Enter the South Jersey Snow Sweepstakes

Peggy P. got into the lead after the first week of the South Jersey Snow Sweepstakes and never looked back.

She guessed 3 inches of snow would fall in Upper Deerfield. For reference, that's more than 7 inches below what the Cumberland County town averages.

Despite the brave estimate, Peggy proved victorious, winning the South Jersey Snow Sweepstakes, where entrants guessed the location they believed would see the most snow between Jan. 1 and Mar. 31 and provide a total for that community. Here were the final totals out of the four South Jersey locations participants could choose.  

Snowfall through Mar. 12

Upper Deerfield had the 'most' snow out of the four South Jersey Snow Sweepstakes locations at 0.7 inches. The last time there was measureable snow at the contest sites was Jan. 18. 

Peggy P., hat off to you. She wins a video forecast from your house, or wherever she would like in South Jersey. Given the unforeseen stay at home order in New Jersey, though, leeway will be given to what Peggy would like to do. 

According to WeatherWorks' Certified Snowfall Totals program, Upper Deerfield accumulated 0.3 inches of snow Jan. 7, the only one of the three locations to do so. WeatherWorks is a third party snow and ice verification service that provides post-storm analysis of totals, at ZIP code resolution. 

That gave Peggy the early lead. While all locations except for Cape May accumulated the next day, Upper Deerfield picked up the most, at 0.6 inches. The only other date where snow accumulated in the region was Jan. 18 again, only in Upper Deerfield. That's how Peggy P. emerged victorious. 

Peggy had help from the field of entrants. Only 11% of participants picked Upper Deerfield as the location with the most amount of snow, the lowest of the 4. 

Snow Location Breakdown.JPG

However, most people did believe that less than a foot of snow would fall throughout the contest period. 

Snow and Sleet Ranges.JPG

The winter of 2019-20 wound up in the top 3 for least snowiest winters in recorded history for Atlantic City International Airport as well as Cape May. According to New Jersey State Climatologist Dave Robinson, South Jersey had the least amount of snow in March on record, which goes back to 1895. 

Thank you to all of the participants in this year's contest. If you would like to reach out to a group of people who care deeply about the reach, please reach out to Michele Potts, Digital Sales Manager, at mpotts@pressofac.com, to secure an spot on our platform for the 2020-21 sweepstakes.

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