Hello from Base Camp V.

Well, we hope that everyone is doing well during this trying time in our history. It's important that we all work together by following the best practices that America's medical organizations have set forth, and we must respect and be patient with one another.

Remember to contact and check on the most vulnerable: our members, the disabled veterans, and the sick and elderly in our community. We should make sure of their well being and provide assistance, if needed, to make sure they have everything that they may need, e.g. food and medications.


Remember that Brigantine Memorial Post 6964, will be closed until further notice and all post functions are suspended. Our post is complying with this order so that we can do our part in putting an end to the spreading of the virus, which will limit the number of affected, decrease the time it takes to find a cure, and finally defeat this virus. We all need to make sacrifices at this time and with every one's cooperation, will make this happen.

Members, as of now, our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 2. We are exploring various online video methods as a means to conduct the meeting. If we succeed, information will be posted on our website, VFW6964.org. So please make sure to check our website daily, for post updates, announcements and instructions on how to connect and join the meeting remotely.

As of today, if any member needs assistance with the VA, Dan Wine, a NJ Department Senior Service Officer, is available by telephone at 609-802-5217 or by email at daniel.wine@va.gov. Call or email Dan to discuss your questions or concerns.

Finally, please remember to keep the brave men and women, stationed around the world defending our great nation, and their families, in your thoughts and prayers.

That's all for this week. Stay safe and God bless America!

— Sgt. D

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