As 4-H celebrates National 4-H Week, October 7 to 13, the Cape May County 4-H Program is looking for young people who like to learn new things, develop new skills, travel to new places and make new friends. Adult volunteers are also needed to help youth enjoy these new experiences.

The county program has many clubs to fit the interests of youth fourth-grade through one year out of high school. Clubs include fishing, small animals and reptiles, horses, livestock, cooking, sewing and robotics.

There are even specialized clubs for the youngest 4-H members, kindergarten through third grade. The Growing Sprouts Club focuses on gardening, nature and crafts, while the Science Rocks Club explores all aspects of science.

Come learn all about the 4-H Youth Development Program at an Open House on Saturday, Oct. 13. The open house will take place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the 4-H Corn Maze and Hayride at Lehner’s Farm and Nursery, 175 Route 47 South, Cape May Court House.

4-H has long enjoyed a reputation of program excellence in the traditional areas of agriculture and life sciences. Alumni also credit 4-H with public speaking and leadership skills. Today, 4-H is also at the forefront of contemporary issues such as workforce preparedness; science, engineering and technology; and environmental stewardship. By taking part in 4-H, young people gain academic and interpersonal skills that provide a foundation for their future.

4-H is the Youth Development Program of Rutgers Cooperative Extension, a unit of Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station. The 4-H program’s roots are in the girls’ canning clubs and boys’ corn clubs, which were started in the early 1900s to help increase farm yields and provide safe food for families.

The four H’s stand for head, heart, hands and health. With this focus on the total development of young people, 4-H continues to prepare youth from kindergarten through one year out of high school to be responsible, capable citizens. Having fun while learning is an important part of 4-H, as well as being with friends, whether they are new friends, old friends or friends of another generation.

Learn more about the Cape May County 4-H Youth Development Program at or call 609-465-5115, ext. 3605.