CAPE MAY – The city of Cape May would like to thank everyone who participated in and volunteered their time to make the Halloween Parade a success.

The following is the list of winners:

Special Awards

Family: Higgerson Family

Funniest: Mia Johnson

Scariest: Demonic Possession

Most Original: Lexi Blum

Silliest: Julian Allen

Best Witch: Maddeaux J. Brandis-DVorkin

Best T.V or Movie Character: On the Way to Oz

Best Self Made: Suzanne Muldowney

Age 3 and under (Division A)

1st Place: Timothy Smeltzer

2nd Place: Child Dressed as Racecar

3rd Place: Lily Scheid

Age 4-6 (Division B)

1st Place: Kenny Gauthier

2nd Place: Owen Bowker

3rd Place: Shane Seasongood

Age 7-9 (Division C)

1st Place: Annika Rux

2nd Place: Kory Mock

3rd Place: Emma Armbruster

Age 10-12 (Division D)

1st Place: Hannah Souder

2nd Place: Jenna Bellamy

3rd Place: Dakota Tozer

Age 13-17 (Division E)

1st Place: Caitlin Diehl

2nd Place: Emily Janicki

3rd Place: Aureja Jackunaite

Age 18 and up (Adults Division F)

1st Place: Linda Ewing

2nd Place: Sandy Smith

3rd Place: Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick

Themed groups (Division G)

1st Place: Hamby

2nd Place: Janicki Brothers

3rd Place: The Purge

Themed floats (Division H)

1st Place: Lavancher

2nd Place: McNeill

3rd Place: Pawlus Family

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