This week’s Business Currents is inspired by a classic beach film that I had a chance to recently catch on television. "Beach Blanket Bingo" is a beach party film, released in 1965. It is one of the best-known of the 60’s beach party film series. It starred Frankie Avalon, Annette Funicello, Linda Evans, Deborah Walley, Paul Lynde and Don Rickles. The music and the titles of the songs are specifically what inspired me to make some songs from the film’s soundtrack the inspiration for this week’s business tips.

While the music for the film was scored by Les Baxter, the five songs that have “musically motivated” me were written by Guy Hemric and Jerry Styner, who wrote seven of the ten songs for the film.

Here are Beach Blanket Business Tips:

“I Think You Think” — This song title got me thinking about “thinking” and coming up with ideas that line up with what your customers and those that you do business with are thinking they want from your business. Brainstorming is a great example of “I Think You Think.” As long as the session turns into “I Share You Share.” Thinking up new ideas and concepts is good, but sharing the ideas and having them but into action can be great.

“New Love” — Relationships and building brand loyalty is something all business should focus on. Although the love this song refers to is not the love of a product or service offered by a business, the strategy of creating a “love” or loyalty of your customer base is something you can and should strive for. When was the last time you heard an existing or better yet a new client or customer say “I love what you offer?”

“Follow Your Leader” — Leaderships and the skills it takes to be a good leader are essential to the growth and success of business. Good solid employees and co-workers are willing to follow a leader that demonstrates the balance between caring about the people that they lead and making sure they leader can help them set and achieve realistic goals.

“Beach Blanket Bingo” — Sometimes in business everything you do seems to fall into place perfectly. The luck of the draw can, at times, be a cruel experience. However, when the numbers are called and add up to a winning situation or if something like a plan for business is executed perfectly and the results are better than expected, it is appropriate to yell out “Bingo!”

“These Are the Good Times” — I ended the list with this song title from the movie in hopes that it will have you stop and reflect on where you are now in business. My hope is that you are experiencing “good times” during what is a very busy summer and time in our region. If not, you still have time to create some “good times” for you, your employees, your business and most importantly your customers.

While it will always be the best known of the beach films of the 1960’s, perhaps this week’s column inspired by Beach Blanket Bingo has helped to bring some fun and sun in the form of “Beach Blanket Business” tips!

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