November starts the event season, and that means looking good even at a moment’s notice.

What’s a girl to do? Preparation is key. Collect some sparkly hair pins or clips. Get a great mousse, a fabulous hair spray, a pomade, and an awesome can of dry shampoo. You’ll want to have a curling iron and a flat iron handy as well. Next you’ll want a bomb red lipstick, a great pair of earrings, and a “to die for” evening bag for your phone and any other tid bits.

Now what?

If your hair is short to medium there are two go-to looks for an evening out.

• Sleek and slicked back. Very classy and sophisticated. First dry hair straight back with some mousse to help hold the style. You can spray it in place just like that - think of wind blowing your hair back. Keep some volume but wear it with sleek sides, maybe tucked behind the ears with a few strands loose around the side burn area, or not!

Another option for the sleek look is to put in a deep side part and brush hair away from face then add a sparkly clip to either side - great touch with a deep side part. Very elegant! If hair is on the long side of medium you can always do a pony or low bun with the sleek look but if it is above shoulders, slick it back and let it hang. If hair is on the thicker side grab a hair cream or pomade to help keep it from falling into your face and to keep strays at bay — hair spray won’t quite be enough unless you are not planning to move much!

• Sexy waves and curls. Don’t think beach waves. Think silver screen glam. Short to medium hair gets a '30s and '40s finger waved, marcel curled feel with soft waves or just turned ends. Again, a showy clip or hairpin is always a great addition. There are tons of tutorials online, or ask your favorite stylist to give you some styling tips.

If hair is shoulder length or longer you have quite a few go-to looks you can easily create.

Always start with hair that has been dried with some mousse in it to give the style more staying power. A great blow out will always do, but glam it up a bit with some bling! A shiny hair accessory, great bow, or rhinestone barrette will often be the only touch you need to go from ho hum office hair to party girl!

Sleek and slicked back is still an option on long hair and it can even look regal in its’ simplicity. Although, if you have a lot of length you may want to braid, pony, or bun it at the nape to keep long strands out of the way.

Long-haired mavens are trading in their perfectly beach waved hair for waves that are a bit more elegant and done. Achieve the look by curling all your tresses and then brushing through the hair to soften it into undulating sexy waves. Not sure of just how to curl all that hair? Your favorite stylist would love to help!

No time for a fresh shampoo? No worries! Hair that has a day or two on it is often easier to style and holds curl great! Not to mention it is less likely to have static. If you’re worried about looking greasy grab a dry shampoo and apply liberally to your entire root area. Style as usual.

Up is always an option too, but that is a whole other article in itself!

Finishing touch: Add a perfect red lip to your normal make up routine, put on some great earrings and enjoy — you look marvelous, darling!

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