SOMERS POINT — Chartertech High School will host an Open House 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 10. All eighth-grade students or current high school students considering a transfer and their parents or guardians are invited to come see what makes Chartertech such a unique atmosphere for young artists.

In addition to a college preparatory academic program, AP Program, and dual credit (college) courses, Chartertech offers six distinct artistic majors that allow our artists to develop specialized, marketable skills while attending high school. The result of this educational experience is that students are prepared to attend the college or university of their choice or take their skills directly into a career in the arts.

Chartertech is committed to providing an arts-focused high school education to young adults who thrive in a creative environment.

Chartertech High School for the Performing Arts is a tuition-free public high school. Any student residing in New Jersey who is registered in a public school district may apply. Chartertech’s facility has professional-caliber music recording and production studios, a fully digital TV studio, a state-of-the-art animation lab, and custom dance and theater arts suites. We offer serious, concentrated study in dance, instrumental music, vocal music, musical theater, animation and film. The school's academic requirements far exceed the state minimum for high school graduation.

Chartertech is a fully accredited Career & Technical Education High School certified by the state of New Jersey. For additional information about Chartertech High School for the Performing Arts, see or call 609-926-7694, ext. 148.