Pinky Kravitz
Pinky Kravitz.

There have been several stories in this newspaper relative to Richard Stockton College becoming a part of the changes to be made in the inlet section of Atlantic City. However, there have been no specifics as to what it will do and with whom it will do it.

Those working in the rumor mill had a big smile on their faces about the possibility of Stockton working in concert with the Culinary Institute of America, one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the nation.

In order to do this, the rumor mill says Stockton will take a portion of a block in the inlet to build a facility that will have restaurants on the ground level and units for the students on the upper levels. It will take them a few years to develop this project, but it certainly sounds like a good one.

This is the kind of thinking Atlantic City needs. It will bring activity direly needed in that area. Just imagine a string of outstanding restaurants overseen by the staff and students of the Culinary Institute of America. Remember, don't expect it to happen tomorrow, but discussions about this project have been going on for some time. It may come sooner than one thinks.

No camping at concerts

As of today, there will be no camping at Bader Field during the four concerts scheduled there in June and September. To the best of my knowledge, the promoters wanted to have camping permitted, but Mayor Lorenzo Langford felt it would not be in the best interest of the city or those seeking campgrounds to use Bader Field.

There was concern for the health and safety aspects of those camping out on the site that it is not equipped to handle campers. In addition, there was a feeling that it would take business away from campgrounds in our surrounding area as well as curtail the number of hotel rooms that would be used by those coming for the concerts.

I apologize for giving the wrong dates for the June concerts. The jam concerts will be held June 15-17. I have previously stated my belief that the highly regarded Phish band will be performing throughout that weekend. Those who saw them at Boardwalk Hall during Halloween weekend in 2010 can just imagine their jam sessions before the crowd of more than 30,000 expected nightly at Bader Field.

The rock concerts will be held June 23-24. I still believe Metallica will be playing the music that will have Atlantic City moshing from the ocean to the bay.

Rolling chair changes

More than 20 years ago, Atlantic City changed its method of operating rolling chairs on the Boardwalk. Owners were permitted to rent out their chairs to any operator who wanted to pay their daily fee. As a result, there was no oversight of the chair pushers.

In recent years, this has caused many problems with those pushers who have been drinking, using drugs, having late-night races, wearing sloppy-looking clothing and fighting among themselves. A suggestion had been made to have the pushers become an employee of the owners and operators of the rolling chairs, but City Council would not come up with the necessary ordinance to control them.

The owners of Royal Rolling Chairs decided to do something on their own. As of this past week, they have ceased operating, and when they finish changes to their method of operation, they will again be on the Boardwalk in the spring.

They will change the name of pushers to chair attendants, who will be employees of the owners. They will be provided with uniforms and paid $10 an hour and possibly receive tips.

RRC will conduct background checks and drug-test all applicants for the jobs. The company will pay employees' payroll taxes, sales taxes, worker's compensation taxes, etc.

RRC also will renovate its rolling chairs to include LED advertisements powered by a solar panel on the roof of the chair. There is also the possibility of having other electronics such as cameras that could be added and powered by the solar panel

Employees will be monitored by GPS tracking.

The rolling chair situation in Atlantic City has to be changed, and it is good to see RRC take the initiative to do so.

There are two other operators on the Boardwalk. I urge City Council to come up with an ordinance that will make them convert their pushers to become employees and thus have more control over their pushers' actions. This has been long overdue.

Sailboat racing

A news release informed me of the following that I am happy to pass on to you. After a 20-year hiatus, offshore sailboat racing is returning to Atlantic City on July 20-22. The Atlantic City Race Week regatta offers the best of class and Performance Handicap Racing Fleet racing with easy access, competitive fleets and ocean racing with superb management.

Shore activities will be held on the docks of the Frank S. Farley State Marina, now a part of the Golden Nugget Casino. It will feature cocktail parties, barbecue dinners and live entertainment. According to the news release, it doesn't get any better than this.

Race Week will include the J/24 District 4 Championship and be a stop on the 2012 Parkway Series. The event is hosted by the Ocean City Yacht Club in participation with the Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May. Details are available at

More water activity

The above story and our warm weather this winter has made me think of ocean activities. Some of the best and most exciting events that take place on the waterfront of Atlantic and Cape May counties are the lifeguard races that are held just about every Friday night throughout the summer. Almost every beach community, at one time or another, hosts a race. They are generally held in the early evening. The setting of the ocean and the crashing of the waves is truly something to behold. That's the joy of living in or visiting a seashore community. By the way, the races are free.

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