Dear Parents and Guardians,

With Thanksgiving close, I wanted to take this time to tell you how much you are appreciated. We teens and young adults tend to take a lot for granted. Having a roof over our heads, food on our tables and shoes on our feet — we might not always remember to say thank you. I’m so incredibly grateful for the countless hours my parents have spent driving me to games and practices, for the ungodly hours they’ve stayed up late taking care of me when I was sick, and for their time spent helping me with homework — especially when I would scream and yell because, “That’s not how the teacher did it in class!”

Thanksgiving can be kind of hectic. There’s cooking prep and travel plans and having to prepare oneself for family drama. And if you’re anything like me, when you have to celebrate two Thanksgivings, then you know it gets even crazier. Between the one aunt who gets wine tipsy easily, the grandma who loves to still pinch your cheeks, and introducing outsiders to it all, it can be quite an adventure. But at the end of the day, I know I wouldn’t want to trade them or the memories for the world.

I would like to take a minute to tell my parents just how grateful I am. Mom and Dad, I am so beyond lucky to have parents like you. To have people who care for me like no other, and who stick by my side through everything is something I hope to be able to provide my children one day. Not only is there always a new lesson I’m learning from you (like how I don’t need to be the best at everything as long as I’m giving 100%, or how I don’t have to always be friends with everyone but I should always be nice), there is also a new memory that comes with it. You have shown me a love that only a parent can have for their children: a love that is so unconditional, that truly knows no bounds. So with that, I would like to just say thank you. Thank you for loving me just the way I am, for allowing me to make my own mistakes, and for allowing me to grow into the young woman I am becoming. I love you beyond what words can describe.

For the young adults and teens who may be reading this: I’d like to remind you to not take anything or anyone for granted. If you can, tell your parent/guardian just how much they mean to you. Do it. Take them to lunch, write them a card, or simply tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Things can change in a blink of an eye; love while you can.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Jackie Triboletti

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