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The bike path that runs through Linwood and into Northfield and Somers Point is one of the most popular places for people to walk. I enjoy walking on the bike path because it is one of the only places really close to my house that allows me to walk for a really long distance without running into a dead end. I also feel like it is extremely safe, and provides good visibility from cars.

Quarantine has been a new experience for everyone. For some it’s been positive, for some negative and for others scary or challenging. However, despite the many struggles and hardships occurring across the globe, in troubling times, it’s important to find the silver lining.

For me, the silver lining of COVID-19 has to be family game nights. As I’ve gotten older, family time has gotten scarcer. My brother recently turned 18 and I turned 15, so we’re both high school students with our own groups of friends and activities. Our mom also has her own social life, and on the weekend, it's sometimes hard for all three of us to be in the house together at the same time. Even when we are all home, it’s hard to find a night where my brother, Luke, isn’t gaming, or I’m not FaceTiming my friends, despite my mom’s attempts for us to spend time as a family.

Recently, however, we’ve had a lot of time on our hands. I no longer have track and field, Luke doesn’t have copious amounts of friends over, and we can just be together as a family. When my mom realized she finally had a chance to implement family game nights, she took it. The amount of times I’ve been asked, “Do you want to play Scrabble?” is a very large number. Despite my reluctance and Luke’s grumbling, my mom remained persistent. Now, we play Scrabble without too much reluctance. Honestly, it’s been fun.

Reconnecting in such a simple way with the people I love has been a huge blessing. Although I wish it weren’t due to these circumstances, I’m so grateful my family is getting to spend this quality time together. Even though I’ve been loving the time spent with my family, I will definitely not be upset when I’m allowed to leave the house again.

So, I encourage everyone to take a negative situation and make it positive. No matter what the situation is, there’s always a way to see a bright side. Improve upon your relationships, take time to yourself, and let the simple things in life bring you joy. Although everyone will be very excited when quarantine ends, don’t forget to live in the moment and make each second count.

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