Want to know the season’s TOP beauty trend?

Flawless skin. Flawless looking skin makes you look radiant and youthful! If you’ve got it — flaunt it! If your skin doesn’t quite fit the definition of flawless, here are some things that just might help you get up and glow!

WATER: Water is the most overlooked fix for dull, slack, irritated, or broken out skin. Keep your skin hydrated and it will look it’s best. First of all drink enough plain water — roughly a minimum of eight, 8-ounce glasses per day. Also remember to drink an extra 8 for each cup of Joe or adult beverage. What else? Buy a great mister and mist your face whenever you can. Our area’s high humidity is actually a plus when it comes to our skin! But, in the case of moisture — more is definitely better.

MOISTURE? Yes, moisture! And there are so many options like creams, lotions and oils to help you stay high on hydration. Even if you are prone to break outs you still need moisture. There are plenty of oil-free moisturizers if you are worried about those break outs. However, most skin over 20 needs moisture, moisture, moisture to keep it looking plump, firm, and glowing! Try a hydrating mask once or twice a week in addition to slathering on moisture after every time you cleanse.

So, how do I get it to “glow"? Some skin has a natural glow. Skin, they say, tends to glow when we are in love or when a woman is expecting. Some people get regular facials and peels. We know not everyone has the time or budget for regular or frequent skincare services. However, we do recommend you treat your skin as often as you are able to, to keep it looking fresh and radiant.

So what else can we do?

We can help nature with one simple cosmetic item.

HIGHLIGHTER. Highlighter, sometimes referred to as “shimmer,” works wonders. Highlighter for the skin is the number one beauty must-have right now. Both powder and liquid work like magic. To get more staying power and even more hydration, go for the liquid version. Highlighter should be applied to all the areas the light would naturally hit like brow bone, inner corner of the eyes, cheek bones, tip of the nose, bottom lip and possibly the tip of your chin and collarbone points. Highlighter can be used on bare, moisturized skin or skin that has foundation applied first.

CAUTION: Use a light hand when applying highlighter. It can easily look overdone. Don’t forget to blend well, to avoid an unnatural glow. Never be afraid to set your highlighter with translucent powder. Your glow will still show! To add even more staying power set your entire face with a make up setting spray. Motives cosmetics carries a fan favorite called 10 Years Younger. And, who doesn’t want their skin to look younger?!

Short on cash or time to run and grab some liquid highlighter? Mix a bit of your powdered highlighter (or even a light colored iridescent or shimmery bit of eyeshadow) with your moisturizer and apply to those important places for a quick youthful glow!

Now get out there and get GLOWING!

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