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With everything that is going on this week’s column does not directly come from the current place we find ourselves. It comes from a galaxy far, far away ...

Stars Wars has been a consistent cinematic influence in my life. The first movie launched at the same time I launched my first newspaper from my bike as a paperboy for the Press of Atlantic City. Ever since then, the movies and the lines from the movies along with classic and new characters have been part of my existence.

The first movie made such an impression and introduced me to a concept that a different kind of “force” surrounds us all. For me, as a young person that force was a combination of the people, places and things that I experienced everyday along with the lessons I was learning at home, at school, on the playground and everywhere else I was being taught about the things that surrounded me.

While Star Wars takes place in a galaxy that is not our own, the relationships and the basis of the storylines, minus the space travel, blasters and light sabers could be applied at many levels to life in our galaxy. George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, developed characters that many of us could and did identify with.

For Star Wars Day (May 4) I thought it would be a good week to share four basic business and life lessons that I learned from the Star Wars movies. I continue to use these lessons in my work and in my life. I hope you will find some hope and motivation in the force of these four Star Wars inspired lessons:

We are all connected. While we are all different in so many ways, we are all in this universe and on this planet together. No more than ever, this is a key to our survival and our ability to experience long and prosperous lives.

No matter how much opportunity you seek DO NOT give in to the dark side. Temptation to cut corners or “to do the wrong thing” always seems to be present. It takes discipline to stay on a straight and narrow path. The dark side is represented in many forms. It is important to understand it exists, but even more important to steer clear of it.

Believe in yourself and the people around you, especially your Yoda and your Obi Wan. I have had at least one true “Yoda and Obi Wan Kenobi” moment in my life. The strangest part of the experience is that I did not realize it was happening until a few years after it occurred. I know the moments of mentoring and people teaching me and assisting me has occurred hundreds of times in my life, however the belief in myself and my abilities helped turn these moments into momentum that still propels me today.

Take action. The steps you take to move forward can and do lead you to some out of this world experiences and some stellar opportunities. I have said numerous times that “an idea is just an idea until you take action.” What better way to be motivated to take your ideas and put action behind them then the inspiration you find in the Star Wars movies. Whether it is taking well–planned and calculated risks (“Never tell me the odds” — Han Solo) or actually setting your mind on taking action (“Do or do not ... there is no try” — Yoda), the lessons learned from this epic saga, like the force itself is all around us.

As we move forward, may the force (and May the 4th) ... be with you.

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