On May 4, the West Cape May Environmental Commission collected 11.152 tons of electronic waste at their recycling event at West Cape May Borough Hall.

Working with Green Chip Recycling, all electronic waste was securely transported to their facility. All items were recycled in accordance with state and federal laws and all data storing devices will be destroyed within R2, Department of Defense (DoD), National Institute of Technology (NIST) standards, ISO14001 and OSHA regulations.

The West Cape May Environmental Commission urged everyone to recycle their electronic waste because old electronic devices contain toxic substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium and chromium, proper processing is essential to make sure that these toxic materials are not released into our environment.

“I was very surprised and delighted by the turn out we received on our first electronic waste recycling event. People arrived at the drive-thru event to find the line moving very quickly. One person arrived carrying a television he found on the side of the road. Another rode his bike carrying his electronic waste,” explained Janet Payne, one of the West Cape May Environmental Commission organizers. “The team from Green Chip was amazing, unloading cars and sorting electronics by pallets. It all adds up, of the 22,303 lbs. of electronics that we collected, 8,980 lbs. were TVs, 5,936 lbs. were monitors and PC Towers, 1606 lbs. were laptops, 1946 lbs. were printers, plus cell phones, keyboards, mice, wires and miscellaneous electronics. We are working on choosing a date for our next electronic waste event.”

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