STATE OF NEW JERSEY TO: The below-named defendants, their heirs, successors or assigns. YOU ARE HEREBY
SUMMONED in a civil action, in which La’Renaissance Condominium Association, Inc. is plaintiff, and La’Renaissance, Inc.,
et al. are defendants, pending in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Chancery Division, Atlantic County, and bearing Docket No.
ATL-C 36-18. If you dispute this lawsuit you or your attorney are required to serve upon William A. Thompson,
III, plaintiff’s attorney, whose address is 2428 Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ 08401, an answer to the Complaint filed
within thirty-five (35) days after the date of publication of this announcement exclusive of such date. If you fail to do so, judgment by default may be rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. You shall file your written answer
or motion and proof of service with the Deputy Clerk of the Superior Court, Chancery Division, 1201 Bacharach Boulevard,
Atlantic City, NJ 08401, in accordance with the rules of civil practice and
procedure. A filing fee in the amount of $175.00 payable to the Treasurer State of New Jersey must accompany your answer
or motion when it is filed. You must also send a copy of your answer or motion to the plaintiff’s attorney at the above address.
A telephone call will not protect your rights. You must file and serve a written answer or motion together with the fee if you
want the court to hear your defense.
This action has been instituted for the purpose of quieting the title to a time share building located at 190 S Kentucky Avenue in Atlantic City, New Jersey and you are either a record owner or a secured creditor of the property. All record owners are
required to relinquish their interests in accordance with the governing documents.
If you are unable to obtain an attorney, you may communicate with the New Jersey State Bar Association by calling
(732)249-5000. You may also contact the Lawyer Referral Service of Atlantic County by calling (609)345-3444. If you cannot
afford an attorney you may contact the Legal Services office by calling (609)348-4200.
Michelle M. Smith, Clerk
Superior Court of New Jersey
Johnson Vacations Family Trust LLC
Eugene Fulp and Ruth Fulp, h/w
Shawn Blackwell
David Skinner, LLC
Jordan Duke
Timeshare Solutions, LLC
David L. Seats, Sr. and Jessie L. Seats h/w
William Pelletier and Monique Pelletier, h/w
The Fireside Registry LLC
Dharmesh S. Patel
Henry L. Cohen and Elinore J. Cohen, h/w
Chad Adams
Carol E. Distefano and Mitchell Hete, Joint Tenants
Ludder’s Wine, LLC
Larry Wheeler
Edward G Nisbett and Z Barbara Nisbett
The Fireside Registry LLC
Wilfred Montalvo and Lillian C Montalvo, h/w
George R. Hodgson, Jr.
Douglas Behr, Divorced
Theodore Krol, married as sole property
Jeffrey J Walter and Lisa L Walter
Van Drivers Consulting LLC
The Fireside Registry, LLC
Leo Group Enterprises, LLC
Clifford A Nixon, Sole Owner
Rodney A. Mason
Frederick G Gonseth & Rose A Gonseth, h/w
Sue M. Wolcott
Flinn Enterprises, LLC
Howard A. Urian and Theresa M. Urian
Thomas D Burnheimer & Connie Burnheimer, h/w
Lateefa Bryant, sole owner
David F. Peer and Ella M. Peer, JTWROS
Van Drivers Consulting, LLC
James Haygood, Sole Ownership
Harold J. Danforth, Jr. and Lorraine A. Danforth
Derrick Hollaway and Phyllis Justice Hollaway, h/w
Dharmesh S. Patel
Woodrow R. Wilson, Jr., sole ownership
Blue Chip Premier Rentals, Cabins & Condos LLC,
William Forshey and Betty Ann Byrns, Joint Tenants
Gino Franchi and Grace E. Franchi, h/w
Frank P Hummel and Lucilda Gregory
David A Trowbridge and Barbara K Doritty, Married
Charles J O’Rourke and Edna R O’Rourke, h/w
Richard L Pedersen and Geraldine Pedersen
Reise Club, Inc.
James Rieck
Dave Mitchell and Doreen Boschulte, h/w
Harold J Molloy and Rose Marie T Molloy, h/w
Anthony G Drakakis and Ann T Drakakis, h/w
William G Laird
Van Drivers Consulting, LLC
Woodrow R Wilson, Jr.
Howard Cosier
Marion Calloway and Ellen Calloway
David C. Stafford
Robert E Keating and Elaine S Keating, h/w
W. Louis McDonald, a single man
Raymond J. Thomas and Judy Thomas, h/w
TradePius Markets
Robert E Meredith and Sally M Meredith, h/w
Carl C Day, Jr and Carmela Day, Tenancy by the Entirety
Vacation Pros, LLC
LA Holdings
Wilfred J Lewis and Charlotte J Lewis, JTWROS
James a Fontaine and Jean a Fontaine, h/w
The Fireside Registry, LLC.
Nelaton Zepherin
Jordan Duke, A Single Man
Peter J Madero and Monica C Sanabria, h/w
Vacation Pros, LLC
Isaac W. Jenkins, Sr.
Jerry Dunn and Pauline H Dunn, h/w
Bertrand K McCarthy and Naomi I Canty
JB Painting and Drywall Services, LLC
Ira E Kramer
Dixie Adams and Margaret Adams, h/w
Timothy E Miller and Angela L Miller, h/w
Alice E Hulse
Jordon Duke, single man
Jerry K Jackson and Linda L Jackson, h/w
Don L. Kramer, Sr. and Susan D. Kramer, h/w
WRS Holdings LLC
Stuart Pound and Donna M. Pound, h/w
John W. Martin, single
Donald E. Stanley
C. William Steckley Sr & Mary E O’Connor Steckley, h/w
Alfred C. White, sole ownership
George W Price & Charlotte B Price,h/w
W. Louis McDonald, single man
Robert L Engle
Overcoming Adversity, Inc.
James A. Hawkins, Sr and Roberta J. Hawkins, h/w
Isaiah Richardson and Kim R. Richardson, h/w
Nixon Family Trust, LLC
William F. Young, Jr.
LA Holdings
Fulton E. Evans
William L. Hughes and Evelyn Hughes, h/w
Timeshare Solutions, LLC
Howard J. Cosier, an unmarried man
The Thrown Apple, LLC
Kim E. Fuller and Rosemary Anderson, Joint Tenancy
Jane Pocknett
Johnnie Mae McCalla
Callahan & Zalinsky Associates
Pedro F. Sepulveda and Santa Sepulveda, h/w
Carolyn R. Calvert
John Restko and Nancy L. Restko, h/w
Hortense Marks, Brian S. Marks & Ilene Marks
WRS Holdings LLC
Marguerite Cunningham, sole ownership
Woodrow R. Wilson, Jr.
Edith Ross Smith
David George, sole ownership
Paul L. Thomas, Jr. sole ownership
Linda J. Bellmund, sole ownership
Philip V. Headley and Jean C. Headley, h/w
Albert Johnson and Muriel Johnson, h/w
Leroy Dickson, Jr. sole ownership
David E. Walton and Gail Walton, h/w
St Hamm Management LLC
Donald D. Reagan and Rebecca E. Reagan, h/w
Betty A. Keene, sole ownership
John W. West and Patricia E. West, h/w
John N. Tilli
Henry F. McTernan and Ann P. McTernan, h/w
ETT, LLC John William Keller as authorized agent
David Wilkerson, single man/separate property
Timeshare Assistance Inc.
Debra J. Marchie, sole ownership
Chad Adams, single man
Ylian A. Snyder
Salimeh S. Khormoji and Shahrazad Teymour
Eugene Cariello and Gloria Cariello, h/w
Amy Henline, single woman
Frank R. Sweeten and Thirza A. Sweeten, h/w
Robert K. Dyminski and Diane V. Dyminski, h/w
Paul R. Cote
Capital National Bank
Willie Mack
Litchfield Timeshares Securities Corporation
W. Louis McDonald
Stamford Asset Recovery Corporation
Flinn Enterprises, LLC
Kentucky at the Boardwalk
Mary L. Savage
RES, Inc.
The Fireside Registry, LLC
La’Renaissance, Inc.
William W. Graffus Sr. and Edith V. Graffus, h/w
Mary Ellen Rodgers
Tommy Harvey and Mexian Elliot
Beneficial Mutual Savings Bank
Raymond G. Gottshall and Karen L. Gottshall, h/w
Condoshare International Inc.
Luis A. Diaz and Marina Diaz
Ford Consumer Finance Company Inc.
Regina M. Fusco, sole ownership
GEICO Financial Services Inc.
Salvatore P. Musumeci, sole ownership
Phyllis L. Misakian, sole ownership
W. Louis McDonald, a single man
Lenka C. Knapp
Richard L. Fletcher, sole ownership
Lawrence J. Leo and Jodi M. Leo
Walter S. Evans and Barbara A. Evans
Howard Love and Jannette Love, h/w
William Forshey and Betty Ann Byrns, single adults
Donald A. Renaud and Virginia M. Renaud, h/w
Green Recovery Fund LLC
Ernest Pascucci, sole ownership
Lee A. Seggelink and Patricia A. Seggelink, h/w
Dorothy M. Sims, sole ownership
William G. Grabo and Rosalyn E. Grabo, h/w
Henry R. Martin, Jr. and Rosi C. Martin, h/w
Resort Connections, LLC
Keith Barkas, an unmarried man
John D. Regenthal and Felicia B. Regenthal, h/w
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Pub. Date: June 14, 2018