Trainer: Rachel Schoenstein, Fitness Mogul Group Exercise & Pole Dancing Studio in Hammonton

Exercise: Plank on BOSU balls

Muscles targeted: Glutes and quadriceps

Equipment: Two BOSU balls

Reps/Sets: Two to three 20- to 40-second reps

Place two BOSU balls on the floor about three to four feet apart, with the front BOSU ball flat side up, and the back BOSU ball flat side on the floor. Place both palms flat and about a foot apart on the base of the BOSU ball in front of you. Starting with your knees on the floor, place one foot at a time on the back BOSU ball, resulting in a plank position. Make sure your entire core is tight and your body straight. Hold this position for 20 to 40 seconds and return down to the ground one knee at a time to rest.

Sara Tracey

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