Ted Schroeder
Ted Schroeder of Ocean City is the owner of Pure Tacos on the Boardwalk.

Business: Pure Tacos

Location: 1138 Boardwalk, Ocean City

Owner: Ted Schroeder, 33, of Ocean City (with business partner David Humphrey, 28, of New York)

Employees: 11

We’re trying to make authentic Mexican food, mostly tacos, and a Tex-Mex fusion menu with items such as a chicken and bacon ranch taco, and also cheeseburger tacos.

In New York and Los Angeles, many taco trucks produce fusion tacos, such as a Korean barbecue taco. This is a cutting-edge trend and we’re trying to incorporate it in a taco-centered restaurant.

Everything is always going to be gluten-free. That’s the beauty of me being a celiac (allergic to wheat gluten) and having control over the menu.

For breakfast, we serve bacon-and-egg or sausage-and-egg tacos, with sausage made in house that’s similar to Mexican chorizo.

We offer tacos with hangar steak, chicken, ground beef , black beans for vegetarians, and the house-made sausage.

As a special, we make fish tacos glazed with orange chili, with lettuce-cilantro-red onion garnish and sour cream.

For late night and kid traffic, we offer Mexican-style corn on the cob, grilled local sweet corn rolled in cheese.

My wife and I lived in New York until a month ago. I was a lawyer with a big firm in the city, working until 10 every night. I have two girls, one 21/2 and one 7 months, and I really wasn’t seeing them or being part of raising them.

We’d been coming down here about 15 years to my in-laws’ place. We fell in love with Ocean City and wanted to raise the girls here.

We’ve put about $70,000 into renovating and creating the restaurant. I have a computer background and my partner’s an architect, so we could do a lot of the work ourselves.

I’m here five days a week, and he’s here the other two. We’re contemplating opening a store in New York, and he’d mainly manage that.

We’re going to be seasonal this year, and hope to post a small gain and build on that the next couple of years.

We’ve gotten a lot of publicity from gluten-free forums and celiac groups. We’ve been surprised by the number of celiacs we’ve had coming in, and then will come back the next day.

That’s a good indicator there’s nothing like this on the Boardwalk.

Business editor Kevin Post


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