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Todd Gordon

At age 14, Todd Gordon lost his mother, Margaret Mary “Peggy” Gordon, to melanoma cancer that had spread to her organs. She was his source of security and love, and naturally, losing her devastated him.

What he did not realize was the deep and profound affect her death had on his emotional health and how that insecurity worked its way into every aspect of his life.

After 31 years of living his life from an emotional and spiritual place of abandonment, Gordon realized there had to be a better way to achieve purpose, fulfillment and joy in life. Difficult life events brought Gordon to a point where he finally grieved the death of his mom in a healthy way.

“The experience was painful but necessary and has become the inspiration to carry on her legacy. She taught me everything I needed to know about life in my first 14 years,” Gordon said. His mom taught him to be a giver of life and that big dreams are possible.

Shore hospital has always held a special place in Gordon’s heart — it is the place where his mother received her cancer treatment. To honor his mom’s legacy, Gordon entered the Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City Triathlon with a goal to raise $15,000 to benefit Shore Cancer Center. The race will be held Sept. 15, which is a special day because it would have been his mom’s 77th birthday.

To help Gordon reach his goal and support his effort, you can contribute by visiting his fundraising page, hosted through Shore Medical Center. Your donation will go directly to helping patients and families right here in your community. Gordon has also created a Facebook page, facebook.com/m2hcharity where you can follow along with his training and find a link to donate to his cause.

You also can call Claudia Giordano at 609-653-3800 to make a donation over the phone. Your donation will provide direct support to Shore Cancer Center patients and families that experience hardships due to cancer.

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