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Beth Tinnon.

With a musical resume that spans three decades, her career began in her teens and took her to perform on the legendary “Grand Ole Opry” radio show in Nashville, Tennessee, to lounges and showrooms of the Atlantic City casinos and beyond. Beth Tinnon is a well-respected award winning artist whose style and grace are balanced perfectly with musical talent. She is known for her unique blend of “class and sass” and leaves a positive impression on those she sings for at each and every performance.

She has toured all over the country with the likes of Kenny Rogers, Garth Brooks, country music’s John Rich of “Big and Rich” and “Lonestar.” Locally and regionally, Beth has opened for Steve and Eydie Gorme in Atlantic City and appeared on stage in New York with musical legend Les Paul. Beth lists among her influences and some of her favorite artists as Stevie Nicks, SADE, Amy Winehouse and Imelda May.

Among all the accolades and success Beth Tinnon has encountered, one thing has remained the constant. Her connection to her audience and her community is and has always been close to her heart. As spring was nearing, Beth was planning out her live performance schedule for the next six months that was to include a theater tour of intimate venues; the COVID-19 crisis hit the United States and the live music industry.

It was tough for many artists. Some artists, like Beth did some COVID-19 safe performances. Beth performed for a group of seniors in an assisted living facility where she set up and played outside as all of the facility’s residents sat on their balconies to enjoy her songs.

Over the past few weeks as portions of the economy were opening, Beth was inspired by the drive-in/drive-up model that churches and faith based organizations were using to include low frequency FM signal broadcasts of the services to those gathered. Beth went out and purchased the equipment necessary to broadcast to a safety distanced gathered musical audience and the test worked. The response from those listening was very positive.

The passion she feels for music coupled with her commitment and concern for the businesses that she has both played and been a patron has lead her in another unique direction. Beth Tinnon is taking her show back on the road, sort of … she is now embarking on 'The Beth Tinnon Take Out Tour 2020.'

Beth will play multiple venues for free as the outdoor dining at some of her favorite eateries begin to open their parking lots and shared public spaces to the public. She will utilize the FM signal broadcast to perform to those taking out, eating outdoors and those enjoying the offerings of the venues she is playing within. Details of how to tune in will be provided at the restaurants and also on Beth Tinnon’s social media. As part of the “Take Out Tour” Alliance Video Production, LLC will be shooting a video and like Beth donating their services under the company’s community motto of “serving small in a big way."

The current schedule of the tour includes shows from 5 to 7 p.m. at Romanelli’s Garden Grill in Galloway on June 15, Highpoint Pub in Absecon with Comedian Michelle Tomko opening on June 17, Bellino’s Market in Smithville on June 19 and Oyster Creek in Leeds Point on June 20. Beth also has a tour date set for June 27 from 11 a.m. to noon at Barista's Coffee House in Linwood.

Beth said she feels blessed to have the opportunity to play and sing to support the community and the opening of the outdoor dining of the area eateries. Similar to her motivation of the services sharing a positive message with their audience over the FM frequency, Beth sees the musical as performances as a positive way to make the outdoor dining and take out experience more enjoyable.

While no one really knows what the future holds or where the road leads, for now we can all support the outdoor dining venues while enjoying the musical stylings of a talented, caring and community minded artist.

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