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^White House reimposes oil, shipping and banking sanctions on Iran with limited international support<

USIRAN-SANCTIONS-1ST-LEDE:LA — The Trump administration announced plans Friday to reimpose sweeping sanctions on Iran's shipping, banking and oil industries and vowed "severe consequences" against any country or company that violates them, a move that has roiled relations with U.S. allies.

The aggressive array of sanctions will go into effect Monday, a day before the midterm election and six months after President Donald Trump withdrew from the landmark Iran nuclear accord.

Unlike the global coalition that forced Iran to abandon its nascent nuclear program in 2015, the White House has struggled to gain broad diplomatic support for its decision to slap back all the U.S. sanctions that were lifted as part of the disarmament deal.

1200 (with trims) by Tracy Wilkinson in Washington. MOVED


^Judge paves way for discovery in lawsuit accusing Trump of violating the Constitution<

^TRUMP-LAWSUIT:NY—<A federal judge in Maryland on Friday struck down President Donald Trump's latest request to throw out a lawsuit charging he's violating the Constitution by doing business with foreign governments while in office, paving the way for a potentially explosive discovery process.

Judge Peter Messitte, of the U.S. District Court of Maryland, denied for a third time an argument from Trump's attorneys that the suit doesn't have legal standing and would pose an undue burden on his duties as president.

350 by Chris Sommerfeldt. MOVED


^Mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc agrees to remain jailed and be moved to New York<

PACKAGES-THREATS:FL — Mail bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc meekly agreed to remain jailed and to be transferred to New York to face federal criminal charges at a court hearing in Miami on Friday morning.

Sayoc, dressed in khaki jail scrubs over a beige T-shirt, appeared calm and collected as he was during his first court appearance earlier this week. Seated in the jury box, he chatted with a deputy U.S. marshal before his attorneys arrived and the hearing began.

"Yes, sir," Sayoc said in a hoarse voice when the judge asked if he understood what he was doing.

300 by Paula McMahon in Miami. MOVED



Also moving as:

PACKAGES-THREATS:MI — 650 by Jay Weaver in Miami. MOVED


^Some veterans say Trump is politicizing military by sending troops to border days before election<

IMMIGRANTS-CARAVAN-TROOPS-VETERANS:LA — After President Donald Trump ordered more than 5,000 U.S. troops to the southwest border days before the midterm election to intercept what he called an "invasion" of migrants, retired Marine Col. David Lapan decided he could not stay silent.

"The idea that a group of poor people from Central America, most of whom are women and children, pose some kind of threat to the national security of the United States is ridiculous," Lapan said in an interview. "It's a misuse of active duty forces."

1100 by David S. Cloud in Washington. MOVED


^Q&A: Can Trump stop asylum-seekers?<

IMMIGRANTS-CARAVAN-ASYLUM-QA:LA — President Donald Trump is poised to issue an executive order next week aimed at stopping a caravan of thousands of Central American migrants crossing Mexico toward the United States, many with plans to claim asylum.

In a speech Thursday, Trump provided few specifics about the order but vowed to prevent applicants who are "coached" by attorneys from remaining in the United States while their "fraudulent or meritless asylum claims" are processed.

But that is likely to prove difficult. Here is some background on the asylum process and the obstacles Trump faces.

1300 by Molly Hennessy-Fiske in Houston. MOVED



^Supreme Court to decide on 40-foot cross: Is it a war memorial or an official display of religion?<

SCOTUS-CROSS:LA — The Supreme Court announced Friday it will hear its first religion case with new Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh and decide whether a 40-foot cross that sits at a busy public intersection is a memorial to the war dead or an official endorsement of religion.

For decades, the justices have been closely split over the constitutionality of religious symbols on public property.

400 by David G. Savage in Washington. MOVED


^King flares up at question about white nationalism: 'I knew you were an ambusher'<

^IOWAHOUSE-KING:CON—<Amid escalating criticism for his incendiary rhetoric, Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King flared up at a campaign event Thursday after a member of the public asked a question about his meeting with members of an extreme right-wing party in Europe.

"Do you identify as a white supremacist? Then why did you meet with a white supremacist organization in Austria?" a questioner said at a candidate forum at the state's chamber of commerce office, the Des Moines Register reported.

"Stop it," King fumed, his voice breaking. "You're done."

500 by Emily Kopp. MOVED



^Democrats appear poised to take control of House, Trump acknowledges at W.Va. rally<

MIDTERMS-TRUMP-WVA:CON — President Donald Trump acknowledged at a Friday rally in West Virginia that Democrats appear poised to take control of the House.

"Could happen, could happen. Don't worry about it," he said. "I'll just figure it out," he added, saying that is how he has operated "my whole life."

700 by John T. Bennett in Washington. MOVED


^Obama touts Gillum and Nelson, warns voters 'character of the country' is on the line<

MIDTERMS-OBAMA-FLA:WA — He never mentioned him by name, but former President Barack Obama made it clear Friday at a rally in Miami that by electing Andrew Gillum governor of Florida, the state can deliver a blow to President Donald Trump.

Days away from an election that could complicate his successor's chances at re-election or make it easier for him to win a second term, Obama insisted that nothing less than American democracy — and Florida's eroding shorelines — are on the line in Tuesday's election.

1300 (with trims) by Lesley Clark in Miami. MOVED


^Republican campaign money stretched thin as the party battles on unexpected fronts<

MIDTERMS-GOP-MONEY:LA — Reactionary culture warrior is not an image that has typically been associated with Rep. John Faso, an understated Chamber of Commerce favorite who represents an expansive district in an economically struggling part of upstate New York.

He's the kind of Republican who met President Donald Trump's recent enthusiastic endorsement tweet with ambivalence. "I didn't know it was coming," he said. "You know, it is what it is."

In politics, though, desperate times call for desperate marketing.

So far, the Republican side has spent about $10.4 million. It may not be enough.

1350 (with trims) by Evan Halper and Maloy Moore in Kingston, N.Y. MOVED


^Parkland students captivated nation, but will their message resonate on Election Day?<

MIDTERMS-PARKLAND:LA — They've held hundreds of rallies including a massive gathering on the National Mall, appeared with Trevor Noah and other late-night television hosts and challenged elected officials to face-to-face debate.

But nine months after the teenage students from Parkland, Fla., were thrust to the fore of America's daily political discourse following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, their calls for gun control, and for registering and turning out young voters, have been largely overtaken by the nation's daily crush of controversies.

1050 by Kurtis Lee. MOVED


^Grassroots have grown deeper since Trump and now comes the hard part<

^MIDTERMS-GRASSROOTS:CON—<First there was the shock of Donald Trump's election. Then came the marches and protests. Next came the outraged phone calls to Congress.

Now comes the hard part: Getting people elected.

For many liberal activist groups that have come on the scene in the last two years, this final hurdle is no small thing. After all, even in the best of times, Democrats have struggled in nonpresidential years to turn out voters or raise money for candidates. But in the last few months, groups like Indivisible, Swing Left and Flippable, among a host of others, have sought to change that, and are now coordinating efforts to put Democrats in control of Congress.

1450 (with trims) by Jonathan Miller in Washington. MOVED


^In these Southern California suburbs, a duel for key vote: Asian-Americans<

CALIFCONGRESS-ASIANVOTERS:LA — For decades, Asian-Americans in this district, a tri-county slice of suburbia built on the immigrant American dream, have supported their Republican congressman, a loyalty born from years of attendance at Buddhist temple ribbon-cuttings and Lunar New Year celebrations.

Now Democrat Gil Cisneros is hoping to win a large share of their votes despite the fact that his opponent, Republican Young Kim, is a Korean-American immigrant and former longtime liaison to the Asian community for the retiring Rep. Ed Royce.

"Just because I may be Latino and my opponent may be Asian, we're not going to cede certain demographics for that reason," said Cisneros, 47. "They want the same thing everybody else does — they want health care, they want immigration reform, they want to make sure their kids are safe when they're in school."

1250 by Christine Mai-Duc in Los Angeles. MOVED



^Florida cops found pipe bomb suspect sleeping in van weeks before arrest<

PACKAGES-THREATS-POLICE:FL — Seven weeks before Democratic leaders across the country started to receive pipe bombs, Boca Raton police encountered the man later suspected of sending them.

Police received a call that a man was sleeping in a white van outside an L.A. Fitness gym, at 4950 Technology Way. Officers approached Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr. before 9 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 1.

Video from a police body camera shows two officers talking with Sayoc as he sat in the van — but never looking into the back of it.

600 by Linda Trischitta in Boca Raton, Fla. MOVED


^Second suspicious package mailed to anti-Trump activist Tom Steyer, FBI says<

PACKAGES-THREATS-STEYER:LA — Federal authorities have found another suspicious package addressed to billionaire political activist Tom Steyer, an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, officials said Friday.

The package was found Thursday night at a U.S. Postal Service sorting facility in Burlingame, Calif., south of San Francisco. FBI officials said the package appears similar to a string of other mailings sent to prominent Democrats and opponents of the president.

200 by Richard Winton in Los Angeles. MOVED


^Alec Baldwin charged with third-degree assault after allegedly punching a man over parking spot<

BALDWIN-1ST-LEDE:NY — Actor Alec Baldwin was arrested Friday for sucker-punching another man in a fight over a Greenwich Village parking spot, police said.

Baldwin was charged with assault, harassment and physical contact, cops said.

650 by Thomas Tracy, Molly Crane-Newman, Emilie Ruscoe and Leonard Greene in New York. (Moved as an entertainment story.) MOVED


^Voting rights advocates eye Georgia, where close governor's race could turn on who gets to vote<

GA-VOTING:LA — For years, voting rights advocates have been fighting new state laws and rules that make it harder for some people to register to vote or to cast a ballot.

This year, their fight is focused on Georgia and its race for governor.

"Georgia is ground zero this cycle," said Wendy R. Weiser, a lawyer at the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University.

While Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate, formerly led a project that registered new voters in Georgia, Brian Kemp, the Republican candidate and current secretary of state, led a state drive to remove hundreds of thousands of infrequent voters from the rolls.

1100 by David G. Savage in Washington. MOVED



Also moving as:

GA-VOTING:AT — 250 by Mark Niesse in Atlanta. MOVED


^Cohen says Trump told him: 'Black people are too stupid to vote for me'<

TRUMP-COHEN:NY — President Donald Trump's former lawyer says the erstwhile reality TV star frequently made offensive and racist comments in private — even telling him during the 2016 campaign he believed "black people are too stupid to vote for me."

Michael Cohen told Vanity Fair on Friday that he often heard Trump make such comments behind closed doors.

700 by Denis Slattery in New York. MOVED


^Man accused in wife's death at sea expected to plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter<

MISSINGBOATER-HUSBAND:FL — Nearly 18 months after his wife disappeared at sea during their postponed honeymoon, Lewis Bennett is scheduled to plead guilty next week to a federal charge of involuntary manslaughter in connection with her death.

The maximum penalty is eight years in federal prison. The change-of-plea hearing is scheduled for Monday afternoon in federal court in Miami.

500 by Paula McMahon and Tonya Alanez in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. MOVED


^'Today we were left alone.' Father grieves after daughter killed in front of twin sister, young nieces<

CHICAGO-VIOLENCE-WOMANKILLED:TB — Maira Coronel spent Halloween trick-or-treating on Chicago's Northwest Side with her two little nieces and her twin sister, the girls' mother.

Their evening of candy collecting had just wrapped up and they were in their car near Hanson Park when a masked gunman jumped into the back seat, where the two children, just 1 and 2 years old, sat.

He told Maira's sister to drive and demanded cash. They handed over $40, according to police and relatives.

But when he demanded their cellphones, Maira Coronel refused. The robber shot her twice in the head, got out of the car and took off down Belden Avenue, police said.

700 by Hannah Leone, Katie Galioto, Hannah Leone and Anna Spoerre in Chicago. MOVED


^Nevada likely to appeal huge verdict over busing psychiatric patients out of state, official says<

NEV-MENTALPATIENTS:SA — The state of Nevada will likely appeal a jury verdict that it must pay $250,000 to scores of people it put on Greyhound buses after discharging them from a mental health hospital, officials said Friday.

A Sacramento Bee investigation in 2013 found that Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital purchased bus tickets for roughly 1,500 patients after discharge over a five-year period, sending them to California and other states across the country. Some of the patients, The Bee documented, became homeless and disappeared after their bus trips. Some died tragically. Some committed serious crimes in their new cities.

700 by Phillip Reese and Cynthia Hubert in Sacramento, Calif. MOVED


^Man who told police he chopped up wife's body now charged in child pornography case<

WIFE-DISMEMBERED:KC — A man jailed since he was found last year with his dead wife's body parts at a Lenexa, Kan., storage facility was accused Friday of possessing child pornography.

Justin Todd Rey allegedly had the pornographic images on his cellphone. He was charged Friday in Johnson County District Court with three counts of sexual exploitation of a child.

250 by Tony Rizzo in Kansas City, Mo. MOVED


^Gates Foundation cuts ties with Saudi charity over journalist's murder<

GATESFOUNDATION-SAUDI-CHARITY:SE — A month after the death of a prominent Saudi journalist, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has cut ties with a charity founded by the Saudi leader linked to the murder, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The move to end a partnership between the Gates Foundation and the Saudi-based Misk Foundation, first reported Thursday by Fortune and other outlets, is the latest pullback by a Western organization over the Oct. 2 murder of Jamal Khashoggi, an outspoken critic of the regime and a columnist at The Washington Post.

650 by Paul Roberts in Seattle. MOVED


^Upset over breakup, prisoner scales razor-wire fence, steals pizza delivery car<

PRISON-ESCAPE:HC — Upset about a breakup with his girlfriend, officials say Luis Clarke scaled a razor-wire fence at Cheshire Correctional Institution Wednesday night before stealing a pizza delivery car nearby in a brazen hourslong escape.

A fugitive investigations team tracked Clarke, who suffered multiple cuts from the fence, to Meriden about three hours after the escape, when he tried to get into an Uber car he ordered through the delivery driver's phone, Department of Correction Commissioner Scott Semple said.

1300 (with trims) by Nicholas Rondinone in Cheshire, Conn. MOVED


^'I was touched by an angel': Beloved Baltimore barber survives shooting on violent Halloween<

BALTIMORE-VIOLENCE-BARBERSHOT:BZ — The pop of gunfire surprised Troy Staton. He didn't feel the bullets punch the back of his neck.

Street violence had never before intruded into his barbershop and art gallery, an urban refuge in Southwest Baltimore.

"It was upsetting because this is sacred ground," Staton said a day later, with his neck bandaged, sitting outside the New Beginnings Unisex Barbershop.

800 by Tim Prudente And Colin Campbell in Baltimore. MOVED


^Last year, a shooting made him the 'officer of the month.' Now he faces 2 felony charges<

VA-POLICE-SHOOTING:VP — A Portsmouth, Va., police officer was honored with a medal of valor and named officer of the month for a call last year on which he shot an armed burglary suspect in the back running from a home.

The October 2017 shooting led prosecutors to secure an indictment Thursday against Officer Jeremy Durocher, charging him with aggravated malicious wounding and a related firearms crime.

600 by Scott Daugherty in Portsmouth, Va. MOVED


^Man touched raw shrimp after Hurricane Florence. It left him fighting for his life<

WEA-FLORENCE-RAW-SHRIMP:RA — A North Carolina couple didn't have to eat the fresh-caught shrimp they bought a few weeks after Hurricane Florence to find out something was wrong with them.

After the husband touched the shrimp, he became infected by a bacteria that left him fighting for his life.

600 by Aaron Moody in Raleigh, N.C. MOVED


^Gao Gao the panda safe and back in China<

SANDIEGOZOO-PANDA:SD — After leaving the San Diego Zoo early Tuesday morning, Gao Gao the giant panda is safely back in China, where he was born about 28 years ago.

Gao Gao is now exploring his extensive new habitat in the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda, said San Diego Zoo spokeswoman Christina Simmons. The center is in Dujiangyan, in central China.

400 by Bradley J. Fikes in San Diego. MOVED


^'We have to stop hurting each other,' students hear at vigil for classmate killed at school<

NC-STUDENT-SHOT-VIGIL:CH — Nearly 150 family and friends lit candles, held hands, prayed and wept Thursday night in recalling the life of Bobby McKeithen, the 16-year-old student fatally shot by another student in a hall at Butler High School.

"This is not the end of Bobby's legacy, but the beginning," his uncle Roy Mewborn told The Charlotte Observer as the crowd gathered for the vigil in a parking lot at Camp Greene Park across from Philip O. Berry Academy in west Charlotte. "We have to find a resolution to all of this."

400 by Joe Marusak in Charlotte, N.C. MOVED


^Beauty queen stood her ground with a baseball bat. Now she's suing the cops.<

BEAUTYQUEEN-LAWSUIT:MI — Vanessa Barcelo is a former beauty pageant queen with twin titles from Miami Lakes and Hialeah, but she was even prouder of her entrepreneurial success. She says she worked hard to carve out her own custom cake business, creating works of frosted art for weddings and birthday parties, and marketing her products online.

But over the last two years, she says, life has not been so sweet. The internet just can't forget her notorious baseball bat incident.

1400 (with trims) by David Ovalle in Miami. MOVED


^2 Kentucky students punished after dressing up for Halloween as Columbine shooters<

COLUMBINE-COSTUMES:LX — Two Adair County, Ky., High School students have been punished after coming to school on Halloween dressed as the Columbine school shooters, according to media reports.

250 by Mike Stunson in Lexington, Ky. MOVED


^Baggage handler fell asleep on Chicago-bound plane after night of drinking and smoking pot<

DRUNKEN-BAGGAGEHANDLER:TB — The jetliner was in the air, bound for O'Hare International Airport, when the baggage handler woke up in the cargo hold. It was dark, so he lit a Bic lighter.

He found his way to a door and sat there until the plane landed in Chicago. Luckily, the hold was heated and pressurized for pets and he was still alive when American Airlines Flight 363 touched down early last Saturday morning.

250 by Rosemary Sobol in Chicago. MOVED


^Venezuelans are pouring into Colombia. That may help the economy — eventually<

COLOMBIA-VENEZUELA:MI — The Venezuelan exodus is already having a deep impact on the economy of neighboring Colombia, with the arrival of more than a million new people, but it could also be a long-term boon for the nation, according to a new report.

In one of the most comprehensive studies of the Venezuelan migrant crisis, the World Bank this week said Colombia — home to more than 1 million recently arrived Venezuelans — needs to act fast to ensure that the migrants are assimilated and can be productive members of society.

700 by Jim Wyss in Bogota, Colombia. MOVED


^Erdogan: Order to kill Khashoggi came from top of Saudi government<

SAUDI-JOURNALIST:DPA — The order to kill Jamal Khashoggi "came from the highest levels of the Saudi government," Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in an opinion piece published Friday by The Washington Post.

Writing exactly one month after the disappearance of the dissident Saudi journalist, Erdogan urged that the "puppet masters" behind Khashoggi's killing be revealed and suggested that Saudi officials are engaging in stalling tactics and a cover-up.

450 in Washington. MOVED


^UN head warns of 'catastrophe' in Yemen as famine's reach widens<

UNYEMEN:BLO — United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Yemen is on the precipice of "imminent catastrophe" as the risk of famine grows, the latest sign of international frustration over a conflict that pits a Saudi Arabian-led coalition against Yemeni rebels in the Arab world's poorest country.

350 by David Wainer in New York. MOVED



^Scientists may have found the key ingredient for a universal flu vaccine, and it comes from llamas<

^SCI-FLUVACCINE-LLAMAS:LA—<Along with soulful eyes, endearingly long necks and warm fuzzy coats, llamas have a far less appreciated feature: They make an array of immune system antibodies so tiny they can fit into crevices on the surface of an invading virus.

That feat could one day protect humans from entire families of flu viruses that bedevil scientists with their unpredictable and shape-shifting ways.

All, potentially, with a once-a-year puff up the nose.

1050 (with trims) by Melissa Healy. MOVED


^Fewer children killed by guns in states with strict gun laws, study finds<

MED-GUNLAWS-SHOOTINGDEATHS:SJ — States that have more laws restricting youth access to guns have lower rates of child and teen deaths from shootings, a study by researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine has found.

"We focus so much of the gun discussion on federal law, but there is a lot we can do at the local and state level to influence change," said researcher Dr. Stephanie Chao, assistant professor of surgery at Stanford.

700 by Lisa M. Krieger in San Jose, Calif. MOVED


^Coastal development, sea rise sent Hurricane Irma storm surge to more homes, study shows<

WEA-IRMA-STORMSURGE:MI — Sea rise and development have put more Florida property at risk to hurricane storm surge flooding — about 43 percent more — according to a recent study that looked at Hurricane Irma's effect with different sea levels.

450 by Alex Harris in Miami. MOVED




NEWSBRIEFS:MCT — Nation and world news briefs.



^What it's like to live with poliolike condition acute flaccid myelitis: one little boy's journey<

MED-AFM-CONDITION:TB — The diagnosis was in, but Jessica Kulakowski still didn't have the answers, so she started scouring the internet to find out why her son's cold had left his right arm virtually lifeless.

Online, she found case studies but nothing definitive about why her then 1-year-old boy, Chase, contracted the rare polio-like condition known as acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM. The condition, in the news as a spate of new cases have made headlines in Illinois and beyond, affects mostly children and causes muscles to atrophy, leaving some bedridden with paralysis and unable to breathe on their own. Medical experts have in some cases linked the syndrome to an enterovirus, which causes the common cold and other respiratory illnesses, but it's not believed to be contagious.

Two years after her son's diagnosis, questions linger for the Northwest Indiana mom who worries anew each time the toddler complains of an ache or has the sniffles: Could this be another complication related to AFM?

1400 by Elvia Malagon in Chicago. MOVED


^Resorts in Jamaica are facing a 'historic' sexual assault problem<

JAMAICA-RESORTS-ASSAULT:DE — In a dark laundry room at a Jamaican Sandals resort, pinned to the floor by a hotel lifeguard, a Michigan teenage girl lay paralyzed with fear as the man bit her lip and raped her, violently robbing her virginity.

When her mother found her after the assault, trembling and holding herself in a hallway, the 17-year-old couldn't speak. She could only point to a metal door.

Behind the door, her friend was being gang-raped by three resort lifeguards.

This is the Jamaica that the U.S. State Department has repeatedly warned tourists about. This is the island paradise that the government says has a pervasive sexual assault problem, the place where two Detroit women were raped in September, and an estimated one American is raped each month.

Over the last seven years, 78 U.S. citizens have been raped in Jamaica according to State Department statistics from 2011-17.

4250 (with trims) by Tresa Baldas in Detroit. MOVED




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