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Northfield takes first place in Think Day competition

LINWOOD — Middle schoolers from 11 towns in Atlantic and Cape May counties showed they can hold their own when it comes to having all the answers.

Saturday afternoon, March 2, the academic teams from Linwood, Northfield, Somers Point, Absecon, Brigantine, Margate, Ventnor, Galloway Township, Hamilton Township, Upper Township and Hammonton descended upon Mainland Regional High School where the 41st annual Think Day competition was held.

Organized by the Mainland Academic Team, students faced three rounds of questions on the topics of geography, history, math, science, English, language arts and literature, the fine arts and pop culture, sports and games, and a mystery category. They had 20 seconds to come up with answers to questions such as: What two state capitols rhyme? Austin (Texas) and Boston (Massachusetts). They used iPads to identify famous works of art and sound clips for questions about classical and jazz music. They had 50 seconds to figure out algebra problems.

At the end of the first round, six teams were tied for first place; the Emma C. Attales School in Absecon, Ventnor Middle School, Belhaven Middle School in Linwood, Jordan Road Middle School in Somers Point, Northfield Community School and Hammonton Middle School. A strong second round for Northfield Community School put them solidly in first place, and despite a real challenge in the third round, they pulled off the win with 305 points, the school’s third straight Think Day title in as many years. Belhaven was second with 285 points and Hammonton came in third with 210 points.

Each of the teams came with fans as well. Parents, teachers and friends showec banners, balloons and plenty of team spirit. Members of the Mainland Academic Team were proctors at the table with each team.

The Northfield Community School academic team is coached by teachers Steve Vain and Steve Miller and members are Tommy Shenkus, Gram Sher, Andrew Sarraicco, Sydney Luff, Hannah Campbell, Ryan Kennedy, Maria Georges, Phil Stefanowicz, Andrew Ramos, Ashton Harris, Roselyn Driscoll, Liam Michel and Connor Kallen.

Competing teams

Northfield Community Middle School

Team A: Captain Tommy Shenkus, Gram Sher, Andrew Sarraicco, Sydney Luff, Hannah Campbell and Ryan Kennedy. Team B: Maria Georges, Phil Stefanowicz, Andrew Ramos, Ashton Harris, Roselyn Driscoll and Liam Michel. Alternate: Connor Kallen. Coaches Steve Vain and Steve Miller.

Belhaven Middle School, Linwood

Team A: Captain Evan Falk, Tommy McCabe, Saanvi Mehta, Abram Post, Alston Wang and John Wurzer. Team B: Captain Krishna Bansal, Luke Fabietti, Peter Fabietti, Michael Liang, Arya Patel and Alex Wise. Alternate: Ella Gurwicz. Coaches: Keith Grimley and Dan Truax

Brigantine North Middle School

Team A: Captain Ella Feehan, Marina Khan, William Ashmore, Nauman Choudhry, Jamie Wilkinson and Emma Feehan. Team B: Rebecca Price, John Carrington, Harry Halper, Tony Patsaros, Nico Eafrati and Abbey Lerro. Alternates: Gianna Solari and Gianna Ripa. Coaches: Allison Pushman and Larry DiGiovanni.

Emma C. Attales Middle School, Absecon

Team A: Captain Ryan Ireland, Matthew Adams, Gianna Coleman, Maura McNulty, Kariana Mora-Lloyd and John Rynkiewicz. Team B: Captain Jillian Lynch, Nicholas Auer, Joseph Calabrese, Cheyenne Elkins, Reagan Gorman and Justin Hackett. Coach: Barbara Horner

Eugene A. Tighe Middle School, Margate

Team A: Captain Mayla Burns, Jackson Schiavo, Andrew Poyas, Hannah Frebowitz, Brian Garrabrant and Michael Riccardi. Team B: Captain Kallan Tripician, Sean Rickard, Gavin Grant, Claire Coffey, Justin Parsons and Patrick Grimley. Coaches: Kathy Styles-Landgraf and Tracy Magel.

Galloway Township Middle School

Team A: Captain Dakota Norman, Kenny Van Houten, Blen Daniel, Kaden Boyle, Sean O'Brien and Vincent De Gennaro. Team B: Captain Xander Mass, Jatin Punjabi, Emma Hardiman, Emily Elder, Thor Haag and Amari Pinkett. Coaches: Megan Brower and Andrea Dase.

Jordan Road Middle School, Somers Point

Captain Hannah Cipkins, Nathan Fontana, Lyndsey Christian, Alex DeVita, Olivia Brad and Andy Alexis. Team B: Captain Nate McCartney, Zi Gao, Tomar Cervantes, Sam Sanchez, Gillian Lovett and Jo Schwachter. Alternates: Shannon Donnelly and Jackeline Ramos. Coaches Margie Smock and Erin Albrecht.

Upper Township Middle School

Team A: Captain Lauren Knopp, James Swan, Olivia Palmieri, Ben Gallagher, Dakota Gansert and Andrew Karayiannis. Team B: Captain Maeve Stanford, Charlie Costal, Liam Pero, Pat Lonergan, Kara Hender and Katy Wetzel. Coaches: Ryan Gill and Amanda Pannone.

Ventnor Middle School

Team A: Captain Zainab Khawaja, Brinda Dey, Jerry Chen, Adonis Hernandez, Jack Chen and Cassie Parsons. Team B: Captain Noor Elsmasri, Fernanda Vasquez, Michael Khuc, Jake Hocker, Colin Abbott and Lynna Nguyen. Alternates: Fahim Bablu and Alex Cadavid. Coaches: Chris Kane and Debbie Brahmi.

Hammonton Middle School

Team A: Captain Tiffany Paretti, Robby Galletta, Cole Herrmann, Abby Goblirsch, Hayden Seiberlich and Justin Vivadelli. Team B: Captain Sydney Reed, Jolina Balinsky, Abby Baines, Michael Parker, Luke Griscom and Anthony Santora. Alternate: Erika Schulz. Coaches Janice Grasso and Jason Massara.

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