BRIGANTINE — The Brigantine Lighthouse Players hosted four performances of “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)” at Brigantine Community Presbyterian Church from Thursday through Sunday, Nov. 14-17.

The play was a localized version of a community-theater concept first created by the Reduced Shakespeare Company of California, dating to 1987. The Brigantine play was directed by Andy Halliday and Don Toal Jr., and starred Chris Chiong, Carmelo Polisano, Jamie Weinberg, Shanon Halliday, Don and Lisa Toal. The stage manager for the production was Kira Hyde.

“The Complete Works” put a comical spin on condensed scenes from some of the most beloved plays by Shakespeare — who is sometimes referred to as The Bard — among them “Romeo and Juliet,” “Hamlet,” “Macbeth,” “Othello” and others.

“Now we all know that 'The Complete Works of William Shakespeare' can sound daunting,” wrote the directors in the show's playbill, “but we want you to hear us out. This play is first and foremost a comedy; we're using the structure of The Bard's plays to have some fun.

“Never seen a Shakespeare show? No problem. We'll explain them with metaphors and pop-culture references. Don't understand the Olde-English style prose? Neither do we. But we do know how to make people laugh.”

The Lighthouse Players have a Vaudeville Revue show tentatively scheduled for January 2020 at Community Presbyterian, and have another Shakespeare production, “Much Ado About Nothing,” in the works for spring 2020.

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