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Dr. Robert Masci of Sparta, medical director of cardio-oncology for Atlantic Health System, will present Cardio-Oncology And Cancer - How To Optimize Your Cardiovascular Health Before, During And After Treatment For Cancer on Friday, Dec. 27, at Atlantic City Country Club.

NORTHFIELD — When undergoing treatment for cancer, maintaining optimal health is a constant struggle for patients. Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments can affect the heart.

Dr. Robert Masci will give a talk on cardio-oncology and cancer and discuss how to optimize cardiovascular health before, during and after treatment for cancer. He will speak at the next Dean Randazzo Cancer Foundation Lecture For A Cause 6:30 to 8 p.m. Friday, Dec. 27, at Atlantic City Country Club. The program is free and open to the public and presented by Cardiology Associates of Sussex County. Light snacks will be served.

Masci, medical director of cardio-oncology for Atlantic Health System, will discuss how to prevent and minimize damage to the cardiovascular system while undergoing cancer treatment.

"An average 50-year-old woman going into treatment for breast cancer is more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than breast cancer," Masci said. "In this day and age, many forms of cancer are more survivable than they used to be. With that in my mind, we have to pay increased attention to the patient's cardiovascular health. Many of the most effective lifesaving cancer treatments can have adverse effects on the cardiovascular system."

Masci will specifically address the risks of cardiovascular disease for cancer survivors who have received therapy to cure cancer that could have had a negative effect on their health. He will also discuss the effects for current patients who are receiving radiation, immunotherapy drugs and chemotherapy drugs; the negative effects they can have on the cardiovascular system; and what patients should be aware of before going into treatment.

Limited seating is available. See Facebook.com/thedrcf to register.

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