Dapaola Vincent Arrigo to Besler Brain Trust LLC; 1/31/2017. $840,000


111 Marine Road, Phebus Andrea, Snyder Robert A, Phebus Richard, Dealaman Cindy to Pimm Justin, Pimm Courtney; 1/31/2017. $103,000

335 Tuscarora Ave, Witzig Donald K, Witzig Kathlene J to Drexel Thomas, Drexel Lori; 1/31/2017. $165,000

309 Eighth St, Parkway Group LLC, Weinfeld Yitzchok to Adar Aleph LLC; 1/31/2017. $140,000


507 Lighthouse Drive, Gallagher Rose, Kane Mark J to North Shore Homes LLC; 1/31/2017. $45,000

609 E Bay Ave, ACMSSF II Inc to Manahawkin Acquisition LLC; 1/31/2017. $4,150,000

492 Pirate Lane, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard, Fannie Mae to Highstream LLC; 1/31/2017. $135,000


402 Ibis Court, Higgins Richard R, TD Bank, Ocean County, New Jersey State, Cape May County, Bayview Condominium Association, Ford Motor Credit Company LLC, Ocean County Sheriff, PNC Bank to Kranz Akiva; 1/31/2017. $60,000

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

Contact: 609-272-7234

Twitter @danielpgrote


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