ATLANTIC CITY - Six people were arrested after an investigation found stolen items were being sold in two stores, police said.

CVS and Rite-Aid representatives alerted the police when they saw what they believed were their stolen items on the stores' shelves, Sgt. James Sarkos said.

After a five-month investigation, the found that Asia Bazaar on South Kentucky Avenue and Kings Food & Gifts at 1638 Atlantic Ave. were buying stolen items from people who came in off the street - then re-selling them.

More than $500 in items were seized from the stores, along with a total of $21,000 believed to be the proceeds of illegal activity, Sarkos said. Most of the items were stolen from the CVS and Rite-Aid.

The stores' mercantile licenses have been suspended.

In addition to the goods allegedly being "fenced," police also found Asia Bazaar had six cable boxes reported taken from a Comcast truck in the city on Nov. 26. The store also had 498 Viagra pills, 132 doses of emergency contraceptive pills, 96 bags of synthetic marijuana, a stun gun and numerous novelty lighters.

King's also was allegedly selling synthetic marijuana along with 15 bags of imitation cocaine known as "bath salts," 15 counterfeit handbags and 32 pirated CDs.

Arrested at the Asia Bazaar were Tariq Mehmood, 44, and Tariq Naeem, 23, both of Egg Harbor Township. Both were charged receiving stolen property and conspiracy to receive stolen property.

Mehmood was also charged with trafficking stolen property and various crimes, including possession of a stun gun and possession of prescription legend drugs with intent to distribute.

Arrested from King's were Mohammed A. Shardar, 50, of Egg Harbor Township, and Shamsol A. Khan, 67, of Galloway Township, along with Atlantic City residents Mohammed S. Rahman, 37, and Suraj Bairagee, 52. All were charged with receiving stolen property and conspiracy.

Shardar and Khan were additionally charged for trafficking, as well as selling counterfeit items and pirated music, and possession of the "bath salts," including within 500 feet of a park and within a school zone.

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