Transactions are from county property records. Settlement dates are listed; deed filings may be delayed. Location may reflect address of seller rather than property sold. If your property is incorrectly listed, call 609-272-7234.

Due to a transmission error, Cape May County listings for May will be reprinted each week as space permits.

Atlantic County


18 Natalie Terrace, Gmat Legal Title Tr 2013 1 to Martyn Francis C Jr; 06/06/17. $125,000

37 Ables Run Drive, Cartlidge Edward to Catona John Joseph Jr; 06/06/17. $185,000

40 Ables Run Drive, Collesano Peter T/Heir to Seery James; 06/08/17. $153,000

553 Absecon Blvd, Patel Hansa to Mjrajveerat LLC; 06/08/17. $600,000


121 N Florida Ave, Geiger Carl to Bb Truong LLC; 06/01/17. $39,300

105 Albion Place, Weidinger Bichthuy to Hua Ting Realty LLC; 06/01/17. $150,000

1 S Raleigh Ave, Davidowitz Cheryl Bennett to Mevco Real Estate LLC; 06/01/17. $375,000

159 S Tennessee Ave, One Six One S Tennessee LLC to US Bank; 06/02/17. $71,449

109 S Albion Place, Whelan Joseph to Lang A Robin/Atty; 06/02/17. $170,000

1731 Atlantic Ave, East Atlantic Rentals LLC to Jonuzi Dritan; 06/02/17. $250,000

3112-3114 Atlantic Ave, Osorio Germain to 3112 Atlantic Ave Holdings LLC; 06/05/17. $275,000

2721 Boardwalk Unit 512, Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Patermo Anthony; 06/06/17. $42,500

516 Grammercy Place, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Lin Yin; 06/06/17. $83,000

216 Dylan Drive, Atlantic City Housing Auth & Urban Redevelopment Agcy to Brock Dierdre; 06/06/17. $132,000

3101 Boardwalk Unit 2303 T2, Rubin Judith O to Yankelewitz Shmuel; 06/06/17. $170,000


1102 E Evans Blvd, Power John Mark to Weiss Robert C; 06/01/17. $289,000

4901 Harbor Beach Blvd Unit S-4, Housing Opportunities Corp to Espinoza Porfirio; 06/02/17. $49,000

14 Cummings Place, Karsko Elaine A to Thomas Chester J III; 06/02/17. $185,000

204 E Beach Ave, Antinozzi Mary Lou to Jones Larry R; 06/05/17. $384,900

12 Lighthouse Cove A, Hinderer Joan to Blue Sky Prop LLC; 06/06/17. $60,000

1007 E Shore Road, Stevens Jo A to Mantz Carl W; 06/06/17. $75,000

428 W Shore Drive Unit 4, Fusco Nancejean/Atty to Corbett Douglas N; 06/06/17. $290,000


108 Hammonton Road, US Bank to 19050 Rollins LLC; 06/01/17. $96,439


1252 Harding Hwy, Melon Elizabeth to Harding Highway Real Estate LLC; 06/08/17. $215,000


123 Aetna Drive, Salerno Joseph to Santoro Sherry; 06/01/17. 375,000


1955 Philadelphia Ave, JP Morgan Chase Bk to Joma Properties LLC; 06/05/17. $95,000

618 Chicago Ave, Federal National Mtg Assn to Kelly John; 06/07/17. $38,900


135 Pennington Ave, Wells Fargo Bk to Lazri Valmir; 06/01/17. $170,000

244 Ivy Road Drive, Horton Inc NJ to Micale Nancy M; 06/01/17. $250,000

500 Glenn Ave, Sayvone Lat to Mazzeo Federico R; 06/01/17. $265,000

109 Sandbar Road, Nvr Inc to Mcgriff Donna; 06/01/17. $277,918

200 Maxwell Court, Caliber Real Estate Serv LLC to Zane Susan Marie; 06/02/17. $87,965.85

22 Dorset Ave, Fannie Mae to Ginsberg Denise; 06/05/17. $76,900

120 Belmont Drive, Gallagher Scott L to Rodriguez Juleo; 06/05/17. $216,000

104 Lighthouse Lane, Spagnolo Linda B to Kurtz Geoffrey N; 06/05/17. $269,900

6 Tulip Road, Martin Deborah Lee/Exrx&Tr to Joan Readding Rev Liv Tr; 06/06/17. $215,000

2 Diamond Drive, Thomas John to Mosetti Lewis; 06/06/17. $225,000

403 Oakland Ave, Summerville Samuel A to Rouse Jason M; 06/06/17. $226,000

406 Starfish Lane, Nvr Inc to Morrison Alyssa R; 06/06/17. $353,688


111 8th Ave, Fannie Mae to Garcia Santiago; 06/02/17. $178,000


7 E Park Ave, Albert Ruth E to Gazzara Brian Keith; 06/02/17. 35,000


1 Mattix Run, Tolentino Edilberto to Atencio Zoilo; 06/01/17. $70,000

322a Willow Ave aka 322a S Willow Ave, Bekete Christopher to White Katrina; 06/01/17. $165,000

465 S Ash Ave, U.S HUD to Nowak Karl P; 06/02/17. $55,016

128 S Pitney Road, Rehman Amjad to US Bank; 06/02/17. $89,250

754 E Cooper Ferry Court, 21st Mortgage Corp to Parillo Brenda L; 06/02/17. $133,000

259 Limerick St, Malkus Kurt to Aguilu Jane; 06/05/17. $192,000

13 Derby Drive, Seymour Dianne/Exrx to Palermo Richard J; 06/05/17. $197,500

41 Derby Drive, Ziaee Abdolreza to Roemer Jay; 06/05/17. $243,000

99 Sussex Place, Par 4 Inv Group LLC to Golan Regina; 06/06/17. $66,000

103 Paget Way Squillante Frank A Kolakowski Edna M 06/06/17 172,000.00

208 Wedgewood Court, Somers Dean A to Kalman Steven; 06/06/17. $190,000


5905 Mulberry Drive, Dalton Annie D/Exrx to Vargas Eduardo J; 06/01/17. $109,000

6361 Monmouth Drive, Marker Richard to Gras Christina; 06/02/17. $43,000

5923 Hickory St, Dodson Lori Melitta Haak Imperatore Shelly A; 06/02/17. $350,900

2545 Cologne Ave, Puggi Michael to Bates Wesley; 06/05/17. $53,000

2545 Cologne Ave, Castle 2016 LLC to Puggi Michael; 06/05/17. $53,000

6204 Seventh St, Fannie Mae to Rhodes James P; 06/05/17. $104,900

6883 Landis Ave, Bates Wesley to Dempsey Christopher E Sr; 06/05/17. $187,000

11 Princeton Place, Richardson Michael A to Jenner Pamela A; 06/05/17. $240,000


211 W Forest Drive, Ellerman Richard John to Smith Paul A; 06/02/17. $252,000

409 Danielle Drive, Balcerski Marla to Hirsch Jonathan; 06/06/17. $540,000

7 Falling Water Drive, Williams James D to Gallo Pratt Nicole; 06/08/17. $250,000


412 N Kenyon Ave, Wolf George M/Exr to William Wolf and Michael J Wolf Rev Tr; 06/02/17. $322,500

7 S Cedar Grove Ave, Seven S Cedar Grove LLC to Checchia Lewis; 06/02/17. $685,000

313 N Union Ave, Suchoff Rochelle to Chapman Real Estate Holdings LLC; 06/02/17. $770,000

14 N Sumner Ave, Hendler Lewis to Schwartz David; 06/02/17. $1,450,000

309 N Nassau Ave, Roitman Jonathan M to Hancock Alexandra; 06/05/17. $520,000

9517 Atlantic Ave Unit A10, Matozzo Jamie to Shore Jami; 06/06/17. $160,000

215 N Huntington Ave, Argus Craig to Chapman Real Estate Holdings LLC; 06/06/17. $230,000


1005 Walnut Ave, U.S. HUD to Ozoria Francisco A; 06/01/17. $132,000

18 Locust Drive, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Chowdhury Alock; 06/02/17. $85,000


211 Noahs Landing Road, Valmar Properties LLC to Echevarria Elvin J; 06/01/17. $40,000

612 Fernwood Ave, Bank of America to Urbina Roberto E; 06/01/17. $67,000

44 Laurel Drive, Danley Janice W to Soto Valentina K; 06/01/17. $102,000

412 Larchmont Drive, Partridge Investments LLC to Tlfive Re1 LLC; 06/02/17. $40,000

1146 Iowa Ave, Turner Robert M to Bayview Loan Serv LLC; 06/02/17. $49,900

110 E Thompson Ave, Fernandez William to Negrete Lezama Roberto; 06/02/17. $105,000

201 E Black Horse Pike, Qafa 13 LLC to Malik Muhammed; 06/02/17. $300,000

1028 Kline Ave, Cressey Edward J to Bond Venita; 06/05/17. $84,000

212 N 1st St, US Bank to Gayed Monir; 06/06/17. $35,829


720 Rhode Island Ave, Sharp Hugh T to Lacy Scott M; 06/01/17. $166,2501106 Harbour Cove, Johnson Kimberly G to Wexler Jeffrey D; 06/01/17. $435,000

214 W Meyran Ave, Peterson Pamela/Exrx to Toussaint Emmanuel; 06/05/17. $156,900

16 Dartmouth Ave, Vagratian Florence to Obrien Shawn; 06/06/17. $55,000

129 Bala Drive, Kidzdent LLC to Walsh Roberta; 06/06/17. $180,000


5605 Marshall Ave, Citifinancial Servicing LLC to Soliman Haisam; 06/02/17. $100,000

6101 Monmouth Ave Unit 809, Rosen Stephen to Lucas Richard; 06/02/17. $110,000

6001 Burk Ave, Toner Andrew to Gussoni Frank R; 06/02/17. $135,000

18 S Weymouth Ave, Remer Jennifer to Kelner Jared; 06/02/17. $425,000

106 S Dudley Ave, Bazel Barry/Tr&Ind to Diamantakos William; 06/06/17. $1,200,000

Cape May County


288 63rd St, Sullivan Jacqueline T to Welsh Ws LLC; 5/8/2017; $1,500,000

295 78th St, Borda Lawrence A, Borda Cynthia to Delrieu Donna, Catone Stephen; 5/8/2017. $555,000

6592 Ocean Drive, Costalas Dean C, Costalas Kathryn A to Cirino Michael F, Cirino Suzanne C; 5/8/2017. $1,160,000

4308 Ocean Drive, O’Brien Jo Ann M to Harrison Management Group Gp LLC; 5/9/2017. $1,675,000

1240 Ocean Drive, Mazur Leonard, Mazur Helena to Kurtz Jennifer; 5/10/2017. $1,480,000

3249 Ocean Drive, Richards Joseph M, Richards Monica M to Kashner Kara A, Kashner Michael H; 5/10/2017. $720,000

66 E 20th St Unit C-105, McDonald Mary Ellen Est By Exr, Hneleski Edna Wynne Exr to Ccia LLC; 5/11/2017. $622,000


406 Madison Ave Unit 406, Henderson Charles D, White Gale to Simone Alfonse, Simone Laura; 5/12/2017. $749,000


898 Court House-Dennisville Road, Craver Chester R Sr, Craver Chester R Jr to Gibson Page Douglas, Gibson Samantha C; 5/11/2017. $250,000

372 Head Of The River Road, Repici Kathleen, Repici Frank A Est to Tuckahoe Nurseries Inc; 5/12/2017. $460,000


300 E Raleigh Ave, Killion John C Jr, Toro Elizabeth A, Killion-Toro Elizabeth A to Killion John C Jr 5/10/2017 $152,500.00

218 Linda Anne Ave, Wilmington Savings Fund Society Atty, Christiana Trust Trus, Carlsbad Funding Mortgage Trust by Trus, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC to Sherman Anthony, Sherman Teresa; 5/11/2017. $185,000

3305 Bay Drive, Armentani Anthony F, Armentani Karen P to Maher Gerald P, Maher Michelle L; 5/11/2017. $320,000

412 Mystic Terrace, Stoner Amy to Diak Vincent D, Diak Wanda S; 5/11/2017. $300,000

7 Deer Run, Fielding Mark/Exr, Fielding Douglas W/Exr, Fielding Rose J Est by Exr to Wood Kevin; 5/11/2017. $179,000

9900 Seapointe Blvd, Garrubbo Deborah to Lennox Keith J, Lennox Noreen A; 5/11/2017. $675,000

108 Birch Road, Abbott Mary Ann to Mcgough John F IV, Goslin Jason Matthew; 5/12/2017. $107,000

145 E Florida Ave, Mccole Ruth, Bennett Mary Mccole Est by Exr, Bennett Christopher Exr&C, Cole Lisa Exr, Evans William Tyler, Paragraph Fourth Testamentary Turst for Maxwell Ellis Cohen to Williams Richard F; 5/12/2017. $80,000

505 Whildam Ave, Hall Gerald, Hall Lidia to Roach Matthew T, Mallous Samantha C; 5/12/2017. $167,500

76 Wildwood Ave, Grelli Michael A, Grelli Lori S to Hause Christopher; 5/12/2017. $135,000

9905 Seapointe Blvd Unit 205, Stapleton Robert E, Stapleton Janet V to Gonzalez Juan, Gonzalez Patricia L; 5/12/2017. $323,500


10 Carmen Drive, Hearn Richard W, Hearn Trudy A to Miller Jordan, Miller Laura; 5/9/2017. $279,000

10 Cedar Meadow Drive, Soldatovic Steven Atty&C, Soldatovic Victoria by Atty to Cebo Tonko, Cebo Christine Marie; 5/9/2017. $899,900

1211 Fulton St, Schaffer Gary G Shrff, Gage Kenneth Allen, Gage Bridgette Anne by Shrff to Njhr4 LLC; 5/10/2017. $117,700

31 Furlong Drive, Fannie Mae By Atty, Federal National Mortgage Assn by Atty, Powers Kirn LLC Atty to Turnkey Developers LLC; 5/10/2017. $84,000

206 Stagecoach Road, Shea Carol A, Shea Robert T Est to Ferrell Francis J, Ferrell Grace E; 5/11/2017. $43,900

7 Linda Lane, Vanaman David R Jr, Vanaman Amy to Murphy Brian J; 5/11/2017. $132,000

206 Stagecoach Road 708, Reynolds John J II, Reynolds Melissa A to Gallone Donna; 5/12/2017. $32,500


100 E 7th Ave, Schaffer Ralph L Jr, Schafer Roland K Est to Schaffer Ralph III; 5/9/2017. $990,000

138 W Pine Ave, Bilbee Joseph G Est By Exr, Nowacky Kelly A Exr to Neimeister Kenneth G, Neimeister Lisa A; 5/10/2017. $380,000

222 W 3rd Ave Unit 301, Weikel Robert H, Weikel Sandra R to O’neill Timothy, O’neill Lorraine; 5/10/2017. $424,000

420 E 22nd Ave, Pier Funding LLC to Wynnefield Development LLC; 5/10/2017. $975,000

327 E 25th Ave Unit 107, Hawaiian Beach Resort LLC to Laspata John, Laspata Christine Marie; 5/11/2017. $389,900


1426 Haven Ave, Belza Gregory R, Dunne Peter M, Dunne Christina to Dambrosio Mark, Dambrosio Robin; 5/6/2017. $617,500

3308 Simpson Ave, Fitzgerald William F, Fitzgerald Joanne R to Kennedy Trevor J; 5/6/2017. $81,500

18-20 W Revere Place, Wiegand Scott, Wiegand Terri to Rexon George Frederick Jr, Rexon Virginia G; 5/8/2017. $800,000

2026 Central Ave Second Floor, Gaudiosi Peter Jr, Carberry Anne to Pettinelli Neal, Pettinelli April L; 5/8/2017. $645,000

30 Walnut Road, Sieder Joan C, Sieder Frederick R Est to Ryan Rosemary O, Ryan Daniel J; 5/8/2017. $515,000

810 Seacliff Road, Gilbert E Gannon Family Trust By Trus to 810 Seacliff LLC; 5/8/2017. $885,000

1018 Wesley Ave, Jwr Properties LLC to Hartz Ronald J, Hartz Diana M; 5/9/2017. $1,089,000


109 65th St, Ragalyi Paul Z, Ragalyi Vickianne to Gallagher James R, Gallagher Eileen C; 5/9/2017. $462,500

137 75th St, Rubnitz Rebecca L to Haug Brian, Haug Karen Gorey; 5/9/2017. $849,000

28 62nd St, Antrim Michael, Antrim Anita to Mc Colgan Joseph S, Mc Colgan Erica J; 5/9/2017. $600,000


10607 Third Ave, Lamb William H, Lamb Patricia to Reinhold Jeffrey A, Lister Kathleen A; 5/10/2017. $2,325,000

11910 Third Ave, Wright Barry, Wright Sara S to Charles Street Developers LLC; 5/11/2017. $1,600,000

9511 Sunset Drive Unit 201, Berman Rosemary Y Trus, Berman George E Trus to Russikoff Ronald, Russikoff Danalyn; 5/12/2017. $247,500


1321 S Route 9, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp By Atty, Fein Such Kahn & Shepard to Matalucci Michael A, Matalucci Lorraine M; 5/11/2017. $225,100

17 Deerfield Trail, Schein Alan W, Schein Brenda P to Newton Matthew; 5/11/2017. $355,000

820 Point Road, Ritter Richard C, Ritter Shirley K to Ward Kristin B; 5/11/2017. $88,500

4 Wyncroft Drive, Bugni Patrick R, Bugni Raechelle E to Serra Amy R; 5/12/2017. $280,000


222 E Juniper Ave, Hubbard Robert J, Hubbard Patricia D to Chiarini John; 5/12/2017. $230,000

606 W Burk Ave Unit D, Rainer Robert J, Diehl Brian A to Fitzgerald Kelly A; 5/12/2017. $220,000

145 E Rio Grande Ave Unit 103, Cherill Joseph J, Cherill Carol Lynn to Filopanti James A, Thompson Timothy B; 5/15/2017. $225,000

5301 Atlantic Ave Unit C, Palkovics Louis M to Webster Louis Joseph, Webster Melodie Faye; 5/15/2017. $114,000

5301 Ocean Ave, Hiles David B, Hiles Lisa A to Nj Ocean Fronts LLC; 5/15/2017. $197,500

147 E Andrews Ave Unit 304, Mc Keever Joseph A to Utheim Erik E, Utheim Karolyn; 5/16/2017. $340,000

5301 Atlantic Ave, Long Michael, Long Denise to Matraszek Sean S, Matraszek Nicole A; 5/16/2017. $118,000


8401 Atlantic Ave Unit 201, Wright David B, Wright Lori to Skay Donna M, Ott John A Jr; 5/9/2017. $130,000

8401 Atlantic Ave, Lomonaco Gregory L, Lomonaco Rose M to Ricci Michael, Ricci Joann; 5/9/2017. $133,500

113 Primrose Road, Zollo John F Jr, Zollo Dorothy A to Provenzano Michael P, Provenzano Susan; 5/15/2017. $555,000

Cumberland County


249 N Laurel, Coba Inc to Ludwig Fred; 6/8/2017. $12,000

27 Halsford Ave, Cruz Elizabeth, Tlatelpa Cuauhtemoc to DFC Management LLC; 6/8/2017. $90,000

418 South Ave, Arabia Joseph Peter, El Property Management Group LLC to Rivera Antwain; 6/8/2017. $19,800

79 N Burlington Road, Finance of America Reverse LLC by Atty, Singlesource Property Solutions LLC Atty to McHale Luzmila; 6/8/2017. $47,500


309 Woodruff Carmel Road, Gaskill Aarika, Gaskill Wilbert III to Rizzo Brittany, Rizzo Gregory S Jr; 6/1/2017. $205,000


292 Landing Road, Obrien Wanda Fka, Reynolds Thomas Lee, Reynolds Wanda to Parvin Megan Brooke; 6/1/2017. $105,000


348 Clarks Pond Road, Gleicher Richard, Lenders Trust LLC to L&M New Home Construction LLC; 6/2/2017. $45,000

298 Fairton-Millville Road, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp by Atty; Fein Such Kahn & Shepard Atty; Kapnick Eric S Esq Atty to Infinity Real Estate Investments LLC; 6/5/2017. $50,000

298 Fairton-Millville Road, Infinity Real Estate Investments LLC to Orz Enterprise LLC; 6/5/2017. $55,000

63 & 71 Lummis Mill Road, Clark Raymond H Est by Exec; Clark Raymond Jr Exec to Webster Charles; 6/6/2017. $35,000


52 Beebe Run Road, Arno Rocco Sr to Wolf Daniel Scott, Wolf Michelle Lynn; 6/1/2017. $158,000

25 Ogden Road, Rivera Bertha M Est, Rivera Samuel M, Rivera Carlos A, Rivera Myra Jane; 6/7/2017. $50,000


1514 Fairton Road, Reilly Devin W to Jbar Realty LLC; 6/1/2017. $190,000

1001 Louis Drive, Capazzi Anthony to Nicolas Anthony, Nicolas Gianina Yessica; 6/2/2017, $110,000

20 Bogden Blvd, 20 Bogden Boulevard LLC, Umosella Joseph F III, Matrix Properties LLC; 6/2/2017. $1,450,000

1111 Louis Drive, Fralick Miriam M, Fralick Ronald I to Mcdonald Michael C, Mcdonald Rachel V; 6/5/2017. $139,900

1 Hayes Ave, Minkwitz Cynthia to Bandachowicz Matthew; 6/6/2017. $170,000

1010 S 2nd St, Turner Clark B, Turner Nancy C to Milian Rafael Ordaz, Rodriguez Marlene; 6/6/2017. $147,000

45 Bel Aire Lane, Christiana Trust Trust by Atty, Hlss Mortgage Master Trust &C by Trust By Atty, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC Atty, Wilington Savings Fund Society dba to Regalbuto Builders LLC; 6/6/2017. $15,000

1208 Earle Ave, Hall James G, Hall Jane M Est to Smith Brandon K, Smith Jamie L; 6/7/2017. $165,000


24 Geisinger Ave, Wells Fargo Bank to Picket Fence Property Solutions LLC; 6/1/2017. $37,501


187 Big Oak Road, Scheller Heather, Scheller Zachary to Bradbury Ashley A; 6/1/2017. $187,000

4 Eugene Court, Robles Courtney, Robles Victor M Jr to Henninger Denise M, Henninger Jonathan M; 6/5/2017. $255,000


1187 E Park Ave, Bradley Jonathan, Bradley Kelly L, Shepherd Kelly L Fka to Ackerman Christopher D, Ackerman Kelly N; 6/1/2017. $154,900

1128 New Pear St, Camarote Casey N By Shrf, Cumberland County Sheriff, Green Cheryl A By Shrf, Hoelderle Flora By Shrf, Hoffman Joseph J Jr Pa By Shrf, Holland Jason J By Shrf, Assured Property Solutions LLC; 6/5/2017. $88,800

3850 S Delsea Drive, Vineland Towne Center Vineland NJ Gen Ptr, Vineland Towne Center Vineland NJ LP By Gen Ptr to Vineland Delsea Drive LLC; 6/5/2017. $2,800,000

455 Cedarwood Drive, Shapovalov Lidiya, Shapovalov Yuri to Nappa Valerie A; 6/5/2017. $195,000

722 E Oxford St, Cole Eleanor J to Colon Jose Luis Jr; 6/5/2017. $105,500

2249 Ida Lane, Morello Brian M Exec, Morello James Est By Exec, Morello Jason C Exec to Oliva Melissa; 6/6/2017. $180,000

567 Maurice River Parkway, U.S. HUD by Agent, Torres Jose J Agent to Higazi Walid; 6/6/2017. $40,000

Ocean County


13 W Eighth St, Himelstein Andrew L, Himelstein Rima H to Filoramo Robert, Filoramo Elizabeth; 6/7/2017. $545,000


9 E Burlington Ave, Brooks Family II LLC, Brooks Leonard to Pisaturo Thomas J, Pisaturo Susan M, Pisaturo Susan N; 6/1/2017. $1,575,000

6003 Long Beach Blvd, Innella Robin, Innella Nancy to Keefe Thomas P, Keefe Barbara J; 6/1/2017. $875,000

7 E 78th St, Morcos Solomon, Morcos Claudia to 18-86th Street LLC; 6/8/2017. $830,000


1605 Daytona Road, Piwowarski Joseph S, Piwowarski Robyn T to Jennings Brian, Jennings Meghan; 6/8/2017. $232,500

1690 Joffre Road, Andrade Maria T, Schattner Antoinette T to Cyphers Selley J Iii, Cyphers Michelle, Cyphers Michelle A; 6/7/2017. $153,000

461 Lake Barnegat Drive N, Ocean County Sheriff, Lowery Mark, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Estremera Alfredo, Estreemera Maria, Capital One Bank USA, 1st Financial FCU to Lowery Mark; 6/7/2017. $217,000

Property transactions run Sundays as space is available. None will be skipped.

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