Rutgers Master Gardeners

Atlantic County Master Gardeners are, from left, front row, Nancy Fiedler, Ellie Chester, Ann Cinquina, and Bob Varrellman; second row, Laurie Stoner, Carol Piechoski, Nancy Jansen, Nancy Carlson, and Vivian Millar; and back row, Linda Mantello, Howard Reed, Kathy McCormick, Glenn Pavlis and Marion Millar. Master Gardeners who were a part of these projects, but not pictured include Karen Pratz, Ute Langkau, Margaret DeFelice, Gerel Pereborow, Roz Herlands, John Collette and Belinda Chester, Master Gardener program coordinator.

Rutgers Master Gardeners of Atlantic County received acclaim in the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s 2019 Garden Contest, the Rutgers Cooperative Extensio announced.

Award receptions were held Oct. 9, 14 and 23 in Pennsylvania showcasing all of the winning gardens.

This year’s contest had more than 400 entries from all types of gardens throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware that demonstrated:

• Aesthetic appeal, beauty, innovation and effective design

• Plant health, sustainable practices and resourcefulness

• Edible plants

• Habitat for pollinators and other wildlife

• Connections to family, neighbors and/or community

In the category of School or Children’s Garden, the Pomona Preschool Garden, by Galloway Township Public Schools in Pomona, and the Galloway Township branch of the Atlantic County Library System's Butterfly Garden by the Rutgers Master Gardeners of Atlantic County both received blue ribbons.

The Egg Harbor Township branch of the Atlantic County Library System's Tiered Pollinator Garden in Egg Harbor Township and the Master Gardener Demonstration Garden at the Rutgers Cooperative Extension Office in Mays Landing were also awarded blue ribbons, in the category Other Public Space Plantings. This is a second consecutive win for the Egg Harbor Township library branch and a third consecutive win for the Demonstration Garden. The Courtyard Pollinator Garden at the Mays Landing branch of the Atlantic County Library System was awarded its third consecutive win with a Garden of Distinction in the same category.

These and other educational outreach projects throughout the county are designed and supported by teams of Rutgers Master Gardeners of Atlantic County volunteers.

Rutgers Master Gardener volunteers were also recognized with awards for their home gardens in the category Flower Garden (Individual). John Collette received a Garden of Distinction for his Mays Landing garden and Nancy Fiedler received a blue ribbon for her garden in Galloway.

Winning Rutgers Master Gardeners of Atlantic County in the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society's 2019 Garden Contest

Linda Mantello, Brigantine

Roz Herlands, Egg Harbor City

Ann Cinquina, Egg Harbor Township

Nancy Carlson, Egg Harbor Township

Vivian Millar, Egg Harbor Township

Howard Reed, Egg Harbor Township

Kathy McCormick, Egg Harbor Township

Marion Millar, Egg Harbor Township

Ute Langkau, Egg Harbor Township

Bob Varrellman, Galloway Township

Nancy Fiedler, Galloway Township

Karen Pratz, Galloway Township

Gerel Pereborow, Galloway Township

Belinda Chester, Galloway Township

Carol Piechoski,

Glenn Pavlis, Mays Landing

Laurie Stoner, Mays Landing

John Collette, Mays Landing

Nancy Jansen, Northfield

Ellie Chester, Northfield

Margaret DeFelice, Port Republic

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