Affordable Homes for Sale
Ocean City Market to Affordable Program
Now accepting applications for 3 upcoming affordable
condominium units to be scattered throughout Ocean City.
The sales price for these one bedroom units will be based
upon household income and range from $62,500 to $111,709.
The maximum household incomes permitted are $40,868
for a one-person household, and $46,706 for a two-person
household. Pre-applications will be accepted until January
21, 2019 and entered into a lottery to be held on January 23,
2019. Please be advised that applications will continue to
be accepted after the lottery drawing, however applicants
will be added to the bottom of the list. Applications are
available at City Hall, County and Municipal Libraries.
Triad Associates has been designated by the City of Ocean
City as Administrative Agent for these units.

For more information
and to apply please
visit us online at www.
or call Triad Associates at