More than 50 of the youngest and fastest new Ocean City residents and visitors raced in the Pamper Scamper on Tuesday, Aug. 6. The annual event is a crawling race for children 15 months old and younger. The races start with the competitors in the center of a parachute. First one to crawl to the perimeter and the waiting arms of mom or dad is the winner. After several heats divided into age categories, the winners of the championship round were as follows:

• Bryce Pettigrew, Lisle, Ill., 12 months old

• Declan Ralston, Berlin, N.J., 10 months old

• Madison Ripa, 13 months old

Pettigrew had the morning’s fastest crawl at a blazing 5 seconds.

Bowfish Kids (956 Asbury Avenue) was the event’s major sponsor. Other sponsors contributing prizes were Air Circus, Crazy Susan’s Cookies, Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, Johnson’s Popcorn, Johnny B. Goode Ice Cream Parlors, Ocean Treasures, Shirt Shack, Stainton’s vendors (Pumpkinbuds, Patches & Lace, Books R Us, Julia Max Designs and Kids Kases), and We Make It Personal.

The Pamper Scamper is a precursor to the 110th annual Ocean City Baby Parade, which will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, August 8. The parade features children cruising the Ocean City Boardwalk in themed strollers, wagons and floats. It starts at Sixth Street with children finishing at the Music Pier (Moorlyn Terrace) and all other entries continuing to 14th Street. The parade is free to watch from either side of the boardwalk. Spectators are welcome to bring beach chairs to watch from the railing along the ocean side of the boardwalk. On the parade morning, the boardwalk will close to bicycle traffic at 10 a.m.

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