Joe Molineaux recently caught up with Rick Dovey to talk about his role at the Atlantic County Utilities Authority.

Molineaux: What is your role at the ACUA?

Dovey: I am the president of the ACUA. In that role, I oversee two major areas of the authority’s operations. They are the regional waste water treatment plant in Atlantic City that serves the eastern half of the county and the countywide solid waste management program, including recycling, trash and composting.

Molineaux: How long have you been with the authority?

Dovey: I have been president of the ACUA for 28 Years and also served two years as a department head earlier in my career.

Molineaux: By all measurements you have been very successful leading the ACUA. What is one of the things you have brought to the ACUA?

Dovey: As a planner in the '80s we were working on the concept of a solid waste management program, being able to implement that program and also overseeing the expansion of the waste water treatment system.

Molineaux: You have had a strong team at the ACUA over the years and continue to have great people working with you. How did you and do you attract such talented people and continue to build a solid team?

Dovey: Talent is attracted to success. People have observed that we can be successful. I am proud of the people that have worked for us that have been successful and have moved on to bigger roles in their career. And of course proud of the people that continue to help us be successful.

Molineaux: How do you define success?

Dovey: I measure success by making an impact in what you are doing, making a difference and doing it better than anyone else as well as being an example for others.

Molineaux: Throughout your career what challenges have you faced?

Dovey: The biggest challenges we faced are always financial in nature. We have to take stock and understand that so many things affect the financial needs of the organization. Over the years, the best thing we have done and can do is to focus on our core responsibilities and that is what we will continue to do.

Molineaux: Many things you do are very visual, like the wind turbines and the recycling the ACUA does. What is one of the lesser known or less visible things you do.

Dovey: The sewerage system is in fact “underground” and unseen; of course that system is so important to our county’s infrastructure. But again probably the less visible thing we do. As long as it is working and maintained everyone is happy.

Molineaux: What is the most important business lesson you have learned?

Dovey: The importance of the people that work for you. To have those people well trained and motivated as well as interested in improving the business and the work we do. People are an integral part of the success of any business or organization.

Molineaux: Thank you Rick Dovey!

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